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  1. http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-leicestershire-41966741
  2. http://www.ch7.com/schedule.html
  3. Coffee-Cup Warmer??? Where??

    Pattaya Kitchenware next to Foodland may have what you are looking for https://goo.gl/maps/9vTrKzdVKav
  4. Coffee at Big C, Pattaya Klang

    Excellent I agree, I use it regularly but I think you will find the hot latte is 60 Baht
  5. FA cup games

    On channel 30 as well
  6. FA cup games

    Huddersfield v Man City on Astro channels 810 & 831 at 22.00 today if you are able to receive it Blackburn v Man U is on channel 7 tomorrow at 23.15
  7. 6 Nations Rugby 2017

    6 Nations listed to be on True 669 http://truevisionsgroup.truecorp.co.th/tvguide
  8. Makha Bucha day on February 11

    I go the same bar every Saturday & Sunday to watch football etc. I know I can't buy alcohol this Saturday but the lady who runs the bar has told me to bring my own vodka/gin etc & she will provide the tonics/cokes etc Legal or not ??
  9. 6 Nations Rugby 2017

    Available on Astro 814 if available to you http://whatson.astro.com.my/channels/eurosport/38/?cat=sports&lang=international&stb=814
  10. 6 Nations Rugby 2017

    I hope you are wrong to be sceptical
  11. 6 Nations Rugby 2017

    Ironically the women's 6 Nations is listed to be shown on True channel 669
  12. Bein sports appear to have the rights for this tournament, does anyone have any links regarding which channel it is been shown? Thanks for any advice
  13. Baht bus route signs new?

    View from the barstool - Plenty of Baht buses using Soi Buakhao tonight
  14. English Football Leauge

    Championship games live this weekend Brighton v Villa 2.45 Saturday morning Barnsley v Wigan 22.00 Saturday Ipswitch v Forest 00.30 Saturday/Sunday morning Leeds v Newcastle 20.15 Sunday
  15. Man United vs Man City TV channel?

    Channel 30 on True