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    (Looking for) GPX DP125

    Update, it's hard to find but I managed to find one through luck when a dealership posted in a DP125 specific group on FB. They had 5 of them brand new but unused.
  2. Thanks. I will try to investigate if it is possible to do this without changing the visa. But so far it seems like it isn't.
  3. Thanks for the confirmation. That makes it a bit more difficult. And it doesn't matter that I have a consecutive streak in my passport then.
  4. Can I chime in with a question here? I've worked for a company here for ~4 years, so I think I have the consecutive stay on non-B visas sorted. However I am planning to change job this year and I wonder a bit about possibilities to screw my status up. This old page states the following: I am thinking about possible scenarios that may happen, which would screw me over when applying. - Something "takes too long" and I need to get out of thailand, effectively resetting the visa status? - Everything goes smooth, and the work permit is transferred while im on the same visa, and I can apply later this year? Anyone who has changed jobs here that could chime in on this? Thanks in advance.
  5. jombangkok

    (Looking for) GPX DP125

    Hi, yes the motard configuration. And I've actually commented on the page there and as far as I understood the reply I got they told me to go ask "offline dealers". Unless I am missing something, this page doesn't actually give me any direction as to where the bike is available does it? Edit: I did see some shops I had missed in the comments, will look through them again thanks~
  6. Hello. I've been searching for a GPX DP 125 a few times over the past years, never found anything. The model itself is out of production, and no official GPX dealer in bangkok seems to have it (at least the ones that replied). I'm been so far as to going through images looking for them in the background, this actually worked and I found a dealer with one as late as November 2017, however it was already sold. I've also scanned many forums in thai, trying to find LINE IDs to contact, all are sold so far though. I've also been posting around in some of the (some dead) "DP 125" specific FB groups, however no catch so far. If anyone here is either selling one, or know where I can find one (bounty?) I'd be very happy for some tips! Only preferences is that it is the supermotard version. Thanks, hope this kind of post is ok in this forum (saw a few other requests)