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  1. Let's see this chain of events. So the corrupt media wants us to believe that 35 years later right before this man is suddenly about to get approved for the Supreme Court and allegation is brought forth and there is NOTHING suspicious at all about the timing of the whole thing? How stupid do people have to be to not see this is a hit job. Before she went public she deleted all her social media accounts. Nope, nothing suspicious there. In 2016, she posted that Supreme Court justice Antonin “Scalia-types must be banned from the profession of law”. Her brother, Ralph Blasey, worked for a law firm that paid Fusion GPS. Just move along folks, nothing to see here at all.
  2. So having a higher education and expanded vocabulary is a bad thing? Mohammadan simply means follower of Mohammad which is all they are. People have been indoctrinated to call them Muslims which is actually a term of respect to them because you are calling them people who are 'submitted to God' which they are not. If I have to be the one to bring back the proper term and educate others then so be it.
  3. Actually I don't need a news story to tell me anything. If you have ever lived in communities or know people who live in communities like these then you know the truth that it was Walmart who destroyed them as soon as they came. Walmart comes into these small towns and drives all the small family owned businesses out of business. Then if Walmart goes out of business they are left with nothing. I don't blame some for moving away but as I said it leaves room for locals to restart and rebuild business once the Walmart/ China inc. monopoly leaves.
  4. So the result is that the chokehold monopoly of Walmart and China inc. leaves a great hole in the community which exposes the threat of allowing a huge multinational company and a foreign power complete control over your economy. This is a good thing because it leaves room for entrepreneurship and for local business to create and rebuild. It helps local communities to learn to be resilient again and independent. It is painful short term but in the long term it is a good thing.
  5. Everything is coming to light. They can't hide anymore. The left is such a fringe minority but they have deluded themselves to think they are the majority. They are upset because the majority is waking up, pushing back and they are getting scared. The right is rising again for good and justice so they are doing anything they can to silence it. The more they try to silence and mock they don't realize it just acts like fuel to spread the fire of the movement. Those on the left are in a dangerous position openly partnering with and supporting radical Mohammadans who will enslave and exterminate them as soon as they can. The right is the only thing in the way of that happening and they don't even realize it.
  6. Why is anyone assuming so called 'Trump voters' actually care about what happens to Wal Mart? Please tell me what would happen if Wal Mart closed stores in these areas of 'Trump voters'?
  7. What law does she think she is above?
  8. vinegarbase

    Highway 7 toll price increase?

    I am still not happy about this. I have to do the same a few times a week. I got tired of paying almost 200 baht round trip a day in tolls so I started leaving at 5:30am to Pattaya and don't take the highway to avoid the tolls and traffic. Coming back in the afternoon it's either pay the toll or get stuck in an extra hour or so of traffic. So when I head back late afternoon I just pay the toll. So I at least cut a few hundred baht a week in toll fee's doing this.
  9. Fair enough, it might not have been clear what I meant to suffer at the hands of immigration. The thought of what I wrote was more like getting cracked down on from the law seeing how Thailand immigration is always going out of their way to find ways to fine and trouble foreigners here.
  10. vinegarbase

    Hardest languages to learn

    Thai, I find it hard to quack like a duck when I talk.
  11. Goodness, you know nothing about offshore banking. Most offshore banks won't open an account for you remotely without an introduction from a company they are connected with. Joyful Feet is the company that can introduce you to the Dominican bank. When I was getting my account opened I know they were also offering Belize and Curacao bank accounts as well Dominica.
  12. This is a first. Never heard of real men called cute before. I have heard of the soy boys on the left called cute before though. For everyone that needs the Leftist Dictionary definition of Fascist: Fascist: Anyone who disagrees with Leftist group think. A real man who supports his family, culture, and country. A man who is vehemently opposed to his country being invaded by 3rd world Mohammadan hordes who want to bring everyone subject to brutal shariah law.
  13. vinegarbase

    Car advice please

    Do you mean have your rotors turned? B-Quick and Pro Auto will be comparable for a job like yours. Brakes and oil change isn't hard work. Get a quote from both and see who is cheaper.