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  1. hello, can someone give me the contact details of a lawyer in KPG or Koh samui for someone caught with weed. This is serious matter, please PM me. Cops refused 50000 cash, how possible ? Also the person caught didn't have her passport, what will happen ? Passport is somewhere in Bangkok, do you think that she should ask someone to post it (not easy) or pretend that we cannot find it, so cops might finally accept cash and let her go ? (she has copy of her visa and stamp in passport, so they clearly know that she is legally in Thailand) Please help at least with a lawyer that can help in the process to let her go before going to court (it can take time). I hope that someone can help, she is cute and I want to do as much as I can for her.
  2. Hi, Can you tell me if having solar panels on a 4m x 4m bungalow roof can give enough power to have 24 hours electricity ? Including aircon ? If the roof is not enough, how big should be the solar panels ? Thank you.
  3. Hello, Anybody staying at Pattaya dark side a bit far from the crowd ? It seems that Huayyai and Mabprachan are the best choice for someone who doesn't want to live with tourists and want to rent somewhere cheap ? It seems that a small house can be found for less than 10000/month is the deep darkside ? Please tell me how you feel about these areas. Thank you.