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  1. The problem is that I did not get any bill from these hostels and I also did not take photos of these hostels.
  2. Have you ever been there? It's not a military headquarters but a commercial building. What makes getting into a commercial building too hard?
  3. Does anybody know the address of Booking.com costumer service center in Bangkok? I have got terrible experiences with the owners of two hostels in Thailand and made reviews about these hostels. But my reviews don't show up. After calling the costumer service center in Bangkok via this number 027873013 to ask, no one picked up my calls. And after sending emails to Booking.com, I got a no-reply notification writing that they would handle my case, but nothing has happened. So I want to go to the Booking.com costumer service center directly to ask the staffs there and make a complaint about these hostels. Thanks.
  4. Thanks for your answer. Would I have to show any document like bank account statement or rental contract ? and how many times could a person extend his/her 30 day visa exemption in Cheng Wattana consecutively ?
  5. I'm Filipino. I have currently traveled in Thailand on my 30 day visa exemption. Could I extend my 30 day visa exemption in Cheng Wattana to get another 30 days ? After doing some searches, I've found that tourist visa can be extended, but there isn't anybody mentioning about whether or not the 30 day visa exemption could be extended. Could somebody who tried extending his/her 30 day visa exemption in Thailand before give me some advice? and what documents does it require? Thanks