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    To anyone who reads this there is already a real world SHTF scenario in Venezuela. Anyone trying to study if Bitcoin is valuable in a bad economic situation just has to look at this real world example. https://www.newsbtc.com/2018/04/20/inflation-at-8900-turns-venezuelans-to-bitcoin-in-record-volumes/ This company I have used their services in the past is now offering an interesting new offshore crypto banking service. https://www.joyful-feet.com/crypto-banking/
  2. Yes, Do you mean 250k Thai Baht? If so and you are a foreigner you won't be able to get a work permit. You will have to invest at least 2 million baht to get a work permit. However the requirement is lower if you have a Thai spouse or business partnership I believe 1 million baht.
  3. Sharing the advice I seem to get often when I complain about Thailand's maddening immigration regulations. "You are a guest in Thailand, they can do want they want and the law is what they say it is and if you don't like it then you can always leave" Such wonderful advice to the rest of the world trying to take advantage of the USA. MAGA Trump! Don't worry about what any of your enemies say, you have the power and real Americans have your back! Put the smack down on anyone who has been gaming us and taking our kindness for weakness.
  4. vinegarbase

    Visa Exemption Extension Question

    Thanks again for the help!
  5. Hello my family and I are on a 2 month tourist visa. I will be leaving that the end of the 2 months for a business trip but my wife and son might stay behind a few more weeks. If my wife goes to immigration to apply for a 30 day extension on the tourist visa are they going to ask for any documents concerning our address? Right now we are just traveling around hotel to hotel.
  6. vinegarbase

    Education Visa and Non O

    Ok, thank you very much. That answers my questions.
  7. vinegarbase

    Education Visa and Non O

    Thanks ubonjoe, yes I am familiar that it is a 90 day visa and you must apply and pay for an extension fee 1900 baht every 90 days on the ED visa. I do have one more question. You said in a former post that immigration will offer the Non O extension after I receive my extension. Does that mean that we must go separate so that I get mine first or will we be able to go together and apply for our extension together at the end of 90 days? Thank you
  8. vinegarbase

    Education Visa and Non O

    I am still confused because you keep mentioning extensions and I am not trying to get an extension I am currently on a tourist visa and considering in the future to apply for an ED visa. Here are my follow up questions, 1. If I get approval to study and the correct paperwork from the school to apply for the ED visa the school said I must go out of country to a Thai consulate to apply, during that time can I also apply together with my wife and son for a Non O visa? Only I am going to be studying Thai, my wife and son are not studying they just want the Non O dependent visa based on my studying and getting the ED visa. 2. So you are saying that if we applied all together at the Thai consulate the only documents my wife and son would need to apply for the Non O is the visa application, marriage certificate, birth certificates and a copy of all our passports? I am assuming that the school would provide me the letter confirming my enrollment and the school's registration and MoE status for my ED visa application? Am I missing anything here? Thanks for taking the time to help me I appreciate it.
  9. vinegarbase

    Education Visa and Non O

    Your answer is a little confusing because you are talking about extension. Here is what happened. I went to a language school and asked about getting an ED visa for learning Thai language. I then asked would the school be able to give me the letter or whatever I needed so I could apply for a Non O for my wife and son at the same time. They said that they had a family come in before and they asked immigration and that immigration said that because they were a private school that they student was not able to sponsor his family for the Non O. So I need to know is this information correct or not? If a private language school is able to sponsor me for an ED visa is there any reason my wife and son should not be able to apply for a non O visa together with me at Laos when I am applying for the ED visa? What paperwork would I need from the school for them to apply for the Non O?
  10. What country are you from? I would suggest skipping Thailand and all their increasingly burdensome immigration regulations and just go to Malaysia. For US citizens you can get 90 day visa exemptions and enjoy wonderful Indian, Malay, and Chinese food everyday. They also speak much better English in Malaysia than in Thailand if that's something that matters. You could also check out the Malaysia My Second Home Visa MM2H it is a 10 year visa. I would check out https://www.joyful-feet.com I have used them for one of their 2nd citizenship programs a couple years ago and know they are offering this.
  11. Not too long ago I received a response from someone saying that with an ED visa you are able to get a Non O for your wife and child. I went to a Thai Language school today in Bangkok and they said that it is not possible for their school to help with the Non O because they are a private school and not a government school. They said they had asked immigration before for another student that came with a family and they were told it was not possible. It seems strange to me. So the school is able to offer me and ED visa if I want but my family is not allowed to apply for a Non O to stay in country? Is this true? It would seem to me that if you are able to get the ED visa you should be able to apply for a Non O for your family unless there is some strange law I have never heard that does make a distinction between public and private school. Anyone familiar with this?
  12. So your dream is waiting in Thai immigration to do a pointless 90 day check in? Sounds like a nightmare. If we are foreigners continue to act as if this is a good thing it will never change. All foreigners in Thailand should continually complain to their home governments and embassy about this. Yes, Thailand can do as they want because it is their country. However, it is my belief that we should petition our government for reciprocation for Thai citizens visiting our home countries. Let them do these constant address registrations and 90 day check ins and see how it feels when they go abroad.
  13. vinegarbase

    Thaksin, Yingluck enjoying their tour of the US

    Be sure to have them report to immigration at every place they stay and if more than 90 days be sure they do their 90 day check in.
  14. I didn't know Trump is Thai. 555
  15. Absolutely not, I would never trust a reseller. You can buy all these online from the manufacturer website and have them shipped directly to you. Other than that companies for example for a coin like Cardano are offering offline printable paper wallets as these are becoming more common if you are worried about hacking.