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  1. Well seems like the owner did not find the registration for house document. She sent ownership document but it does not even has her name on it, just some company instead. So now I have copy of her ID, copy of rental agreement between owner and my friend and ownership document which does not even state that the owner owns it. Can anybody who has applied tourist visa extension and have stayed in hotel confirm that you don´t need any extra documents to get the stamp? Thanks.
  2. Yeah I got the documents now, let´s hope they are correct. But next time if I want to extend tourist visa should I just tell them I live in a hotel so then they won´t ask for any extra documents? Is that correct?
  3. Hi, I just tried to extend my tourist visa but when they asked where I´m staying I said at friend´s place and now they need me to provide those copies of id card and such. Tomorrow is my last day to extend so just to save the hassle what if I move to a hotel tomorrow when I go apply again will they need any more extra documents or is the basic tm7 sufficient enough like in the good old days?