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  1. Notice how far the scooter is from the grass. If he'd got to the inside of his lane, it would never have happened. Didn't he see the truck? Why didn't he move over? Only natural to aim for the apex when rounding a bend. Clearly hadn't a clue how to ride a bike.
  2. So your preferred option doesn't include paying insurance companies that are historically horrible organizations who's entire function is to get you to pay, and then not pay out - or does it?
  3. Nobody else wants the job. Brexit is the kiss of death for the sitting Prime Minister, no matter what the outcome. The moment that Brexit is concluded, it will be "the night of the long knives". There's a long queue just waiting to push the blade in up to the hilt.
  4. Yes, I noted that chunks of the US used to be part of the Empire, I assume that this is the "Falklands 2" that you're referring to. Coming at ya America, we want our tea money back.
  5. Well when I was taught mathematics at school, more than 50% = majority and certainly doesn't equate to "one of the single biggest flops in history". That title has Trumps presidency written all over it.
  6. Well according to your graph, it's popularity has increased since Trump's election and now more than 50% (that's a majority) favour it. What kind of glasses were you wearing when you looked at the graph? Were they rose tinted?
  7. Spidey

    Retirement extension in Jomtien

    What changes? I wasn't aware that any changes have come into force yet. My application was managed exactly the same way as it was last year and by the same person, young gay guy in a fetching pink shirt, not an IO. Only problem was that I used my yellow house book as proof of residence and didn't realise that I needed to photocopy it. Didn't interface with an IO atany time. Used my embassy letter as proof of income. ?
  8. No matter how much you disagree with it the lane that the scooter rider was in is normally construed as the motorcycle lane and is routinely used by them to overtake vehicles. Having said that, it was almost certainly in the truckers blind spot and, as such, the trucker probably wasn't aware of his presence. Just a tragic accident if it weren't for the fact that the scooter rider had ample chance to ride over onto the grass, giving the truck plenty of space. Unfortunately it seems that with young scooter riders in Thailand, the always believe that they have the right of way and are happy to play chicken with a truck, assuming that the truck has seen him and will back off. As the old saying goes: "The world is full of dead people who lived by assumption".
  9. Nope, I acknowledged the Yaba in my post. Yaba (ya ba in Thai - translates as crazy medicine) is a mixture of caffeine and methamphetamine and usually sold in tablet form. Was legal in Thailand until 1970 and was usually sold in gas stations and primarily to truckers driving for long hours. Probably the number one drug in Thailand, usually sold in "straws". 200,000 is the tip of the iceberg, several times that sold every day. I could take a 20 minute walk from my house and find at least 10 people selling straws.
  10. 555 You've got more chance of winning the lottery, they're known as "the Canadian's noisy neighbours" for a reason.
  11. Yes, you would think that this particularly applies to Trump's base. However, he has constantly lauded Russia and Putin since the days of his candidature. Even did the "I love my best friend Kim Jong Il" thing. Doesn't seem to have adversely affected his base. Weird.
  12. No it doesn't. The half hourly time slots are a bit of a red herring, it's seriously slow all of the time.
  13. I bought a house in Pattaya a few months ago. Had to complete in a real hurry. The previous owner had a 30 year usufruct but my lawyer (tosser) told me that they had ceased the practice 12 months earlier. I suspect that he said this to push me down the company route but I refused. Wondering if I can backfit the usufruct?