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  1. Spidey

    The death of Walking Street

    Haven't we all!
  2. Spidey

    The death of Walking Street

    Not always (old father time is catching up on me) but a "mouse's ear" is always an issue.
  3. Spidey

    The death of Walking Street

    If you are "well built" it's an advantage to "see her breakfast" first to ensure there aren't going to be any issues later.
  4. Spidey

    The death of Walking Street

    It was always the Beer Garden for me......loud and proud!
  5. Asking for Bitcoin donations? Scammer.
  6. Probably more native Americans living in the US today than there are Druids living in the UK.
  7. In the last 20 years, yes. In the last 40 years no. Between 20 and 40 years ago. Many despicable acts of mass murder committed by both the IRA and Basque terrorists. Omagh bombing, 20 years ago yesterday. 29 innocents dead.
  8. What you must understand is that in traditional Islam a man cannot marry until he is 28. This means no sex with women until that age. Traditionally this results in them having sex with men at a young age. It's not illegal to have anal sex with another man, it is illegal to receive anal sex. This is where their desire for ladyboys comes from, recapturing their misspent youth. Everything you say is correct.
  9. Arabs have a penchant for ladyboys. It was probably they that were doing the hustling. Renowned for reneging on payment after the deed is done.
  10. Absolutely, and we've made them pay for it many times. Have you forgotten Agincourt?
  11. Spidey

    How to differentiate between a girl and lady boy?

    Only if you are in a Thai soap. Most normal Thais say "Kap". Just as most normal Thais say "aloy" not "aroy".
  12. Thai "model" with a huge plastic nose. What was she thinking of?
  13. Sara Saunders has now announced a list of 10 people that Trump is considering pulling the security clearances for. Comprises of people that have criticised him and those having a part in the Muller investigation. Not currently on the list but many suspect Trump is considering, is Muller himself, which would effectively end the investigation. Trump is really, really worried.
  14. It was a dig at "positive discrimination" which was becoming the "in thing" at the time.