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  1. merc fintail

    Opportunities if not teaching

    So if im for example driving around in a pickup full of fruit or wholsale goods in the back, the cops pull me for lunch money, they would accuse me of working without a permit or not question too much? Say its just dropping off for my wife?
  2. merc fintail

    Opportunities if not teaching

    We are planning on moving from the UK to Khon Kaen in a few years time and I will be 50 and my thai wife of fifteen years will be 48. Da has a UK degree in linguistics with tesol from Salford uni. She is a determind kind of gal and will try any business or could teach, translate etc. Myself on the other hand, is a different story. I`m a tools man, kitchen fitter and not the accademic type, certainly never be a teacher! We will have supplimented income from two appartment rentals in the uk but we do want to earn in LOS also. We are not looking to retire but are looking to get out of the UK! We have a house to live just south of the Khon Kaen ring road and no rent to pay, no monthlys to pay apart from the usual domestic bills. Would I be excluded from any type of business activity? I would be there on a spouse visa. My concern is not being able to get involved with business projects, or do my own thing. I know I won`t be able to find work (unless kitchen designer, project manager is needed) so what kind of things do people get involved in? buying and selling? general running around for the wifes business interest? I`m into classic cars and should be able to find an old banger to tinker with but need to fill the days with something productive and idealy earn a little. Paul.