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  1. Rental house looking for recommendations

    Drive around the sub-div's and look for signs.
  2. What's a used Wave worth?

    Look at kaidee.com
  3. Forgotten Sukhothai

    Short drive to Phitsanulok,lots of ex-pats.
  4. Official dealers do their own financing,with some good rates
  5. Chemotherapy costs

    Anyone doing this with recent costs? I'll need 2 different drugs leucovorin wth flourouracil and oxaliplatin. Thanks
  6. I also did one last week and easy peasy.
  7. More bikers go to new pub than went to lady jane's,in fact more people of all character.
  8. House safe

    Do you have Watsadu,home pro? If not then off to NS
  9. Might be easier to just get tourist visa in Canada,covert to non-o in Thailand and apply for 1yr. ext,have 400k in Thai bank for 3 mos.
  10. Prostate Cancer Specialists in Bangkok

    Depending on your age try to avoid surgery.
  11. Lots of taxis,cost likely around 1000baht
  12. Ape hangar bars - good or all show?

    My apes are about 12"and feel very comfortable,real easy rider