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  1. Medical Costs for Thai Nationals

    Can foreign Non-Thai children and or spouses benefit from the 30 bath ruling?
  2. i am sure there are a lot of prisoners with children around the same age. But before that i would like to introduce the blame and shame clamp and lock them in for at least 3 days and nights
  3. 19 arrested in Phuket gambling den raid

    They ..police . should check if the same people have applied for poor people's benefits lately!! The amount of illegal gambling facilities are equal to the amount of loan sharks is my guess, entangled in business.
  4. We...3 Dutch + 1 Lao citizen all have one and indeed start with a 6 (Meastro) NongKhai.
  5. It is THEIR custom to hand over 'help' when someone dies,died. I know it sounds cruel but Thai DO respect ANY contribution in that situation......it is THEIR country!
  6. i wouldn't change my life with him for anything in the world.
  7. visa free in Laos!!! and this is what we get here!
  8. Let the police find out, somewhere somehow they got a warrant, smells like a tip -off.......and then Bung could be fishing in the right pond!!!!!!
  9. if that was the truth they wouldn't be here! Soldiers are looking for them now, lets see how tuff they are now.
  10. I am sure a lot of people had no notion of this....... Thanks for sharing.
  11. 2000 bath.......to protect what? Or Who? From What? 2000 bath. rings no bells whatsoever.
  12. A good neighbor is worth more then a close friend????