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  1. JTXR

    Quiet co-working space, Sukhumvit?

    I'd love to, but for the next few months there's some atrocious construction happening just outside. I need a place to escape to until it's finished.
  2. JTXR

    Sukhumvit Middle East takeover?

    Four words: Health care and shopping malls.
  3. Any recommendations, at or between Asok and On-Nut? The most important thing is QUIET. Thanks.
  4. JTXR

    Asking a Thai girl out

    I really don't understand the problem here, so I had to re-read the OP. If the girl talked to you for a while and volunteered where she worked and her hours, I think it'd be quite all right to follow up. It's true she might only have been thinking you could be a possible lessee, but if you went, said something along the lines of "hi, how are you?, I'm not really looking for a new place, but I enjoyed talking with you the other day and wondered if you'd like to have dinner one day...." If you're decently dressed and polite, the worst that's likely to happen is that she'll say no. Well, I guess worse would be a blank stare and "who are you?", but in any case, nothing ventured, nothing gained, eh?
  5. JTXR

    Killing the Khaosan goose

    Seriously? Thais "don't get" how they should run their country for the benefit of tourists, especially the low-spending backpackers that aren't anyone's idea of desirable tourists anyway? How sad.
  6. Even Google now knows I'm using VPN and sometimes makes me go through the "I'm not a Robot" nonsense because it "has noticed an unusual amount of traffic from your IP address". Their ad serving algorithms really want to know where I am, I guess. Another reason I try to use Duckduckgo whenever I can.
  7. It does sort of depend on what you mean by "working class". Leaving aside wild exceptions, like people who for some reason lucked into US$1,500/day gigs right out of university, I think it sounds about right that 7,000 - 15,000 baht per month is the range you can expect most "working class" Thais to be making (drivers, gas station attendents, factory and construction workers, shop girls, restaurant staff, etc.). Many low- or entry-level "professionals" (young teachers, civil servants, office workers, and even some ordinary young Thais just out of university) often make only 20-30K per month. I know a university lecturer with a PhD making only 40,000/mo.
  8. For clarification, I'll be flying out of BKK and back to BKK
  9. Not hypothetical. This is a possibility for me.... I'm on extension of stay based on retirement. What should I do if I need to travel outside Thailand, leaving more than 15 days before my next scheduled reporting date, and returning more than 7 days after that date? My inclination is to just say "Don't worry about it. The 90-day clock will just start again when I return and get a new departure form." Is this the right approach?
  10. Well, we'll see, won't we? And in any event, watching the Brits bash each other will be entertaining for years to come.
  11. Seriously? If I have renovations done on my BKK condo and stay for a night or two in a hotel, I need to submit a TM30 to immigration when I return to my condo? (I have a one year extension of stay based upon retirement). Seems a bit nuts, doesn't it?
  12. I read the beginning of this topic a while ago and was skeptical. But since then I have placed two orders with Amazon using their global priority shipping, and yes, it was very fast and the shipments arrived directly to my condo in BKK with all duties paid. Shipping costs were very reasonable given the distance and the speed. Shipping was by DHL. Customs duties (which Amazon calculates at shipping) were also reasonable, I think. Not everything on Amazon can be shipped to Thailand using their global shipping. When you go to checkout and select the shipping option, it will tell you if some items cannot be shipped here. For things you can buy here in Thailand, I don't think you save much money in the end. I checked a few electronic and clothing items in stores here, and it seemed to me that Amazon base price + global shipping + duties pretty much equals retail price here. But, for things you can't find here, it's a very good deal.
  13. Any emergency room physician in a place where folks commonly ride bikes without helmets will have stories of entirely degloved faces.
  14. JTXR

    Understanding Thai Ladies

    You write "she is openly rude to me in public and doesn't seem to care who hears what she has to say. The intimacy we once had is no longer and there is no physical contact 24/7." To me, that is very strong evidence that she doesn't give a damn about you, no matter what she says. Given that this happened only after you built her a house, and given the many many stories of exactly the same sort of thing happening to foreign men, I'd suggest that you were simply used. That she did it once is to my mind a strong indication that she'll do it again given the chance. If it were me, I'd write it off and get out of the situation ASAP
  15. I notice the article says a survey "of a respectable 1,429 expats" not a survey of 1,429 respectable expats. ?