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    Any ADHDers out there?

    Sounds sensible and I was about to go back to the psych here for Strattera, but in the meantime I have heard back from a psych in Thailand who says that methylphenidate is the only ADHD medication available there. Could you tell me how you know that atomoxetine is also available? I don't want the psych to think I am being difficult but would like to go back with some sort of link because I have a lot of trouble sleeping on methylphenidate alone. Thanks.
  2. Dan W

    Any ADHDers out there?

    Thanks a lot for all the info. Any idea how long I should allow to get rediagnosed and represcribed? I will have to aim to bring out enough to cover that period. In the UK, if you have a private prescription (and many people start on private prescriptions because it can take years to be seen and diagnosed on the NHS) the cost of generic methylphenidate works out at about 3000 baht/month at a typical dosage. When you say costly, do you think it would be much more than that? Hopefully less...
  3. Hi just wondering about getting ADHD meds in Thailand - I have a UK prescription for methylphenidate (Ritalin) and lysdexamfetamine (Elvanse) but have no idea whether these drugs are available in LOS, what they cost or how I would go about getting a prescription. Would be grateful for any info! I am planning to be on tourist visas if that makes any difference - alternating with Indonesia but not really going back to the UK. Thanks