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  1. Been around

    Stand up for newbies

    Hi one more farang , interesting to know that the more posts you make the more wise you are , but anyway I am talking specifically to newbies in my small village , not at a bar or in Bangkok , but anyway I guess giving up is part of the experience for a lot of us hence the post
  2. Been around

    Stand up for newbies

    When I was new I played by the rules of farang husband and Isaan wife and I was lucky that I chose well. However after 10 years and seeing a lot of guys chewed up and spat out I decided to speak openly to a new guy this year. He is from New Zealand, usual age gap and met her at gogo soi 3. Green as can be he has dropped 10 million in six months on the usual marriage house land . I know her and she is a snake. in front of her , my wife , others and I told him to slow down and cited cases of guys flipped after a couple of years. I could see he had never been told and hopefully woke him up a bit. The snake went crazy next couple of days to try and paint me bad to whole villa, but I have found new freedom in not giving a shit. I am still polite to all but I feel we should stick together more in a hostile environment and look out for the newbies