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  1. yep , just like there is no prostitution in Thailand..................i give up!
  2. It works both ways......inflicting 10 times entry fee on white's only is a disgrace on its own, Thai pack fighters on walking street in Pattaya or rip offs in zero tours.....naturally wear a decent bikini and don't show your intimate area near a temple......they are right we are special guests !!
  3. no matter how long....they got him.....which sends out a message of hope.
  4. hgma

    This thai girl

  5. The Netherlands just introduced the 'plastic road' road construction with recycled plastic and super wear resistant, yet after economic lifespan, can be recycled again for the same use.(source Volkskrant 8-6-2018) they might talked about that too
  6. Are scams tax deductibles in Singapore?
  7. There was an odd moment in the whole scene when he went from the front to the money draw area ,instead of being petrified the girl took a quick glance at the cctv location..............not a word was spoken (by the girls) when he walked towards the guards......anyway......300.000 by 3 persons .........Neh.....not enough!
  8. I am truly shocked.....speechless and at the same time worried, as one of our members already pointed out, damn guns, their everywhere....even our local tv station has a 3 times a week dumb ass with a gun in sight , thankfully arrested or already dead.
  9. Very drunk, so they immediately took blood samples? 'Always' something someone can't proof unless urine or blood has been taken in time. very drunk.........could be , but it could be a shady excuse for attacking him with a razor blade in a fit of rage and/or jealousy ......
  10. hgma

    Phra Buddha Isara refuses to be bailed

    he is defrocked and dismissed by Royal decree.......no Phra whatshisname anymore
  11. Can you imagine the shame these girls had to bare, no, no time for prank jokes. These are teens and should be save @school. Someone wrote firing on the spot.....i would say SPOT ON!!
  12. TIPP OFF .usually when bigger fish can carry on!
  13. Iranian style, shovel hanging n public. Coward!
  14. why am i so angry? Is it because my daughter is 10 years young, or this animal behavior is ruining lives ? I think both!
  15. If so, pay your own bill then will you, damage third parties, medical misery, mental assistance etc.....then i do agree with you...live and let live,just don't bother me with your choice!!