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  1. Is a 2 year temporary teaching license the same thing as a Work Permit?
  2. Thanks for reply. Its a good idea but that kind of out my control. My school are already very uptight about spending/giving supplies ......I doubt they will happy to learn they have to spend money to hire a helper because I cannot control the class Does anyone have any ideas which would be in my control
  3. Yes dosen't really make a difference too much. They will still talk to each other and their behaviour mode for some reason is by default to make each other as mad as possible......they will turn to each other and say "he is saying.... im a naughty boy.....then they will start crying over it"...... honestly its pathetic behaviour for a primary class Today i even had one of the boys get mad/cry because another boy was looking at him...... driving me and other teachers insane dealing with this class
  4. I'm new to teaching and find myself in charge of a very problem class......Girls are mostly fine but all the boys cause trouble (Early primary level) I managed to get hired in an international school for my first job, so discipline in the classroom and actually making them learn something is very important. Anyway the boys in the class (5 of them) wind each other up ALL the time, fight. The boys will then become emotional, get angry with each other (Break pencils, cry, storm out of their chair towards the door exit How would you go about dealing with this...... Telling them not to do it is of course not going to work, it just reinforces their behaviour. IF punishments, what type of punishments would you give for this childish emotional behaviour?
  5. MONO29 channel used to always show movies for me in english (Its says dual language in the title) Now a few weeks ago it changed to thai.........i have absolutely no idea what i did, i must of pressed something on my remote. How do i get back to the english version please
  6. Think how about how many songthaews there are in bangkok and how long each waits for people to pay (maybe 5-10 seconds) so have an effect on reducing congestion
  7. Print the QR barcodes all inside the songthaew, would make life alot easier for passengers and the drive, and less dangerous for passengers who have to stand at the side of the vechicle to pay Also Having 2 baht, or even worse 12 (5+5+5+1+1) baht in change every time is so annoying.
  8. hydraides

    Where to buy Harvester Ants in Bangkok

    Thanks for the reply. Need to find out where to buy ants for the ant farm? Anyone have any ideas?
  9. Ok Thanks , so you 100% sure it ok to plug in?
  10. Ok so my Xbox One S made it through customs ......Xbox One S is 110V to 240V........ but the power cable with it says 125V.......... The power cable dosen't have a power pack..........it looks like this: https://www.ebay.com/itm/6-Foot-SP-12N-E55943-HP-P-N-8120-6313-7A-125V-2-Prong-Power-Printer-Cable-NEW-/232258347343 What do you think will happen if I to plug in? Is it ok?
  11. I've seen similar threads with people with the same problems of package stuck in customs I have a package worth (£300) sent to me , Xbox One S. It has been stuck in Customs for 2 days. UPS say I have to wait for Customs to call me? I already paid import fees when i bought through Amazon, are they going to try and charge me even more I'm holiday currently and would like my package now , This is one of the most outrageous things I've come across, ................I have a feel they will ask for more money to release it even though I paid Import fees already What can I practically do to get my parcel sooner??????UPS cannot do anything ............I sent the Invoice of the package to UPS which they asked for
  12. Hey Does anyone know on here of any..... Pet shop/Insect Shops in Bangkok which might sell these Its for a Science practical lesson .......to see them tunnelling over a few days Thanks
  13. Hello, Would I be granted a 30 days visa on arrival , if I flew to Yangon, Myanmar ona Friday evening, and returned to Bangkok the next day on a saturday --- ( N.B My 60 day tourist visa + 30 day extension is about to run out) Thanks