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  1. Update just in case it helps anyone. I got my passport at 10ish on Monday morning and went to the agent for the Saudi visa. Got the ball rolling on that - it was fine showing them both passports. I went to immigration in Korat on Wednesday and they said that they can't / won't change the stamps over until I extend my non imm O there at the end of May. I'm not totally at ease with this because in my mind im wondering if they'll tell me something different next time I go. That said they are very on the ball there so I shouldn't have any trouble.
  2. That's what I'll have to do I think . I just called the agent, but no answer.
  3. Hi Joe, yeah I've used the wrong terminology. I mean the entry stamp. The problem if they won't transfer the stamp is that perhaps the Saudi embassy won't issue a visa into a blank passport. I guess I'll find out and I'll post back. Thanks for the help I do appreciate it. Edit: It's a single entry so they might not do it til I extend which is the end of May.
  4. Thanks for the replies. Swimman - yeah you're right, I had stamps put into my passport on my way out of the country last time, they wouldn't let me leave til i did. I had to leave the border crossing and go to another office. Thaifish - Unfortunately before I extend in May I need to get a Saudi visa put into my new passport. I don't know if it'll cause a problem if I either don't have a Thai stamp in the passport when I go to the Saudi embassy or a problem at the Thai end if I end up with a visa for Saudi on the first page of the passport without having any Thai stamps.
  5. I have a non - O in my passport valid til the end of May. I'm picking up my new passport on Monday morning. I will be travelling down from Korat to do so and what I'd like to find out is a) whether I can do it in BKK if I'm registered as living in Korat b ) If I can do it at Chaengwattana (SP?) is it easy / quick to do? I've done it once before but that was at Mukdahan and I was in and out in 5 mins. Mukdahan however is not Bangkok. Any help much appreciated.
  6. I called the Saudi embassy and they said that it can be done. Have to use the agency mentioned in this thread. As long as the letter of invitation states the visa is being sent to Bangkok it's very straight forward.
  7. No problem, good luck.
  8. I just renewed my passport, I sent them an email and they replied asking for 3 dates and times I could attend. I replied with dates the same week and got given a time 2 days later. Appreciate that it might not fit in with you, but it won't necessarily be a long wait.
  9. I need to get a work visit visa for Saudi. I'm a UK citizen and am in Thailand on a non O visa. My employer has never arranged a visa for someone living outside of their home country before, so I need to try and figure this out myself. Does anyone know the process for applying for the visa from outside their home country?