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  1. And rapidly accelerated to catch the car that had overtaten him. Obviously wanted a go, and then complained when he got it. Guess he didn't fancy the chances of his sword against a gun.
  2. Yep, the Glasgow ice cream wars, made this lot look like a bunch of little girls.
  3. Absolutely true. This will affect anyone who hasn't applied for their embassy letters before December 12th. Expect people having problems from January onwards. BTW it doesn't only apply to those who don't visit TVF. There are a number of posters on here that are still convinced that they will be able to turn up at their IO, next year, armed with an armful of evidence that they do have a monthly income and expect to get their visas extended. There's no telling some people.l
  4. For me an embassy letter confirming my income is a much easier, cheaper and simpler method.
  5. Spidey

    When is Terminal 21 scheduled for opening ?

    No, it's been there a lot longer than that, may have had another name before the Retox group bought it a couple of years ago. Enjoyed a brief resurgence under Retox, due to some slick marketing, but they sold it several months ago to an Indian guy and it has died again.
  6. Not true. When the issue was more current (May) I was due to make a short trip to the UK. I visited Chonburi Immigration and spoke to the head honcho on this topic. His reply was that if the address lodged with IO remained unchanged and you were travelling on a visa based on retirement or marriage, there was no need to complete a TM30. I have since made that trip, didn't complete my TM30 and recently did my 90 day report with no issues.
  7. Spidey

    When is Terminal 21 scheduled for opening ?

    Robin Hood has struggled there for years. Hopefully the new Beerfest Brewery is up to the standard I experienced in Singapore. Great for a long lunch.
  8. Spidey

    What's going on w TV ?

    Global Domination.
  9. Spidey

    What's going on w TV ?

    Which makes it likely that it's coming freom the North. Deflection. Dammed cunning these North Koreans!
  10. Spidey

    What's going on w TV ?

    Which is actually quite worrying as it's only a step away from this site being hacked and all our data stolen. I'm convinced that the North Koreans have hacked the Ladyboy poll that's currently running as the results are simply unbelievable.
  11. Spidey

    What's going on w TV ?

    You need to ask Kim Jong Un that.
  12. A far greater number are here for retirement or use the marriage visa route.
  13. The figure was posted in this thread or a related thread by another poster. In my opinion/experience, the figure of 3000 annually is much more likely to be "utter nonsense".
  14. Most Brits that I personally know are on retirement/ marriage visas. Yes, I'm sure they can. They no doubt have a team of Thai support staff in an office, flying through the applications, which is the real reason that the BE want to cease this facility. Smaller embassy requiring less office space and less support staff. A win win for the BE.