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  1. No, because one also has to be tax resident in Thailand which requires to say in aggregate more than 180 days in Thailand in a calendar year. http://www.rd.go.th/publish/6045.0.html Most tourists stay much shorter, therefore are not tax resident. Now you are mixing up ability to determine, the ability of investigation and enforcement with what is legal and what not. How they are doing in some Western countries is to shift the burden of proof. They send a tax bill and will only revise it when proven otherwise.
  2. Will a lady buy it? Certainly no. Will buy on my very own name only. Price range: cheapest. I am just wondering about the price floor. Any offer below 300000 THB (300 K THB) would be interesting. If I could get something for 50000 THB (yes, 50 K only) I would buy. Certainly far below 1 Mio THB. Condo, town house or apartment: That depends on what a farang can legally buy. I think the only safe option are condos?
  3. Should be residential. How to find the cheapest offer? Can be anywhere in Thailand. Can also be very low quality. Any recommendation for area / where to look / any websites?
  4. Please don't over analyze the colors. I messed them up. My friend has no ideas what colors are for whom but my friend is cool about putting me into the house book. Is it a different thing about having a Residence Certificate on an address where I am not actually staying? Bad? How bad?
  5. What are CFC rules? What are controlled foreign companies rules? Refer to https://tax-free.today/blog/cfc-rules/. https://www2.deloitte.com/content/dam/Deloitte/cn/Documents/international-business-support/deloitte-cn-ibs-thailand-tax-invest-en-2017.pdf says Does any one have any other information on that subject? This is not tax advice. I am not expecting tax advice answers either.
  6. What about tourists (let's say 2 months in the country) who trade crypto online (illegal since no work permit) would these theoretically still be taxed or does this only apply to people tax resident in Thailand? https://www.bangkokpost.com/business/finance/1465926/icos-no-go-amid-public-vetting Please interpret. Meaning tax resident in Thailand? To whom? Country of tax residency or to Thailand? How do I trade digital assets abroad? Meaning physically being in Thailand but trading online using exchanges incorporated outside of Thailand? Meaning, if one is tax resident in Thailand (let's say 200 days in Thailand per calendar year) and not doing any trading then being in a different country and trading... Eventual profits would have to be reported? Extend? Law? How? Transactions on bx.in.th or what else?
  7. Where can I learn more about this Immigrant Visa?
  8. Thanks for your answer! The mail is part of it. I like to receive mail there. I fully trust my friend.
  9. My Thai friend would put me on their Yellow Tabien Baan (House Registration Book) and help me to obtain Non-Thai ID. Is it bad If i am rarely in that place and actually living in a nearby different province? If bad, how bad?
  10. In theory long stayers (more than 180 days) would have to pay tax in Thailand. Even if these are digital nomads, traders or whatever working for companies unrelated to Thailand. On the other hand I heard, that if westerners go to the Thai tax authority they are more looking like "what does this stupid farang want here?!?" So has there even been any clever investigation of the Thai tax authority against any of these groups, then caught and prosecuted?
  11. Trying hard to find the source in law of announcement on government website. Where can I find it?
  12. Do you know where to find the original source of this? Tried searching for it. But found only references in forums and non-government websites. Google search site:*.go.th "Attending a business trip" did not find anything.
  13. Are you sure about this? For all those working online for companies with no relation to Thailand, by the letter of the law, are working illegally, as per this thread any many others: Couldn't any discussions about investments be a very slippery line? It's hard to only invest and not discuss the nature of the business. But discussing the nature of the business and giving opinions could be constructed into "business advisory work without a work permit"? Under... "definition of work is "exerting effort" and "employing knowledge", "whether or not for wages or other benefits""? ...it's hard to do anything anyhow. I wonder this has never been discussed here before?
  14. - My Thai friend wants to start a new company. - I trust my friend. Know for many years. Doubt it's worth to scam me for that amount of money. - Some money is missing for the new company. - Previous investment experience outside of Thailand. Business concept looks sound. - For me it's just a small amount of money. - Happy to get a minority share of the company. - Ok with risk of getting scammed. - Ok with risk of having a total loss. Please don't focus this discussion on my risk of losing the money I invest. If anything, please focus on liability beyond it as well as much more importantly: how to avoid doing it on the wrong visa / working without work permit. - I will not be involved in operations. I will not comment on operations or strategy in any way. First, I want to avoid getting into trouble for working without a work permit. Second, I don't have expertise. Third, I have work outside of Thailand. - I just want to be an investor. Chance / risk looks about right. Can we even discuss these things while I am in Thailand on tourist visa or is that already "working without work permit"? So I better leave the country and talk over the phone, then it's legal? Strictly speaking to stay legal, blow off any attempts to discuss any investment with "I am on tourist visa, can't talk", a bit silly but required to be 100% safe? Can I go to their lawyers to sign the papers? Can I go to my lawyer to check with them that I don't have liability (loosing my money/shares is ok but nothing on top of that)? Or already "working without work permit"? Can I go together to the government office to open the company? Or already "working without work permit"? Can I become a shareholder of the new company when I am outside the country? Can I sign all the papers from outside and just make a bank wire? Or do I have to be physically present somewhere to present in Thailand my passport and sign? Do I need the investor visa? But there is no company inviting me yet. Let alone a big company. Investor visa as far as I understand you need an invitation letter of an existing company. What visa one would need to discuss opening new companies and to be available to discuss with lawyers and sign papers? Should he just create the company on its own...? And then write an invitation letter to invite me so I apply for investor visa, get into the country and then contribute money to the company and get shares then?