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  1. InterestedSugoya

    Clean street and "mall plaza" food recommendations?

    Would rather stick to somewhat healthier meals, but if I'm down to my last few baht and need some survival food, I will definitely check this place out because from your description it sounds like a cool vibe.
  2. InterestedSugoya

    FB groups, Craigslist, or other communal expat marketplace?

    Thanks, that website is not super active, but I found the kinds of things I'm looking for in the "Others" section.
  3. InterestedSugoya

    Clean street and "mall plaza" food recommendations?

    Great tip about avoiding the seafood in the Summer and in places where it has to travel far to get there. It's common sense, but I hadn't really thought about it.
  4. Besides Craigslist, is there a place where foreigners in Thailand sell or swap items? Any reputable Facebook groups where people coming in, going out, and just passing through go to before considering spending full price in a store, or having something shipped all the way from the West? If so, please post or message me that info. Thanks. P.S.- mostly interested in things like a voltage converter, couch, toaster (for ex., things that I could use while in the country, but that I wouldn't be taking with me once I leave the country.).
  5. InterestedSugoya

    Clean street and "mall plaza" food recommendations?

    That's 100% true but, someone like Yoga Veg knows what exactly I'm trying to get at in this thread. It's not necessarily about you giving away all your good spots so then they're going to be overcrowded, but it's more about trying to help fellow travelers out so that they don't get food poisoning by people using less than clean standards of food preparation. Chaka Khan, thanks for the clarification.
  6. InterestedSugoya

    Clean street and "mall plaza" food recommendations?

    Thanks for your reply. Please keep in mind I'm not necessarily looking for places that are cheap, but also for places where you would hardly consider there being contaminated food or dirty meal preparation.
  7. InterestedSugoya

    Clean street and "mall plaza" food recommendations?

    Elgenon, I think that you provided me with a joke response, but I don't really have time for such a thing in this serious thread. Are you trying to give me food poisoning? C'mon man... SFOKevin, the reason that I mention that I am from New York City was to illustrate that I've already been around a lot of dirty air and different kinds of cuisines. Thank you for the Duke's recommendation, but I was more referring to places to get Thai food that is clean (in the sense of not contaminated). I appreciate the burrito place mention though. kenk24, it sucks that you got food poisoning in Little Italy all those years ago, but that was probably a freak occurrence that can happen anywhere in the world. I am just trying to avoid getting food poisoned every single day in Thailand. I'm sure you understand that Thailand it still considered 3rd world and therefore a lot of places are probably not up to code food safety-wise for Westerners. Trujillo, I'll do my best to not eat at those kind of places. Thank you for the warning.
  8. InterestedSugoya

    [Food Review] Sunday Brunch at The Sukhothai Bangkok

    Went here 4 or 5 years ago. It was delicious, but it was a special occasion with my wife (at the time).
  9. I don't mind eating in restaurants that have gone to the effort to appeal to high class/picky eaters (like some I saw in Nimman One), but in the interest of stretching my money to last longer: What street stalls and mall plaza stalls would y'all recommend? I don't have a Thai stomach and my stomach was born and raised in New York City. What places anywhere in Chiang Mai do you guys frequent and have never gotten sick from (and also don't suspect them of foul play)? Anywhere in Chiang Mai you suggest is fine since I'm mobile. Any help would be greatly appreciated. If you don't wanna share your spots publicly for some reason, please feel free to message me.
  10. InterestedSugoya

    Seeking Manicure/Pedicure recommendation

    Thank you for your reply Nancy. I am a male. Much like your husband I would probably just want a simple service. I am looking for the best bang for my buck, but a place that uses clean tools and is known for at least okay-ish service. I'll be willing to travel anywhere in Chiang Mai since I'm a very mobile 30 + fella. I'll probably be living closer to Nimman though.
  11. What place can you guys recommend (your personal preference) to get a nice manicure/pedicure in Chiang Mai? I'm looking for something that is a good balance quality and price-wise, somewhere where they use high quality (clean tools). I've never had either a manicure or pedicure, but it would be nice to have the info. for when I gotta shake hands with the rich and famous.
  12. Any of you long-time travelers retrieve your cash from a non-local bank? If so, what do you find to be the best method with the lowest, or no, fees? I will be in Southeast Asia for about 5 months. 4 of those months my main base will be Thailand. I was in Thailand for 2-3 weeks earlier this year but I didn't need a bank since, due to the limited time, I just carried everything in cash. I don't recall seeing any branches of Citibank, Chase, etc. in Thailand. Would I be able to use my HSBC Bank card, which is also a MasterCard Debit Card and withdraw from local ATMs? If so, what kind of fees am I looking at for each withdrawal? Do some of you long-time travelers (non-residents) just use Western Union to receive funds from relatives in your home country? Any replies or links would be appreciated. Thank you for your time.
  13. InterestedSugoya

    Buying clean veggies and eating clean salad

    Thanks for the suggestion. Seems like we'd be killing off some nutrients here, but it's better than knowingly eating pesticides without even trying to limit the amount found on the veggies.
  14. InterestedSugoya

    Buying clean veggies and eating clean salad

    Thanks for the replies. I know that there are more places than just 7-11, but I didn't want to make the post too long and that was the easiest go to answer for describing "processed foods". I myself only got sick once from eating pineapple on the street in Bangkok. Sirineou, thank you for posting the video. Given that information, how do you go about consuming vegetables?
  15. InterestedSugoya

    2018 Multiple Entry Tourist Visa questions

    Your math is throwing me off right now. That is only 180 days (90 + 90). 9 months will be 270 days. What am I missing here? Does a multiple-entry Visa only allow you to enter 3 times (and your aim is to get 90 days out of each time?)?