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  1. OP here. I just found a previous post by someone here, that had a checklist of "required" docs and included this: Proof Of Residence: - [ ] Signed copy from landlord of the Tabian Baan - [ ] Signed copy from landlord of his Thai ID-Card - [ ] Signed copy of rental contract - [ ] Original rental contract ** - [ ] Map to your residence (must be hand-drawn) *** - [ ] Photo of applicant with house number *** Other than the map and the rental contract, are any of these actually needed at CW?
  2. Thanks, guys. But there's no form, no official document needed?
  3. Sorry if this is old hat, but I've searched past threads and am unsure of what's required. I'll apply for my extension of permission to stay (based on original Non Imm O-A visa) at Chaeng Wattana next June. I'll have seasoned 800K in my bank account. What proof of address will I need to show TI? Rental agreement plus a map? Is there a TI form I'll need to complete? (It's the same address I've been using for all my previous arrival forms and 90-day reports and the address on my bank account.) Thanks.
  4. JTXR

    Share Your Bangkok Thai Restaurant.

    For seafood, the wife and I go to Ob Aroi at least once every couple of weeks. Big and bustling, but fun and good value.
  5. JTXR

    Please help: Scared of wife reaction

    Assuming your post is legit, the only advice I've got is this: confide in and ask for the advice of people you really know and trust personally. In my opinion, Thaivisa, with 95% of folks not using their real names and the vast majority of whom could be just anyone at all, is not the place to come for advice on serious personal matters like this. If you've got family or really good friends--either here or back home--go there for advice.
  6. I had been planning to use the income method (or, actually the combo method: the letter from US embassy with my real income + the small difference in my Thai bank account). Like many people, I preferred that option to the option of tying up 800K, which could make more in interest/dividends back in the US. Now, though, the new uncertainties surrounding the income method make it better for me to go the 800K for 3 months route. I agree that some folks who have been using the 800K method seem to denigrate those who prefer the income method but who are now thrown for a loop by the new uncertainty. That's unfair. There are valid reasons to prefer the income route, and I don't think it's "moaning" to be concerned that this route seems a lot riskier now. In any event, for me, I'm just going to eat the interest/dividends I might have made keeping 800K in the U.S. and change my thinking. The "lost" interest/dividends are just another cost of staying in Thailand, the cost of certainty. Instead of 800K, it's really 800K + around 4%. So be it.