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  1. in order to keep up with public 'demand ' for change...she got booted. Look if you raise the arrival from 20+ to 30 + million visitors in 3 years time you' have done a good job. She was less risky to make way.
  2. seems like Ya baa related...........anyway...in the US he would be dead.
  3. Watching to much soaps can get the brains transfer into this.
  4. I hate uninvited guests going around my stuff unsolicited. Reason Nr 1 i keep my nose clean!
  5. Somebody whispered.......money....big money to be compensated if you get a retrial with a fat compensation!! Enough people will witness ...pssst for the right price.....peaccccccccce of cake. OOPS. Brain-dead witnesses UHHHHHHHHH Now everybody except the Thai Court looks stupid.
  6. scandal...monk touches women with her knickers pulling out of her trouser , one reason why more and more Buddhist fractions pop up................i wish they stayed in the temple, and collecting alms in the morning!
  7. Uighur escape pressures Thai cops

    smell a powertool rat race.....from the outside as well as there is straight cutting lines to be seen and plaster just fell off...outside job, that is staged as an inside job, for what reason i don't want to know.
  8. Man with a duty calling, up until the very end. RIP Lawman.
  9. Charged senior medical officer transferred

    10 + 15 years in this country and still my jaw drops @ the occasions!
  10. Heart attack....best hospital..?

    My life was saved by an hospital that many would classify as nice looking, pricey but below standard, a young female doctor conducted tests and dug in deep for a reason only known to her............next thing i knew i was on ICU Bangkok Hospital 50 km from my hometown. I wish i had the change to say thank you doc, but she was already moving by the time i came home from heart surgery in Khon Kaen. Pearl in a man's life!
  11. No mental illness check or background check implied in this case i guess.....approved while having dinner in a karaoke bar.(i guess) Next time some people will be dead!
  12. Boris J is the reincarnation (in public) of Boris J(eltsin) Always one or two to many and ever playing dumb
  13. One of the great thing i admire in Thai people is the way the can turn a catastrophic issue into a national pride parade and then think the problem is gone. But it is time to support and enjoy the inspiration that (hopefully) a lot of people gain from this character Toon. When the money is distributed the channels should pinpoint the reason why he is running.