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    New rentig laws

    How does one determine how many properties the owner of their Condo owns/leases for the purpose of this law?
  2. Finisheed

    How much over the limit to avoid a speeding ticket?

    Totally at the discretion of the IO.
  3. Finisheed

    Online 90 Day Report Stuck on Pending

    Oh the little wise guys! That way if you give a bad address you don't get no receipt! Vety Intedesting....
  4. Finisheed

    Online 90 Day Report Stuck on Pending

    Im sure this has also been asked/answered a million times as well, but when using PO, do they mail you back a new little paper with the "next appearance due date" on it to put into your passport or how does that work? It would not surprise me in the least if you had to go in an pick that up in person at the IO.