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  1. Thank you - I am hopeful it is sorted in a month he is concerned it may be nearer 2. The interpreter who is apparently a volunteer read him the paperwork (I guess this maybe the fixer - is it worth a conversation with him? He is the one my son has to contact every 12 days to say where he is). I am concerned he needs his passport to get a criminal extension visa from another island and he doesn’t have it. ) what a mess😢
  2. He knows he needs to check out a visa extension thing
  3. No passport - court in about a month, looking at the foreign office website that appears to be the standard form. For what they consider ‘small’ crimes the police can and do set bail and the amount he paid is not outrageous for a foreigner it would appear.
  4. He has been released and has been given various conditions to adhere to. We shall see what happens next
  5. He tried that and it was no go, he has paid and this is now proper bail/ no passport and wait for a court date - his own fault for being eternally stupid I am afraid.
  6. Thanks I have told them to speak to the embassy chap away from the police station
  7. Thank you - I have checked on the foreign office guidance and they say in ‘small’ cases bail can be set at a police station
  8. He has paid the 490000 and is waiting to be processed - I have told him he must know his bail conditions (and stick to them)
  9. Hi - do you know this for certain? Others are telling me that this is now genuine bail and I don’t know what to believe
  10. I am not good at relaxing - but thank you I will try and be a bit calmer!
  11. I am just not sure at this point whether they are letting him out or not. I have told him to pay the money but they are saying it will be a month before court not 48 hours as the embassy website says. I am at a loss now
  12. They are still taking the 49000 baht though and telling him he’ll get it back once he goes to court?? Apparently they will give him a receipt slip
  13. Thank you people for your advice - it doesn’t look good to be honest. They aren’t taking payment so the pay and get out option is no longer available. He will have to go through the courts. I just feel so helpless (and very cross with him)
  14. I read on the foreign office website it should initially go to court within 48 hours but I can see no evidence of this at all. The embassy rep is on his way apparently!