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  1. Are you also recording when you bang girls ? (Just in case of being accused of rape)
  2. bslmh

    Non-o visa revoked

    Copies must not be signed by the holder ?
  3. I read the same info on a (French) governmental site but apparently, It concerns only entrances via the airport of Siem Reap
  4. A couple (a man and a woman) of tramps sitting on a park bench, the woman puts her hands into the man's pants and says oh darling you're so strong! man replies no, I'm just sh-ting
  5. Reminds me, early 90's, a friend of mine came to visit me in Bangkok. Took him for some drinks at Thermae. He was interested with a girl. As me and my wife knew everybody there, we arranged for him, Thus he leaves with the girl to a guesthouse. As he had no condoms he did it with the sheets which hurted the girl so much. Then she asked him 500 baht that he refused to pay. So she let him go and he thought he could freely come back to our table, but before he could come inside the room, she was waiting for him with two of her friends (girls, no ladyboys at all) They whacked his head with their high heels. Then he showed up, his head full of blood (like this German guy) and told us what happened. We took him to police hospital as my wife knew someone there. A couple of stitches, no report, no complaint but the next day he flew back to Europe, never came back to Thailand!