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  1. According to the pic , there is no beach in Pattaya anymore.
  2. And how many times has K. Somkid flown free with THAI ? Hundreds of current and retired airforce brass, government officials and influencial families travel free in 1st class and other premium classes.Many get multiple freebies annually. Economy class is very expensive because it has to subsidize those crooks sitting up front. 20 years ago there was a job advertised in the Bangkok Post for a senior position at THAI. One of the requirements was you must divulge your criminal history. Its OK to kill someone as long as you're honest about it. TIT.
  3. lanista

    Seven arrested on Phuket drug street

    No bail for him. No trips to London to see the Red Bull Kid or Yingluck. He's going to the 'kook house' for a long time.
  4. I agree. Its very difficult not to be cynical or talk in stereotypes. I feel only a little bit sorry for the deceased. He was asking for trouble. The vast majority of western men marry girls just like this one in the pic and all with baggage. I know Thai men who have loaned out their wives to foreign men for relationships and marriage. One of them has a wife currently working 'massage' in Bulgaria -of all places. Massage ? LOL....yeah right !
  5. How do these airport duty free scams stay in business? Their 'duty free ' prices are often more expensive than retail downtown. Doesnt matter how influencial the owners are and their power over the courts. Why do travellers waste their money in those places ?
  6. lanista

    Banking coming next month to every 7-eleven

    Yep, more queueing & waiting. I 've already started doing snack purchases back at the mom&pop store around the corner. 7/11 has evolved into a non-convenience store franchise. More huge banking profits coming for the Chinese -Thai family that owns 7/11. Pay rise for staff?? Not a chance ! 40 b an hour,,take it or go work in a Pattaya bar.
  7. Doesnt sound like they were overcharged. Low quality tourists as usual. Everyone knows you should never go to a Thai Karaoke club. They can be very expensive and you have to pay by the hour for girls to sit and talk with you. Total waste of time & money.
  8. Musk called him a Pedo , not a pedophile. Alot of people with surnames ie Pederson, Peterson etc are called Pedo for short. Can you successfully sue someone for calling them a Pedo ?? Just a thought.
  9. Where did he find that jacket and shirt ? I know NZ is a poor country but surely they have better seconds than that. He was probably going to wear it out to the airport. Mind boggles.
  10. I doubt if there will be any benefit to the consumer. Tesco-Lotus is in trouble as was Carrfour some years back. The big tesco next to our place in Thonburi is rumoured to be closing later this year. The prices are insane for most things except Thai products like noodles,cooking oil and soft drinks. Australia has a FTA with Thailand yet most aussie products are far too expensive. ( wealth/sin tax) If you look carefully on the big wine bottles and 5lt casks that appear to be reasonably priced its actually a mix of fruit juice with low alcohol content to avoid massive taxes. I cant understand why the world puts up with Thailands antics. Thailand loves exporting to duty free friendly countries and then turns and taxes the life out of all imported foreign goods expecially wine, beer, cheese,cosmetics and perfumes. They get away with it ! Why are cars built in Thailand so expenisve ?????? AUD $40,000 for a toyota pick up thats is built with thai workers earning 500 dollars a month. LOS is a consumer shambles.
  11. The cop in the middle and right look like theyre heading off to a fashion parade. Nice shades! Nico Papke ? Sounds eastern european to me.
  12. Isnt that the tower that was built on Buddha statue land ? Same here in Bangkok .Loads of properties that have chanote title deeds that are worthless due to sitting on temple land in the back sois of Thonburi and other central districts. What about all those villas built on mountains to get a nice view of the sea.? Im not a lawyer but Thais have said mountains are sacred resting places for spirits. Illegal to build anything on them except Buddha related structures.
  13. lanista

    How unlikely hero helps stray dogs in Pattaya

    Is this stray dog loving clown responsible for feeding those vicious soi dogs around the back of sth pattaya... thanon theparitt or something like that. that was 5 years ago ,,,ankle biting ,rabies infested soi dogs everywhere . never been back . Bangkok dogs are filthy but not aggressive.
  14. Is he going to travel to the UK wearing his brown police uniform? LOL LOL That'll be worth a look. Will he get a visa ?? Will the BKK embassy issue a visa ? Whats he going to achieve in UK that he couldnt have done here? Is he taking his wife or mai noi with him? Harrods? Who's paying for the trip?
  15. I never paid the 50 baht tourist charge at the airport when i travelled alot. Always went up to the departure terminal as i travelled light.. Obviously thats difficult if you have loads of luggage. Biggest airport rip-off is Australia. 4 dollars for trolley hire !! dont take your eyes off it for more than 10 seconds otherwise it'll be gone. parking fees at Melbourne airport is outrageous. Australian airports are <deleted> in comparison to Changi or HK.