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  1. Pick up-trucks - realistic fuel consumption?

    Hello, So it's about 10kms/l for Diesel, and how much for Petrol or Gaz ? Thank you.
  2. Three arrested over Bt10-m marijuana haul in Chumpon

    First time it seems that someone is less stupid than all of them: He said he was tipped off about the checkpoint by an accomplice driving a pick-up truck, which police later found parked at a petrol station two kilometres from the checkpoint. BUT why was he caught ? did he u-turn just before the checkpoint ?! Even when they seems a bit smarter , they are still totally stupid ! And why did he tell that he had somebody to inform him about the checkpoint ? Snitch !!! You deserve your 40 years in jail. Never trust a Thai.
  3. Any picturesque places within an hour or 2 drive?

    So the left trick is still working ? But how can they catch you when going by speedboat on another side of the island ? They are not even able to stop drug dealers !
  4. Any picturesque places within an hour or 2 drive?

    Is it Phala beach ?
  5. Tao is second worst island in Thailand after Phuket.
  6. Car battery life?

    Two years is really too short. It means that you do not use your car everyday or only use it to go to 300m far 7-eleven just like Thai do. It can also be that you buy crap. Where can we buy Panasonic batteries ?
  7. Animal rights group seeks action over abandoned dogs

    10000 thb fine for each abandoned dog !
  8. Wow ! it seems that boring us to give our ID or passport to send parcels with Thailand post is very useful ! What a team of losers who should be dead for being so stupid !
  9. Hit by an SUV today at low speed (on my bike)

    I totally agree with you ! I hate them also and they deserve to die !
  10. Watch out for fake 1,000 baht banknotes in Chonburi

    A great way to be cut in pieces with a sword :-)
  11. Video: Koh Larn is becoming an ecologic disaster

    Haven't been to Sichang for 10 years. Have you been there lately ? Really still quiet ?
  12. Stomach Dr. :-) Upper GI Endoscopy.

    A public hospital is a government hospital and you cannot decide when to get a procedure done. If you went to a private hospital and paid only 11000 it is very cheap, because ALL Bangkok and Pattaya hospitals charge around 25000 thb for this. So maybe you still don't understand what is the difference between and public and private hospital. I really doubt that you paid 11000 in a private hospital.
  13. Savanakhet border crossing

    But the cheapest crossing is to Myanmar, at Kanchanaburi.
  14. And if you have self esteem, not only you speak Thai, but you do not spend any second with an idiot not able to speak English correctly...
  15. He should be a social network celebrity ! I love him !