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    Shipping/Moving Company Reccomendation (Pattaya to UK)

    Thank you for the reccomendation avander, I'll reach out today and be sure to mention you.
  2. Hi All, I was wondering if anyone had any reccomendation for companies in getting boxes and furniture shipped back to the UK from the Pattaya area. Me and my partner are currently engaged with a company which seems to be charging us for additional options we do not need and as such seem to be overcharging us. We have around 40 boxes ready to go but also have some additional requirements in packaging a few bits of furniture we don't want to part with. If anyone has had experience with a company and could pass on a reccomendation it would be greatly appreciated. Our requirements are essentially the cheapest method of transporting the goods from here to the UK with the correct paperwork. Thank you in advance, NintendoIntent