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  1. InterestedSugoya

    Online Teaching

    Thank you "the manic" for making the suggestion. This was a ridiculously boring and repetitive thread.
  2. InterestedSugoya

    Finding healthy, free range chicken...

    Worgeordie, I appreciate it. I don't plan on living in a home that has a backyard, but in a condo instead, since I'm not permanently going to be in Thailand. It might be easier to find someone that's already raising them and just buy from him, no? Taladin Market is a place that I will look up.
  3. InterestedSugoya

    Finding healthy, free range chicken...

    Where can I find completely antibiotic-free, free range chicken? What's the expensive place to find it, and what's the cheap place to find it (i.e. not the city center)? I would be cooking it myself at home so I am finally getting a whole chicken with the liver and gizzards and all that. How trustworthy is Thailand when it comes to such labeling as free range, cage-free, organic, etc. Thanks for any help.
  4. OP here... I understood your comments. Let's not derail the thread y'all. Thanks for all the comments so far.
  5. Ok, thank you for further clarifying.
  6. Appreciate your reply. I guess what I was trying to see was if there was a way to cut out the middleman, and to go through the building itself. Find a way where I could deal with somebody that was only in charge of that property and not an agency that is in charge of a whole bunch of properties all throughout Chiang Mai.
  7. This is just a real estate agency, right? Is there anyone that can help provide me with the # to the actual office on-site?
  8. Thanks for the replies. There was some genuine good advice, some jokes (some of those were even funny), some verbal attacks, etc. Appreciate it.
  9. Have been to Thailand before (Bangkok and Chiang Mai). Was just looking for opinions and perspectives from others on the ground.
  10. Thanks for your replies. I did initially state in my opening post that I am only talking about physical looks. I wasn't referring to a person's quality character or personality. I was just wondering if keeping a lighter complexion (since it wouldn't be that hard for me to safely and naturally go darker) would draw more glances my way ( and keep them there).
  11. I wouldn't overly-stress myself to avoid the sun, but I'm also not going to be oblivious to certain advantages that I can leverage. Plus, I wouldn't "marry" any girl that would physically discriminate anyone seriously.
  12. In general, you are correct, but I'm not talking about professional prostitutes or soapy girls here. I'm talking about real "normal" girls.
  13. In this thread we will only be talking about physical appearance. I know that alot of Thai girls (alot) are obsessed with having white skin, but do they make a big deal over whether their boyfriend/lover/date has light skin? I am Hispanic, but skin-wise am more on the white side (not Afro-Latino). Will I have more success and receive more love from the local ladies if I avoid being in the sun for too long? This is a serious question. I have no self-hate, but would like to take advantage of a situation if it is easy for me to do so.
  14. In the USA (New York City in particular where there is a decent amount of Thais) I have no issue eating Thai curry (green, massaman, etc.). In Thailand, I have seen the ingredient shrimp listed. I am allergic to shellfish of all sorts and will get sick. Therefore I never actually tried it whilst I was in the country. I'm not sure if it's an ingredient in the U.S recipe as well. Usually the brand that I use over here when eating is: Maesri. Maybe it is included but it's such a minimal amount that it doesn't really do any damage. Does all Thai curry include shrimp or shrimp paste?
  15. InterestedSugoya

    Yellow rice with herring

    I'll have to look this new dish up. Thanks.