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  1. If all else fails, i shall do this. Great that I don't have to leave the country! Thanks!
  2. Ok, I guess i'm going back and setting up a business back home lol Return via the elite visa option. Appreciate the help!
  3. Wow, what a bargain! I actually need to go to LA when possible. Too bad the flight is almost as long.
  4. The issue for me is the long flight being trapped in my seat due to a health condition and can't really afford to spend so much on business/first class atm. But thanks, I didn't consider vancouver being a shorter flight and I have family there I can stay with so that might work if all else fails.
  5. Perfect, thank you! One other question, if i were to go through the opening a business route, would it be possible to apply for that type of visa from nearby countries?
  6. A lot of good information! Thank you very much! I only have this visa/extension on my passport currently, so if I were to try cambodia first and it gets rejected then should I try Penang if i want to avoid the visa exempt entry option? (i'm assuming visa entry is a last resort type thing)
  7. Sweet! Is it possible out of somewhere in cambodia? and Isn't there a limit to how many single entry visa's you can have per year?
  8. Seriously??? So i can't go anywhere, cambodia, vietnam, india etc to get this done? or even a student visa?
  9. Hiya, I've been here for 2 months now on a single entry tourist visa from canada and have gotten a 1 month extension a few days ago. I would like to know if it's possible for me to get a 6 month multiple entry visa without going all the way back to canada after the extension expires? What are my options? I'm open to travelling and spending a month in one of the neighbouring countries if need be. P.S: Upon getting the 6month visa, i'd be looking to maximize the extentions on that visa in order to stay a total of an additional 9 months more. (well, almost...).
  10. lastminutebozo

    Any reports of water throwing yet?

    Yeah I wish this was a one day thing or at least a set schedule...
  11. lastminutebozo

    Any reports of water throwing yet?

    Anything? I just got back from walking street half an hour ago and nothing so far. Hope it doesn't start until the 18th lol yea right...
  12. lastminutebozo

    The 2018 Pattaya Songkran FAQ (long)

    Damn it the fortnite servers are down.
  13. lastminutebozo

    Where can I find some Carolina Reaper/Ghost peppers in Pattaya?

    why didn't i think of that lol
  14. lastminutebozo

    Where can I find some Carolina Reaper/Ghost peppers in Pattaya?

    LOL, too bad. =( Next time i'll have to bring some with me
  15. Is there a pepper store or something that would carry Carolina reapers and/or ghost peppers?