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  1. Dear OP. Of course it all depends on how other things in your relationship are and wether or not you have any " special agreements". I, myself, would see it as positive as I like my own freedom. If wife goes out without telling me where, - so can I. I also wouldn't put stronger bonds on her than I could endure myself. I believe in equity, in relationship and everything else. Just please don't make the same mistake as I did I'm my marriage to my Thai wife : don't just assume she's with other men, got another husband, bf or so. I had been so seriously hurt and let down by European women already when I came to Thailand I assumed it was the norm for all women. My Thai wife is also very outgoing. I just thought - here we go again. What I did about it? Had, like thirty new " second wife's" over the years... Only to later find out that my wife had actually never, ever cheated on me. Okay, i was young, mostly drunk to be honest. But it (I) did in the end ruin a othervise beautiful marriage. So please don't repeat my mistake. Like the other guys said: - just chill and enjoy! Good luck!