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  1. Thanks for your useful information. Through your quote of the member ubonjoe's words, I've found two relevant threads (here and here), containing valuable information. In this thread, member ubonjoe wrote: What he wrote is related to my case as I'm on the extension of stay. I haven't left Thailand after entering the country using my ED visa and extended my stay every three months. So, I may have to contact my school to get the letter as ubonjoe mentioned. If I would like to return to Thailand to continue my study in the future, is it possible to re-apply for a Thai ED visa in a different country such as Malaysia, Laos, etc, other than my country of residence (Indonesia) ? In some other thread, people wrote that they got their ED visa (for language school) in Vientiane (Laos), rather than in their country of residence. Above you wrote: Could you give me links to the threads discussing about problem with school papers at NongKhai crossing to Vientiane, and Mukdahan crossing to Savannakhet (LAOS) ? Thanks in advance.
  2. I've also halted uni in Thailand due to my personal issue. A member in my other thread has told me not to leave Thailand without cancelling my current ED visa. If I was to cancel my current ED visa to return to Indonesia, later could I re-apply for a new ED visa easily ?
  3. Thank you, So it'd be better to cancel my ED visa before leaving the country, right? It is said that if an ED visa is cancelled, then passport holder has only 7 days to exit Thailand. Is it compulsory to exit by flight or I could exit by land ? And after exiting the country, is it OK to re-enter on 30 day exempt ?
  4. I've studied in Thailand for one year with an ED (education) visa. Due to my personal issue, I have to halt my study. I have planned to leave Thailand overland (via Malaysia) without cancelling my ED visa. My questions are: If I did not cancel my ED visa and left Thailand overland, would that cause any trouble for my re-application for a new ED visa at Thai embassy in my country (Indonesia) in the future when I would wish to return to Thailand to continue my incomplete university study? Would Thai embassy in my country issue me a new ED visa in the future if they find out that my old (current) ED visa having no cancellation stamp ? Besides the option of applying for an ED visa at the embassy of Thailand in my country, is it possible for me to apply for an ED visa (for higher education) in a different country within ASEAN, such as Malaysia, Laos, etc. ? It is said that if I cancelled my ED visa, there would only be 7 days left to exit the country. Is it possible to exit Thailand via a border checkpoint rather than via flight ? Thanks