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  1. Humid

    Root Canal Treatment (Bangkok)

    I went to the Bangkok Dental Hospital in November for four crowns recommended by an Aussie Dentist Sat in the chair he cleaned my teeth and said save your money your teeth are fine!
  2. Humid

    Urine Drug Tests How to Act?

    Since you asked I looked it up and it turns out to be an urban myth. geez been doing it for ten years
  3. Humid

    Urine Drug Tests How to Act?

    Also pee into the toilet first then do your sample mid stream.
  4. Humid

    Urine Drug Tests How to Act?

    Those tests usually have a small allowance for some low passive type positive. 2 puffs won’t test positive I wouldn’t think. You put a drop of urine in the cassette it leaches along the material to a line which is the control that will go pink which shows the test worked and another line shows your clean. It doesn’t matter how bright the line is as long as there is one. at night you might struggle to see it. no second line and your positive
  5. Humid

    How to drive from Siam square to Chonburi

    Get a local to drive you......grab some beers
  6. Humid

    Koh Samui 1982

    Generator power on Chaweng.....would go to bed when it ran out of diesel. Ganja cookies at Lucky Mother No bloody airport