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  1. Thank you to all for your supportive words, it has been a trying few months! Those who commented otherwise; that is your prerogative; thank goodness for freedom of speech. The main reason for posting the update was to serve as a salutary lesson to those travellers who think breaking laws abroad is a good idea. It is not - ever. A few points to note; 1: the drugs were openly sold at bars and being consumed on the premises 2: Buy them and consume them on the premises and you are probably ok, buy them, have a panic and stupidly take them away - you are fair game for a phone ahead ‘road block’. This appears to be the MO for bars who want to keep both the law and their customers appeased 3: if there are 2 or more of you - expect both of you to be arrested, regardless of who has possession It may feel that ‘everyone is doing it’ and that may be the case, but just don’t!
  2. Apologies I actually meant military law which replaced martial law and is seen to be more stringent than previous administrations
  3. Believe all you want - but reality is yes they do have to pay, and without it he would have been charged for an overstay. Things have altered significantly in the last 18 month a or so since martial law took hold. It has been a significant life lesson and he is one of the lucky ones who could pay to get it completed more quickly
  4. He had no option but to follow the process but getting the process sped up cost a lot!! He was on bail for the 2 months with the 3 day IDC stay after court. All drugs convictions now for people on tourist visa result result in a life time ban. I want to reiterate in no way do I condone his actions, he deserved to go through the legal system. The issue is the legal system is trying to appear to operate in an uncorrupt way (no bribes on arrest etc.), but underneath it all corruption is rife and navigating that is terrifying!
  5. No I am not condoning his actions at all - I am livid with him. As for the 2nd point, he would have been charged with overstaying, this is now the procedure, two people he met in a similar situation did not arrange and pay for a visa extension and were charged 20000 Thai baht for overstaying on top of their fine for the drugs
  6. My original post has been closed but I said I would update when the situation was resolved! he finally arrived home yesterday! Fined 2500 THB at court, 3 days in IDC (utterly horrific and inhumane - I visited him in there, he is a lucky one in that he left after 3 days, mainly because he had access to funds to book flights/ pay fees etc. others have been there for months) deported and blacklisted for life for 2.9g of weed. Whilst a bribe was not available at arrest (because of the army presence) it was certainly expected at every other step.... court on Monday, we get to 4pm and the case had still not been heard, we were told it would be deferred until May 9th (funnily enough the date his visa was due to expire, where he would have been charged with overstaying too) but a 7000 THB ‘payment’ to the prosecutor got the case heard by 4.30pm! A bit more cash and he was flown up to Bangkok on the same day as court and didn’t have to wait 2 weeks for transport from police custody on Samui as 2 Italian chaps he met did. He has contact info for relatives of people in IDC who have no ability to get word to the outside world. It is a dreadful situation in there. Everyone I spoke to said how much Thailand has changed since martial law came in! I wouldn’t have been able to negotiate the ‘system’ as swiftly as I did without a lawyer! He definitely owes me! Original thread here.