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  1. Easily got around with the right software.
  2. Yeah great idea - lose your phone - give all and sundry even more information to help them in identity fraud.
  3. You wouldn't know it watching them but quite a lot can drive - the question is, why do they drive the way they do? I also believe that drastic action is needed but more along the lines of firstly making laws (believe it or not they have very few traffic laws), then enforcing those laws and providing extra courts to deal with those that fail to take note of the law. Penalties should be such that they act as a serious deterent. I really don't know what it is with Thai's - maybe the lack of effective (real) policing but they just don't give a damn. My ex was driving long before she passed her test and each time she was checked she just said 'I left my licence at home' - 200 baht fine and on your way!!! I would have been messing myself if I'd had no licence and got pulled over in the UK - they don't give a damn. The laws are either not enforced, replaced by the daily tea money collection or don't exist - is it any wonder the carnage goes on? I don't think foreigners are the only ones that know this - surely Mr Prayut does too?
  4. KhaoYai

    SURVEY: Build the Wall -- Yes or No?

    Whatever your feelings are about illegal immigration to the USA - Trump's wall is a stupid and crazily costly idea. Remember when cars were stolen easily? Modern security has made it very difficult so now thieves break into your house and steal the keys!! If the wall is built, people will simply find another way to get into the USA. Its just Trump's little pet 'want' and he's going to continue his tantrum until he gets it. Like all naughty children - if you give into them, you're making a rod for your own back, he needs to be taught a lesson. Yes it was an election pledge but in the same pledge he said that Mexico was going to pay for it - lunatic!
  5. I had arranged to rent a truck from a mate for my next trip - arriving in Bangkok on Wednesday 16th January. However, that truck has just been written and will be replaced with a car. I've just about finished renovations on my house near Khao Yai and will be moving back into it whilst I'm over - hence I need a truck. Does anyone have of know of a pick up for rent at a reasonable cost? I would prefer a 2 door as the pick up bed is bigger and so would be better for my move but beggars can't be choosers. I've driven in Thailand for 16 years so I'm no novice to the problems that can occur on Thai roads. Your truck will be taken care of. I have a Thai licence. I need the truck from 18th January until 12th February but won't be using it all the time - I prefer my motorbike - but will need it on and off over the month I'm there - so the whole month is required. If a truck was available around Bangkok/Khao Yai that would be great but I'll consider all locations. Few of the major renters have 2 door trucks and although I know of a company in Sathorn, they want what I think is a lot of money for their trucks which are far from new. If anyone can help - please pm me on here leaving your phone number and e-mail address. If you haver LINE - all the better.
  6. KhaoYai

    Govt dept the DLT dept land transport

    I bought a motorbike in Chiang Mai and had to change it into my name and get Nakhon Ratchasima plates. I had no problems and found the staff at Korat DLT very helpful. I was a little amused when I saw the sign saying 'One Stop Service' - I visited various counters and had to return 3 days later to collect my plates but hey, its their country, they can do things however they see fit.
  7. A lot of Thai's living in the UK renew their Thai passports at the Thai Embassy in London - they don't have exit stamps either and have no problem entering Thailand.
  8. KhaoYai

    Five Africans arrested with fake visas

    Visa on arrival?
  9. That is about as far from the truth as its possible to be. The reason the pound fell overnight when the Brexit vote result came in was precisely because investors lost confidence and sold. If investors started investing in the UK again the pound would rise.