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  1. wrestler

    great win

    great win to qld in game 3
  2. wrestler

    chaiyaphum public hospital

    thank you
  3. wrestler

    chaiyaphum public hospital

    if you dont like it dont look at it.
  4. wrestler

    town called hot

    please can any member give me info on the town/city called hot. many thanks
  5. wrestler

    chaiyaphum public hospital

    i was just starting to settle in to my new life when bang i got rushed to chaiyaphum hospital for 11 days.deep vain trombosis and kidney failure. 1st 2days in public ward,then 9 days private room.the public ward 20 men in my section no a/c just fans if cont go to loo by yourself or with family member nurse will put nappy on you crap into that as happen to man in bed next to me[he died 4 hours later] this is 3rd world standard. even private room 2nd world standard, to lower bed turn handle, again need family/friend to help have slash.i could go on. All the nurses/drs very nice to me But if no family to help you and speak Thai how would you cope.I am not complaining as i said Every one very nice but the truth is the truth..
  6. wrestler

    Chaiyaphum - Number 1 Bar - WORLD CUP

    i like rugby real football played by men not wmips
  7. wrestler

    Farang breakfast in chaiyaphum

    not far from tesco. le pain cafe.531/12 nonmoung rd muang chaiyaphum. m/p 0857632959 open 9am-6pm.you will love the food and bun her self. ps sorry for delay
  8. wrestler

    Farang breakfast in chaiyaphum

    not at my house.
  9. wrestler

    Farang breakfast in chaiyaphum

    mate for the best breakie go to buns place le pain cafe 531/12 nonmoung rd muang chaiyaphum m/p 0857632959. have the big breakie. best milk shakes and coffee. open 9am-6pm. buns english very good. i will be there fri 18/5. you will love this place. please tell me what you think