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  1. InterestedSugoya

    Yellow rice with herring

    I'll have to look this new dish up. Thanks.
  2. InterestedSugoya

    Yellow rice with herring

    Thanks for the link. I normally wouldn't buy it in can form, but if I could find one that is plain and un-flavored then it might be okay. I wonder if I could have just import it from the US via my luggage as long as it's small enough ounces.
  3. InterestedSugoya

    Yellow rice with herring

    In all honesty, I don't know because I'm not much of a chef and I also never tried yellow rice with mackerel. Herring is pretty salty though ( at least the way that it comes packaged), I'm not sure if that makes any difference in helping to understand the differences that may arise in meal preparation.
  4. The test is in English though, right?
  5. InterestedSugoya

    Yellow rice with herring

    Yellow rice with herring/ Arroz con arenque/ Locrio de arenque All I would really need to make this meal is herring. Is herring easily accessible in Thailand? If not, would it be accessible in one of the international markets in Bangkok and Chiang Mai?
  6. How many of you have ever been stopped while on a scooter or motorbike and asked to pay a fine , or temporarily detained for not having a proper Thai motorcycle driver's license?
  7. As far as renting a place, do you guys assume I can just talk to the lady at the front desk of one of these condos and go from there? It's best to do it when I'm in the country, as opposed to before arriving, right? Lastly, is there a Farang price and a Thai price per apartment, or is it basically the same?
  8. It wouldn't be awkward for me to go around town wearing a face mask like the Japanese do when they are sick, right?
  9. I am an American (USA) and this year I already spent 3 weeks in Thailand. I will probably be going back mid-October and staying for a minimum of 3 months and a maximum of six months (that's the plan that I have). Temporary Visa-wise, I'm not sure how many days I'm allowed to be in the country during a 365-day period, but I guess I can just leave for like a week or 2 to somewhere else in Southeast Asia and come back, right? Also, I would like to stay in the nimman area. Do you guys know how well or poorly this area fairs air quality-wise when Chiang Mai's air quality suffers (due to burning / pollution)?
  10. My budget is about $600 USD per month. When I mentioned this to others living over there, they think that that's too expensive. I'm looking for a three to six-month setup.
  11. I guess I will just have to find the right points of contact and ask them directly via email for now.
  12. I visited Chiang Mai in March and confirmed that I would like to live there for at least 3 months. I stayed in hostels in the Old City, Santitham, and Nimman areas. In the Nimman area I stayed in a studio for 2 nights in one of those Palm Springs or similar condos, etc. I liked it and would probably want to rent a place there. Does anyone have a suggestion, or link so that I can avoid any additional fees that are not necessary for those in the know? Or can you recommend some other place? I'm kind of looking for a housing situation where I will be able to have air conditioning, very few mosquitoes in my area, a nearby supermarket (even if it's 30 minutes on foot), and the kind of quiet needed to where I can write a novel if I so chose to. If this not the correct place for this post, please move it to the correct message board. Thank you for your help.
  13. Not sure if this is the right message board, but have any of you ever been the victim of an aggressive crime in Thailand? I don't mean something so simple like a cab driver overcharging you. I mean something like a young punk pulling a weapon on you, or a working girl earning your trust and then setting you up to get robbed. Please share..
  14. I am not in Thailand right now, and I don't plan on getting married anytime soon, but trying to have an entrepreneurial mind, these things do get me excited to discuss. I appreciate all of the replies.
  15. I kind of wanted to be in the midst of the madness just for the experience sake. I'm assuming that renting one of those booth/stalls for 1 month to 6 months it's not that expensive considering it's Thailand. I guess I would just have to watch from a distance. Thanks all for your replies.