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  1. Who's the we? And found another what? Someone who calls you out on your immaturity? Not even close on the age...the mgthom63 should give you a clue...especially the 63 part. Can we assume that you're a sad and angry recent or impending divorcee? Sorry to hear that, but why make immature and inappropriate smart-ass comments about an elderly suicide victim? My advice to you is to move on with your life and not be so bitter about your failed relationship. S**t happens. Just out of interest, did you lose him/her to an older guy? That, at least, would partly explain why you felt it necessary to deride his age.
  2. I suspect you'll be pushed from a balcony long before you reach his age. The post is about someone who committed suicide...going for a cheap laugh says I lot about you, me thinks.
  3. Appreciate it Colin. I wasn't meaning to stir the pot ?
  4. So a seven-day overstay equals seven days in the Bangkok Hilton, deportation and a ban for life? Sounds like a perfectly reasonable idea to me! I personally think that might be going a little too soft on these despicable criminals...I'm all for a Duterte-like extra-judicial execution of these vagabonds. Regards, Henry Root
  5. I have some affection for the cranky old bugger, but your 'cure' is disingenuous. Ol' Colin did not explain his extenuating circumstances when he initially posed the 'should I have been kicked out for a 35 day overstay?' question....the understandably extenuating circumstances of his coma only came out later when some posters reacted to his initial post...which failed to include this rather important information!
  6. Good job he's not an overstaying Muslim or a homosexual. If that were the case, presumably you'd be all up for him being taken out into the jungle and shot? 555
  7. fair enough...I wasn't aware of your history with him ?
  8. If you were in a coma, then there are clearly extenuating circumstances as to why a 35 day overstay should be overlooked and not lead to you being kicked out of the country. But I think you were being a little mischievous when you posed this question about your overstay without mentioning these extenuating circumstances, per below 555 Not everyone on this forum knows about your particular circumstances. If I posed the question, "should I lose my driving licence if I speed at 130 mph" I would expect the majority of posters to say yes. But I wouldn't get indignant with them if I failed to mention I was driving my wife to the emergency room with a gunshot wound and no ambulance was responding to my 999 call.
  9. mgthom63

    Brit, 31, found dead in Bangkok hotel room

    As I recall, he's now a Hong Kong-based expat. Which makes it all that more laughable for him to indiscriminately insult any and all Thai-based expats. I turned down a job offer in HK many years ago, choosing instead to become a US-based expat (which I still am). Why? The expat community in HK was the most cliquey, self-righteous and snobbish bunch I've ever experienced. And even at the major British multi-national where I was offered a job, I was warned that the folks typically did not bother flushing the toilet in the swanky offices! Which makes him calling Thailand 'Land of Sh* t' all the more hypocritical 555 Seriously though, his willingness to hurl insults at anyone who identifies themselves as a Thai-based expat makes we wonder if he hasn't been permanently mentally damaged by the scam perpetrated upon him by fellow expats. I hope he will reach out for professional help, rather than just continue insulting the law-abiding expats on this forum.
  10. It's odd that you should call a suicide victim a loser and an idiot. He clearly had mental health problems. Do you feel better admonishing the dead for killing themselves in public? If so, I think you would benefit by volunteering for someone like the Samaritans and learning what these 'losers' are thinking and feeling before they take that final step.