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  1. Any of you long-time travelers retrieve your cash from a non-local bank? If so, what do you find to be the best method with the lowest, or no, fees? I will be in Southeast Asia for about 5 months. 4 of those months my main base will be Thailand. I was in Thailand for 2-3 weeks earlier this year but I didn't need a bank since, due to the limited time, I just carried everything in cash. I don't recall seeing any branches of Citibank, Chase, etc. in Thailand. Would I be able to use my HSBC Bank card, which is also a MasterCard Debit Card and withdraw from local ATMs? If so, what kind of fees am I looking at for each withdrawal? Do some of you long-time travelers (non-residents) just use Western Union to receive funds from relatives in your home country? Any replies or links would be appreciated. Thank you for your time.
  2. InterestedSugoya

    Buying clean veggies and eating clean salad

    Thanks for the suggestion. Seems like we'd be killing off some nutrients here, but it's better than knowingly eating pesticides without even trying to limit the amount found on the veggies.
  3. InterestedSugoya

    Buying clean veggies and eating clean salad

    Thanks for the replies. I know that there are more places than just 7-11, but I didn't want to make the post too long and that was the easiest go to answer for describing "processed foods". I myself only got sick once from eating pineapple on the street in Bangkok. Sirineou, thank you for posting the video. Given that information, how do you go about consuming vegetables?
  4. InterestedSugoya

    2018 Multiple Entry Tourist Visa questions

    Your math is throwing me off right now. That is only 180 days (90 + 90). 9 months will be 270 days. What am I missing here? Does a multiple-entry Visa only allow you to enter 3 times (and your aim is to get 90 days out of each time?)?
  5. I plan on eating a lot of salad and vegetables and making vegetable juices while in Thailand (will eat meat too, just trying to limit 7-11 dependence). I know that here in New York (just like in the rest of the USA) we have issues with pesticides and things like that, but we try to buy organic or buy from a reputable source to limit those dangers. What do you folks do in Thailand? Do you just run the greens underwater and add them to the salad, or do you mostly avoid eating uncooked green leafy veggies? Do you use some sort of vegetable-wash solution? Or do you just eat it all and hope that your digestive system is strong enough to combat any challenges that may arise? Do you have a go-to veggie source that you've never gotten sick from? If so, I'd appreciate you posting it or sending a private message. Thank you.
  6. InterestedSugoya

    Juicer: Seeking advice on bringing or buying after arrival...

    No worries, I already got the info that I sought, and I'll see in what way this new info can apply to me. Thanks guys.
  7. InterestedSugoya

    Anyone have a pool recommendation for someone learning to swim?

    Appreciate the reply. I wouldn't mind renting a place with my own pool (if anyone knows where those are "locate-able", because I really need to take baby steps and I feel that this fear of swimming is a pretty embarrasing fear to have.
  8. InterestedSugoya

    Anyone have a pool recommendation for someone learning to swim?

    Thank You guys for your reply. I'll be in Chiang Mai for the first 3 months of my Thai travel, but I may be in BKK after that. I wouldn't mind checking out that place.
  9. Basically, I'd be looking for a clean, unpopulated pool where I'd be able to little by little (super slow at my own comfortable pace), be able to learn to swim. At most I'd just want me and a patient private instructor. Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks.
  10. Appreciate the replies. My plan overall is to spend 5.5 months in Southeast Asia with the majority of that being in Thailand. My plan is to go to Chiang Mai mid-October, rent a condo (try to set it up so that rent can start from November 1st), then travel to Japan and Vietnam before returning to Chiang Mai at the beginning of November. It would be pretty easy for me to just get a 60-day Visa here at the consulate in New York. I hadn't considered that option, but I may do that just so I don't have to deal with the hassle while already in the country. Since I plan on staying for 5.5 months though, I know that I will have to make probably about 2 Visa run trips (if I don't want to pay for the 30-day extension each time). That's okay with me though, because I would like to see other countries in the area. UbonJoe, the truth is that I was a little bit confused by your reply, but I appreciate you taking the time out to clarify it. Thank you all for your replies.
  11. What is it that is stamped into my passport upon arrival? Would I have to go out of my way, or pay extra to get a single-entry tourist visa?
  12. InterestedSugoya

    Juicer: Seeking advice on bringing or buying after arrival...

    I'm leaning towards buying one in Thailand. I'd rather use a juicer than a blender because the blender at best makes smoothies and I don't want to strain the smoothies through a strainer to make a juice. Thanks for the link james.d
  13. As an American citizen, would I need some sort of Visa in order to rent a condo for 3 months? And I mean rent it legitimately through a real estate agency and all that. I believe that I'll have temporary visitor status which is sort of like a tourist visa. I also do hope to take summer classes while in the country, but just in case I become disenchanted with them, I didn't want to rely on them (the school) for a visa. I already spent about 18 days in Thailand in March of 2018, so I hope it's not the sort of thing where they say you're only allowed 90 days in the country without a visa. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
  14. InterestedSugoya

    Mosquito-proof clothing reviews?

    You've not been to Thailand before? Flip flops, tee shirts etc, normal day wear, never armour or protective coat or trousers or boots I only rode on the back of a motorbike once, and that was being driven by a girl that's about 5 feet 2 inches ( sounds about right). I thought maybe you guys were going to tell me that they wear arm protectors or something. And there is way too much dirt, in Bangkok at least, for me to walk around in slippers outside.
  15. InterestedSugoya

    Mosquito-proof clothing reviews?

    What do the Thais wear whilst on scooters?