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  1. @onera1961 Cheers! I am in a similar situation (US citizen that will be attending a 4 day medical conference in osaka) & will be arranging travel for tgf to meet me there. Did everything go smoothly with her and a 15 day visa exemption? Appreciate your insights as this would save $$$ and aggravation for wasted airfair/travel expenses if she gets turned back by immigrations... Thanks for your insights!
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    Thai National Going To Japan

    @Orientalist Thanks for your feedback! Quick question: was your tgf travelling to japan alone or in your company? I am travelling to Osaka for a conference in June, and my tgf is planning on meeting me there. She has travelled to Cambodia and Japan (with friends in the past) however in this situation she would be travelling alone. We are concerned about her passing through immigrations from bkk and also into kensai. Any thoughts/suggestions there? Thanks!