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  1. I was writing something in favor of the father without knowing the facts surrounding this ugly situation so i decided to hope and pray that i will never have to go through this and leave it there as it is!
  2. What amazes me is the blunt openness of the top cop in this case, while the subordinate quickly washes his hands in ordered innocence!!
  3. I think the dice rolls the way to a conviction, the way they carefully add and erase would suggest that he will not walk away 'un-shaved' from this.
  4. Its a black issue, according to me, as according to the mindset of immigration relative large numbers of black people can live in Thailand due to marriage, they, immigration reason that a number are 'convenient' marriages whereby no relationship can be established due to separations........while the romance gangs can continue to dupe Thai ladies into poverty!! True or false......? its the mindset
  5. If you had no sight in a better future, would you stay in the same situation? or Go and find help in your own country and get your life back on track rather then begging for funds! I know what i would do.
  6. happens in every country with districts like in Pattaya Beer - drunk - women - fights. At least they sort it out themselves, no pack @ the back to 'help' pout a loser. So in the end they (trouble makers) are all losers!
  7. RIP......is the least i can write down..... The rest is up to the court!!!
  8. My younger brother died 37 with no medical record of heart problems of an instant cardiac arrest. scores of people die of 'un -announced' heart attacks, supplements or not, his lifestyle puts him in the danger zone as steroids , not mentioned here, are freely available in any pharmacy , and they CAN cause hart failure. RIP
  9. My sincere condolences to the family of the deceased, who died in the line of duty!! This only shows what could have happened if they had NOT intervened! RIP.
  10. New crackdown sees darts BANNED in Pattaya

    do i need a license @ home as well, now?
  11. ALWAYS a sucker punch or weaponry, and pack fighting. disgusting!!
  12. Women have a mind and body of their own, so let them decide.
  13. Frenchman Confesses To Italian’s Murder

    Nobody is........