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  1. punchandjudy

    LINE voice call echo - cause?

    Good evening Bangkokians, How many of you also get a very frustrating echo of your own voice when in a LINE voice call? I am wondering what the specific cause is? "Bad signal" is fair enough but is there a particular reason for echo? As bad signal you would think would cause the call to cut out, not echo. Thanks.
  2. Just out of interest, I am wondering for expats (Thais too) what the general salary potential and path is. I know that in general from what I know, for Thais coming out of university with a degree who can speak English, salary tends to start at 30,000 Baht per month for an office job. This is an extremely broad question but for an average Thai person who is bilingual working in business, what could they end up earning down the line in terms of year on year increase? For expats in business, young university graduates coming to Bangkok, what could they expect from an office job initially? In summary, does anyone have a link to any graph or table which shows average salaries for expats / Thais working in business in Bangkok? I would like to have some reference of what a fair salary in Bangkok is. (Not sure if anything in life is fair to be honest )
  3. I am on AIS. I have a monthly package which gives me unlimited internet but it slows down after I have reached a certain download limit, which I understand. The annoying thing is: 1. Once every few days the 4G will suddenly cut off for around 10-15 seconds for no reason. (Can't the engineers make the signal more reliable?) 2. Normally the 4G symbol is at the top of my phone. However I have recently noticed that almost every time without fail, the 4G will change to H or H+ about 1 second after I start to make an outgoing LINE voice call. So ... What are your experiences? Which phone network gives you the best signal reliably?
  4. I have bought bunches of bananas from Max Valu, Tesco Lotus and even the single ones from 7 Eleven. Is it just me, or have bananas in the last few weeks been rock hard and not ripe at all, despite being yellow and ripe looking in colour?
  5. Recently, I have been bitten many times here in Bangkok (in my office). 1. It seems to me that I am getting bitten much more often recently. Is this due to the rainy season? Should I be worried about Dengue fever? 2. Why do mosquitos prefer to bite me over my Thai colleagues? (I asked and they say they rarely get bitten). Do farangs have tastier blood? I also read somewhere that blood group O and wearing dark clothes attracts mosquitos more. Thanks.
  6. I know Thai people tend to live bargaining, at least in the market. For jobs however, what is the accepted method of negotiating a salary with a new or potential employer? For example if you are expecting 50K, would you ask for 60K in preparation that they will try to negotiate? Just wondering what your experiences of this are in the Land of Smiles. Thanks fellow expats.
  7. punchandjudy

    LINE app bugs

    LINE is a wonderful way to communicate and for free it is a really good overall service, however the bugs in the software drive me mad sometimes! (LINE app for Android, I check for updates almost every day.) Before you tell me not to use LINE and to use an alternative, try telling that to all the Thais I communicate with daily! Has anyone had this bug: You tap on new unread messages in a LINE group chat. It then suddenly jumps back to a message in the group chat from 5 months ago. (This literally just happened to me). LINE is huge so you would think they have programmers to write bug free software. (!) What problems do you encounter with LINE?
  8. punchandjudy

    Termites invasion of my bedroom

    Hey @Kerryd, thanks for your reply. One of the apartment staff came to spray around my wardrobe and bedside table with a bug killer chemical spray called "Chaindrite". We also found that these little pests had been living on the bottom shelf of my wardrobe in a little hole and eating my wardrobe from the inside out! Fortunately they seem to have been eliminated from my wardrobe now and my bedside table which was also affected has been replaced. I asked her if there will be any danger to my health from the spray and she said no it may just make my throat feel dry... As I value my health I came out of my apartment for a while while I wait for the horrible smell to go, I left my fan on swing to try to neutralise the chemical smell. It has been about 3 hours now since the chemicals were sprayed. Am I worrying too much about having to inhale and breathe in these chemicals all tonight whilst I sleep that were sprayed right next to my bed? I don't plan to die in my sleep. Thanks.
  9. punchandjudy

    Termites invasion of my bedroom

    Firstly, I live in a multi-storey apartment and am pretty high up so a little surprised as I thought termites tended to come from the ground into wooden houses. Anyway I picked up a box in my room and found hundreds of termites underneath it. I later looked behind where this box was, to a little gap between my wardrobe and bedside table. It is absolutely full of chewed up wood. I will tell the apartment owner tomorrow but have some questions: 1. If chemicals are needed to kill the termites, will my apartment foot the bill or charge me as they are in my room? 2. I have heard some horror stories about the chemicals used to kill termites causing serious breathing problems for humans who later live in this room - anyone have any knowledge on this? 3. Is the best non chemical way to kill termites to use salt water? 4. How the hell did they get into my wardrobe/bedside table when my room is nowhere near the ground floor? Thanks!
  10. punchandjudy

    Wifi TRUE packages from 7 Eleven

    Thank you @KneeDeep, I will have a quick Google search now for this MiFi
  11. Hi guys, I am trying to learn to read and write Thai. I had a look at the pinned thread '3000 Thai words' but unfortunately the link is not working. I have bought a couple of learn to write Thai books already. I am wondering if fellow expats can suggest me any good online resources? In particular, to learn the Thai vowels with worked examples of each vowel, as I find the vowels most difficult. Thank you! ?
  12. punchandjudy

    Wifi TRUE packages from 7 Eleven

    Hey guys, My apartment has no wifi and I do not want to use hotspot from my phone as it gets very slow after it reaches the limit. I have heard that you can buy WiFi from TRUE corporation from any 7 Eleven. This may be a very silly question, but can I use a TRUE WiFi router for my apartment if my mobile phone network operator is not TRUE? Also, any idea how much buying a WiFi router is and the monthly charge? Do I need to sign a yearly contract as I would in the UK? It's times like these that I wish I could speak Thai fluently so I could ask the 7 Eleven staff myself ?
  13. Thanks for the reply @Stevetaylor123. No I am right handed. Ok I will check out this product, which store sells it?
  14. Is that dangerous? If so it may be worth a trip to the hospital.
  15. About a month and a half ago, I started sweating excessively from my left armpit. This has continued every day since then, and I mean serious sweating with sweat dripping down my left arm. I am in Bangkok but I do not believe this issue to be temperature related as even sitting in an air conditioned room all day I have this problem, and I have been in Bangkok for ages. I have Google searched the problem and tried everything from trimming armpit hairs to eating bananas more often to ensure I am getting enough magnesium. What puzzles me is why my right armpit and the rest of my body does not seem to sweat constantly but my left armpit does. 2 questions: 1. In England you can get some heavy duty anti perspirant from Boots, but I have looked here in Thailand and Boots just has the usual ones. Anyone know where I should look? Big C? 2. Anyone have a hunch as to what is causing my left armpit only to sweat constantly even when I am not hot? From Google it appears to be "hyperhidrosis"