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  1. Big difference. Bar girls arent fair maidens. They're street prostitutes standing behind a wooden bench or on the street proper holding up an offensive sign. No maidens in LOS.
  2. Yes, exactly right. In Australia Pattaya beach would be roped off by AQIS as a toxic site. Much better & cleaner beaches in the UK but no cheap sex.
  3. Thats not sand. Its just dirt mixed with some gravel probably taken free from a construction site. There is no beach in Pattaya anyway. The sea around there is a toxic waste dump not to mention the raw sewerage.
  4. Why would Putin & Co waste their time poisoning a couple of British no-bodies? Most likely this nerve agent was locally obtained , maybe from nearby PD and accidently or deliberately contaminated various sites. I would trust Putin more than May and BOJO. Russia put on a great World Cup by all accounts. Could England do that?
  5. Ive finally decided to quit my job and become a cab driver in Bangkok. Thats where the real money is! ., not import/export. I cant wait to pick up all these sacks of cash laying around on the back seat. I'll keep it all because im not a buddhist and dont have to make merit.
  6. Sounds nice but reality is she married very young and will eventually re-marry to a 68year old farang to support her kids and go live in UK or Germany.10,000's of these girls do it every year. Theyre all the same.
  7. What?? You just throw up a number and whatever lands you pay ?
  8. Never heard of a farang being bitten by a land snake in LOS . Anti venom is readily available even in remote provinces. As for actually dying ????? Could be suicide by harrassing and encouraging a snake to bite him. I would definitely be following the Germans money trail and see who benefits from any Thai assets. Alot of healthy and cashed up farangs die here suddenly and cops always say heart disease or suicide. KohTao is a bad arse island controlled by gangsters and corrupt cops.Over on the mainland is a very powerful gangster family with the highest political connections in Bangkok.
  9. lanista

    British foreign secretary quits in protest over May's Brexit plan

    With England possibly going through to the World Cup final its a great opportunity for pollies to dissent and the government to make some really unpopular decsions. The public are sheeple that will be hypnotised by a football game. Alot of weird stuff is happening in the UK but not in Russia.
  10. I agree with the Thai authorities but only with their predictions for the tourism industry.. No-one cares about 50 dead Chinese. The cave circus has had 1000 times more media coverage than this family tragedy and none of the cave mongers have died. The Chinese will keep coming in millions to Thailand because its so cheap. They cant afford a decent holiday in Australia but thousands of Chinese can and they have alot of fun and are much safer than the Chinese here in LOS. I doubt if more than a handful of Chinese die in OZ every year. It would be hundreds in LOS. Thailands tourism industry is full of uneducated monkeys and corrupt officials. Pattaya and Phuket being prime examples.
  11. He's certainly taken the bull by the horns ! I just hope BJ doesnt walk into a hail of bullets late one evening, Thais arent used to all this good policing. Love to see him go after one of the big loan shark army officer gangsters in BKK. I doubt it though. Theyre too powerful and influencial. Small fish for BJ, but good enough.
  12. lanista

    Novichok: Murder inquiry after Dawn Sturgess dies

    The laboratories at PD where the nerve agent was tested is only a few miles away from both the infection sites. Sounds like there is a much stronger case for UK bungling/incompetence than accusing the Russians with no evidence. BOJO seems to have gone quiet along with all those 'imports' in the House of Commons.
  13. The whole worlds gone mad. As George Carlin once said....just sit back and watch as our society swirls around and around the sink and finally speeds up and disappears down the drain. We're almost there.
  14. Those Nordic countries have very generous welfare handouts. Sounds like there was more to his demise than just temporary money problems. Pattaya is not a place to live .. imho. Visit a few days and leave. No contact numbers. Goodbye..
  15. These 12 Thai kids are incredibly lucky to have all this international help which most Thais could only dream of. I hope when theyre older they will respect farangs more so than their elders. Time will tell.