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  1. Like what you said, when you are conducting business you get the business card of the person. This is regarding about opening a bank account, so why would he get a business card from the banker. Its just a 1 time thing, so its common sense that he didnt get the name of the person who opened the account for him. Do you purchase your groceries and ask the cashier girls name or a name card?
  2. justapasserby

    Need massage girl working at Malaysia

    this guy should be removed from this forum, sounds dodgy as hell
  3. If you want to open a bank account without a work permit its easy. - Provide a rental contract with your name inside (Proof of address in thailand) - Get a document from your embassy which certifies your passport With this 2 documents, i am very sure you will get to open a bank account. Best bet is with Krungsri or Bangkok bank (I did mine at krungsri siam paragon and Bangkok bank at rama 9) Krungsri gave me ibanking but bangkok bank didnt provide me with ibanking I managed opened 4 bank accounts with just a normal tourist 28 days visa
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    Info for gaming specs

    Graphics cards are on a all time high now, almost a 35% price hike so with that kind of budget and the kind of games that you are playing, you should get a gtx1060 3gb if budget allows so or stick with a gtx1050 first and upgrade later on. A basic mobo will do, for 25k-35k budget you can consider i5-8400 Gigate byte Z370 HD3 or similar (Most basic motherboard because you arent going to do SLI or anything) GTX 1050 or GTX1060 if you think you can afford it SSD or HDD whichever you deem fit (120GB SSD for boot and maybe 1TB HDD for your games) Cheap affordable PSU 400-500W Dont get cheated by buying a "Original OS" Just buy a key online for like 300 baht its original too but for 1 time usage Most to most comes up to around 20k-30k
  5. justapasserby

    Truemove 4G vs DTAC 4G packages / speeds

    If you are on a postpaid plan and you have finished a year, you can actually drop them a call and tell them that you want to change to another provider. E.g AIS -> Truemove or Truemove -> AIS They will offer you a 50% discount on all their existing plans. I used to pay 599 for 4GB max speed internet at 300mbps, currently i changed to the 899 plan @ 30GB at max speed 300mbps at 50% discount for 1 year. So basically im paying 459 per month for 30GB max speed They do have higher tiers at up to 75GB or those unlimited plans UNLIMITED 4G @ 825 per month http://www.ais.co.th/move-to-ais/en/?intcid=getpage-en-header_menu-consumer_menu-move_to_ais_submenu1 True doesnt have it on their website so just use AIS as a reference So just call in to your service provider and let them know you plan to change to another provider, they will match the price and promo. Hope this helps
  6. Hi guys, i would love to have some feedback on the fibre broadband service providers here in bangkok. I'm currently on a 50mbps fibre broadband with True but i find that the speed is still way too slow. (Keep having breakdowns e.g no internet/ router keeps restarting etc etc) I torrent lots of stuff too thus i have decided to upgrade or change my fibre.... I happened to come across some fibre packages like - - Truemove 200mpbs package @ 1399 - 3BB 200mpbs package @ 1200 - AIS 100mpbs package @ 1099 The prices are quite reasonable for True and 3BB plan so any recommendations? Thanks in advance!