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  1. If you use SCB easy, you could open another account fully online where you transfer your funds to, and only leave whatever you want to spend in the main account which is tied to the debit card. Whenever you need to withdraw cash or shop with the card, you simply transfer the required amount into the main account.
  2. dane222

    Amazon Order: Hullabaloo

    That's true, but it's hard to buy most things on eBay without the pre-pay option. I guess I'll just have to search for a seller who'd ship with USPS. Thanks.
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    Amazon Order: Hullabaloo

    Ordered a Notebook off Amazon because I thought once the tax (VAT) was paid upfront as I've previously read here, the package would be handed over by UPS without any stress. Alas! That wasn't true. The delivery man wanted me to pay some 1,2xx baht as VAT, but I tried to explain to him that I'd already paid it upfront to Amazon, and that I wasn't supposed to pay anything here, but he called it in and I was told if I wouldn't pay, the package would be returned. I left and called Amazon, and the lady on the phone said they'd cancel and issue a refund. I told her they should just call UPS, and sort it out. She agreed and put me on hold, and a different lady came online about 15 minutes later to suggest I spoke with UPS. Upon calling UPS, my partner was told that I chose post pay (C.O.D) when I checked out on Amazon. Explaining that that wasn't possible when ordering through Amazon was a waste of time. Is is remotely possible that the broker didn't receive the VAT from Amazon?