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    Fiberglass tub and shower unit

    That’s where I have found several tubs but no wall panels
  2. DustinHeath

    Fiberglass tub and shower unit

    Does anyone know where I can find a fiberglass tub and shower unit. In the USA they are usually 1 piece for new construction because it will not fit through a standard doorway. They are also sold as a 3 piece unit that can fit through existing doorways. I have found fiberglass tubs but I want three fiberglass walls as well. I’m trying to avoid the possibility of leaking upstairs and I don’t like the normal cleaning problems with tile. Thanks
  3. Having a work permit qualifies you to buy a motorcycle, that's why you didn't need a "permission letter". I had to buy my motorcycle, my land, electric service, etc. in a Thai name ? . At least none of it is in my wife's name, I'm single ?