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    Border Run Alternatives

    A question on the side here. I just read that Laos customs (in contrast to all others (even Burma raised it recently from 2000 to 10000 USD)) does only allow to bring in more than 2000 USD in Cash without declaration. Any opinion or experience would be appreciated ... Thanks
  2. Thank you for your help. But from what I read, I can take the train from Thanaleng which should give me about 2 hours before the train in Nong Khai leaves at 19.15, correct?
  3. Well, for reentry I will use a land border as that has been recommended on this site (JackThompson) and as I won't have the guts with my record to go through airport immigration.
  4. Thank you Briggsy. Interesting to know, as long as the IO is hopefully not making any marks in our record ... I am ok with that.
  5. Thank you Ubonjoe, Yes, will show my previous earnings as well if needed. In fact, I am pretty concerned coming back even land border. I know JackThompson always says land border are fine. But with my luggage coming across the bridge after staying a night in Laos maybe, one could question why is this guy not flying straight into BKK. Also will it ok to have 2 METV in my passport in a row?
  6. Ok guys before you start laughing here is my story. I am new here and need your help for my return. I just came back from a 9 month stay (on new European passport) in Thailand on METV earlier this year. Made border runs as advised on this site using land borders (no problems). Before I was in the country around 2016/2017 for 3 months and 2015/2016 for twice 60 days. Well, as my title says the IO was not very happy and scanned my passport twice, shaking his head and looking at me like <deleted> but did not say a word. Is flying out Always safe? Now for my return I plan after a few months out to return on METV (Europe) and do the entry via Nong Khai or Songai Golok (exotic but maybe an advantage)? I plan to transit via BKK to pick up there the 20K baht (will have return ticket etc for land border as well) . Safe to transit in BKK? Any problems at land borders when coming with 2 large bags over the bridge?