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  1. Frode

    Buying diamonds in Thailand

    After what I`ve hear hear I`ll just buy in Norway. The ring I am to buy will be among the cheaper one so the difference will be small. Thanks for your responses Case closed
  2. She got it from her mother. Her family live in the muslim south and she is a Buddhist. Besides she havent been living there for many years already. Remember that many thai girls move to the farangs home country wich is far from the family.
  3. Should I consider starting a company and buy the land back from her? Would that be a better solution?
  4. Since everybody here (wisely enough) is sceptical to the lease agreement it would be interesting to know how yourself have solved this issues. I presume many of you already live in Thailand. How have you arranged ownership of your land/house?
  5. Thats my aproch to it. If everything goes wrong, I have other places to go. I dont need to sleep under the bridge and eat grass to be able to stay alive...
  6. She already have 3 houses, but none of them located were I want to live. She will pay a part in the house and she is also providing the veichle...
  7. So what you say is that the lease should be signed when married? Btw, We are not building in her village. Her closest relative lives 1,5 hour away and she also have no connection to the place we are going to build. Its dangerous to cross the road but most people do it from time to time anyway... Sometimes one gotta take a chance but always keep a back -up solution..
  8. How can they make it impossible for me to acess the land and house? There is acsess from goverment road and while I`m leasing it they have no right to build anything there
  9. If I`m leasing it, then i have the right to use it as my own. What kind of monkeybuisness could they do to make my life miserable there?
  10. My intentions were never to buy land with rubber trees. I was just curious about the value of land with rubber trees. My girlfriend owns a rubber tree farm. About diamonds, The intention was a diamond wedding ring, Max value 35 000 bath.
  11. Are there any lease fees one have to pay? Or is it one the lease rent one agrees with the owner?
  12. I know there is always a chance. I`m not concerned now. I sleep well in the nighttime even though the land is not on my name now. With the lease on my name, then I guess that I`ll be safe for the lease periode. Even though women is women, thai or not, one must evaluate all situation. That meaning, that if I would be 80, dirty and poor and my chosen one would be a 25 year old beauty with 10 years experience from Pattaya one should maybe be a little careful of one is doing. (Dont misunderstand, one should always be careful) In my case we are similar age and similar social status. She have never suffered any needs and have always had what she have been needing. So have her family. I understand all the warnings though, the stories of sadness is many amongst the Thai/farang relationships . Neither do I put all my lifesavings into my home in Thailand. If I should loose everything I will still have a home to come back to in my home country. If I would loose the land it would be an expensive lesson but life would go on...
  13. Yes, Its now in her name. I`m not worried but I still want a lease contract on it wich is fine by her. There is no house on the land now. She asked me if I was worried about letting her buy it in her name, but I said "no. Because there is no house on it now, and women dont settle for less then everything. So if she was going to screw me, she would wait until the house was build so she could get that too"? Why bother at all? bother about what ?
  14. Yes. Concidering all the farangs that "falls" from balconys in Thailand, special in Pattaya, I`ve decieded to have at least 2 meter high fences around my balconys in hope to prolong my lifespan ?
  15. Tank you for your responses. Then its settled. Lease it will be. Any tips around that? Do I need a lawyer, can I just do it together with the owner at the land office? Are there any standarized contracts online that I can use?