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  1. ajahnlau

    Keeping Z1000 battery charged

    Buy a tender
  2. ajahnlau

    Living in Phitsanulok

    Still open
  3. ajahnlau

    Yellow book

    Can it stop the wife from selling house or land?
  4. ajahnlau

    Where can Ibuy buy fishing bait in Phitsanulok?

    Try the fishing farms/ponds.
  5. Yes did search but not much info. What are the advantages of yellow book,currently have 1 yr, ext. based on retirement. Thanks
  6. Went today to bank for a statement of interest paid for last 2 yrs. Could'nt make it last year as out of country past filing deadline which is end of Mar. Then went to Revenue dept and filed for refund for 2016&17. Had to pay 200 bht for late file on 2016. In all took about 1 hr. between bank and rev. dept. Not a huge amount but better in my pocket than gov't. Chq coming in mail.
  7. ajahnlau

    Leaked, New HD cruiser for Thai market

    Maybe your BF will let u buy this one.
  8. Changed from VOA to non-imm. Did not have to show funds came from abroad.
  9. Stop and think about it. Do you rally think these HD guys are pricing them high to scam buyers. If they sold them for less they would make more sales which equals more profit,not just on the original sale but on all the other products related to the bikes.
  10. What's the price in US got to do with prices here?
  11. The letter from the bank,for immigration only shows the amount and how long it's been on deposit.
  12. ajahnlau

    estimate of 2006 Hilux vigo

    Look at Kaidee or 1-2 car for comparison
  13. ajahnlau

    Rental house looking for recommendations

    Drive around the sub-div's and look for signs.
  14. ajahnlau

    What's a used Wave worth?

    Look at kaidee.com