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  1. PhilAtUbon

    Thai Tourist Killed In France Terror Attack

    I'm watching live BBC News on TVPlayer (available on all good VPNs). It was the German gentleman who tried to save him that said he was a Thai man. I will retract if it's incorrect, but, as he is stuck in a restaurant with the dead man and the victim's wife, it seems credible.
  2. I just heard that a Thai male tourist in Strasbourg has been killed in the attack on a Christmas market. A German gentleman called Peter Fritz applied CPR and what medical treatment he could for 45 minutes, but was told on his phone by his Emergency Responder supporters, that it was futile to continue. He has been lying dead in a restaurant for some time now while the Security Services “assess the situation”. His wife is there with him.
  3. I think that may have been his best option. Particularly before he gets citizenship in AU, and especially travelling to a country where the powers that be have a pathalogical hatred of "political activists". Ok, freedom of movement - fine. But don't be dumb about it.
  4. Might have been a better idea to get in the car that's following the motorbike
  5. There is no jury. Two or more judges adjudicate. They can kick the can down the road before deciding to come to a "verdict" - it can be a year or so before they make their decision. I predict that Premchai will definitely be found guilty - of not getting a permit to be in the park, dropping litter or something! Then they will take two years to decide a "sentence". Which will be incredibly derisory. But by that time the "election" will be finished and people will be licking their wounds too much to be bothered.
  6. A couple of points on that one. First off, when I was flying, it was ingrained into all Pilots Under Training (PUTS) to do everything you possibly could to avoid startling people or animals. I mostly flew around the west of Berkshire – which was quite rural, and there were loads of wealthy horsey type stables. Pedigree race horses could be startled quite easily, so we would need to familiarise ourselves with the area and fly considerately. Not only that, if they injured themselves in panic when I flew over, I could be sued! But even going over villages and towns, we’d fly at an altitude where people could see us coming, and not be surprised. Everyone seems to stop and look when a balloon comes over! But a Balloon "Festival" with a couple of dozen balloons?? You want to go to Metz in France!! Maybe we could have a balloon forum as the things I could tell you would be quite entertaining!!
  7. I think “Fake News” may be a bit strong. I used to be a hot air balloon pilot. There were several occasions when I had to touch down in somewhat “restricted” areas to meet up with the chase vehicle to exchange empty gas containers for full ones and, occasionally, swap passengers. Loads of times there were people rushing out to see if the balloon had crashed. They were always good-hearted and concerned people wanting to help if there had been an accident. A few times after I had got back in the air, I could see blue lights screaming to the site. A quick radio call to the chase vehicle to tell them to stay put and meet them would assure everyone that all was good.
  8. I'm a tiddly bit confused by the requirements in UJ's list (not saying the list is wrong!!). If the application is for an extension of stay which will last a year, why on earth would they need a TM6 departure card?