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  1. I cannot speak about Penang but I have had three 12 month, multiple entry non-O visas (1 from the U.K., 2 from Savannakhet) and I have never needed to show any evidence of funds. I am married to a Thai.
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    Savvanahkhet trip

    My last couple of times I've been to Lisa Cafe just by the square with the evening food market (close to the big Catholic Church). Reasonable food and a nice place to spend the obligatory few hours in Savannakhet. Lisa cafe Savannakhet, Laos https://goo.gl/maps/WfPfAiEe6xq
  3. There are some similarities in my current 'relationship'. An attractive, proper girl i.e. not from a bar, pays her own way and is a wonderfully attentive companion and lover. However, because of her age I find I'm talking myself out of having a future with her. We haven't had the conversations yet but I am 100% convinced that I will neither marry nor procreate again. I assume (I know, never assume) that these are both things that she will want and I don't want her to waste her time on me if that is the case. As fond as I am of her I don't think it can go on for much longer because I feel I am cheating her. I know I'm extremely lucky and I'm not looking for sympathy, advice or brickbats, just unloading.