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  1. This is the absolute pinnacle of stupidity. You have 'Permanent Residency' but still need to jump through all these hoops?
  2. Look into Panama, You can get permanent residency in about 2-3 months for about $8k USD. I did it years ago and am working on my citizenship as we speak. These are the guys to use. https://www.joyful-feet.com
  3. No it hasn't. It has been driven by their dictatorial crazy immigration policies that has made the place a miserable place to live and work. More and more expats are done jumping through their stupid hoops and going where they are treated better and actually appreciated for the skills and benefits they are bringing.
  4. Almost a trillion dollar military budget and the USA can't even protect it's own border. The US congress is corrupt to the core. Eisenhower's warning still rings true today.
  5. As with anything in Thailand the law is what they say it is. You need to ask your local immigration what they want you to do for your situation and visa type. Ask them clearly, I am on --- visa and what do I do if I leave the country and return if I have not moved? what do I do if I just stay in country at a hotel for a weekend and have not moved? Do not listen to someone on TV that says, "I just went to Jomtiem and they told me they I didn't have to..." Just to find out later that they are on a different category visa than you are and that some categories they might want you to do it and some not. Every place is different and every category of visa could be different and depending on whether you are in or out of country could be different. Ask local immigration which of their crazy hoops they want you to jump through.
  6. vinegarbase

    Tea vs. Coffee

    It's much cheaper and better if you just buy fresh quality loose leaf tea from China here. $40 lb. or so depending on the type and grade.