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  1. Hello, I have a big treatment, Effexor 75XR, 2 pills day Xanax, up to 4 pills days (0,50mg x 4 ) Lyrica, 2 pills a day Zolpidem, just in case pills. Laroxyl, 75 mg a day I have the prescription from my doctor, from European country Right as I am willing stay stay so many months in SEA. I have alot of stocks of this medicines... What will happened if exemple I bring for 2-3 months drugs and being caught at Suvarnabhumi ? Being jailed ? fined ? or just confiscated some of drugs Theses drugs are quite expensive to get in Thailand and is complicated..I prefer my own stock.
  2. Do the IO, can really see the visa categories, I don't mean the entry/exit data we entered previously at first sight ? and also the overstay ? even if it's a new passport ? like TR, NON-IMM, VEE.. RE-Entry Permit..
  3. from the last experience in January in Vientiane, they don't even ask to see the original BC..
  4. We recently heard that is some kind of alarm notifications used when the foreigner used alot of Visa Exempt Entries. I wanted Someone know how it's calculating this alarm to the IO ? Do getting a "real" visa, make the alarm reset ? I had a previous non-O single entry the last entry to it's good favor for me ? + before some TR visa & VEE, beforebut I will go on Visa Exempt Entry this time
  5. I totally agree with this.. they're spending so much money for the death row and any kind of care for them .. It should be opposite, they're the one who need provide alot of work to pay the victimes.
  6. DavidJow


    Anyone can do a mistakes, he did, so he now he ask what the best issues to resolves it. There's many reason, have problem with bank/credit card, doesn't work & can't leave Thailand at time.. Being sick.. Being into love.. But right if it's voluntary overstay and have way to go out at the right time, yes it's very stupid.
  7. A big leap backwards ; Before this, I thought Thailand really wanted to change its image, and become more civilized and human, although we are still light years away from the Norwegian judicial system on this country, I think Thailand will soon become like the Philippines, with extrajudicial executions or very harsh laws like in Malaysia / Singapore / Indonesia, .. In Singapore, you can go to death penalty, if the key you have, can coincidentally open a lock, that have drugs inside. Death sentences are also mandatory under the Act: "any person who is proved to have had in his possession or custody or under his control — (a) anything containing a controlled drug; (b) the keys of anything containing a controlled drug; (c) the keys of any place or premises or any part thereof in which a controlled drug is found; or (d) a document of title relating to a controlled drug or any other document intended for the delivery of a controlled drug, shall, until the contrary is proved, be presumed to have had that drug in his possession." In Indonesia, you can go to dealth penalty, if you check-in a room of hotel, and that may a drug or dealer forget 15 grammes of drugs under the bed, if some Police knock your door just after that, you can say good bye to the freedom forever !
  8. Hello, I had previously stayed about 7 months from July 2017 to Mars 2018 With Visa Exempt Entry, Tourist Visa, and Non-O visa I am scared to be eventually denied at Suvarnabhumi Bangkok airport, entering with the Visa Exempt Entry. I will come this July 2018 In case if I am denied, what gonna be the next ? they will send me in the deportation-Immigration jail ? or transit area ? or what else can I take flight and go to Cambodia ? Because some report will explain this : if the foreigner was not deported but just denied entry, I am in the right to go anywhere outside Thailand as I am just denied, but in practice it will be the same also ? I don't want take flight going back to my home country .. and now I've no time being get a TR visa.
  9. I can have problem if the mother is going to make a case for kidnapping agains't me. But she will don't do that. But how a thai IO will make problem for a kid using a foreign passport and leaving Thailand ? They never asked if the kid is dual citizen..
  10. No, there's no problem for me .. I have shared parental authority in my country. I never had such problem to leave my home country with her, using her foreign passport. I can even apply alone her foreign passport at the passport office, in our country, or embassies. There's nothing to be sorted in my home country, the law states here that the both non-married parents have both parental authority. So I can leave and enter her in my country as I want. Never had any issues with that
  11. DavidJow

    Thai vs Filipina

    As I experienced both countries, there's things is hard to say, because everyone are different. But the Filipino people are more easily to adapt Western cultures, as their culture, it's not really a culture, it's just a riddance of Malay-Sino-Spanized-USA cultures into tribal country, that now envy almost one thing is to be a OFW, or being a spouse of a foreigner. The one who remain in Philippines, they're just into balikbayan box & remittances from their family who work hard at abroad. The problem with the Filipinas, once they're in USA/Europe/Australia already, the friendly Filipino attitude is almost gone, they just concentrated in their business. Most Filipinos will tell they're very proud to be Filipino, but at the same time, they all wanted to leave the country. PI have much good side also to offers for a single man, but it's also dangerous and troublesomes. It's very easy for a Filipina to charge into a foreigner a case if she's mad at you. What they want almost ? is a marriage.
  12. I exited many times Thailand with my kid I didn't looking to be a runner. If I wanna kidnap the kid, I will not be back to Thailand with my kid often ! I just wanted to use her Thai passport to make less overstay problem.. and fees. But as it's seems more strict, I though is much better I use the foreign passport as I did last time, to avoid about the kid is Thai and IO will make problem and arguments. Her mother doesn't care her own kid at all. She told me you're farang she can go learn in your country much better, I even asked her to grow her kid sometime, but she won't. She don't want process any papers she is so lazy. So now I am just thinking that I am gonna use only her foreign passport, so is much better like this.
  13. I have the sutibat of the kid, and I am the father.. I have a old paper that the mother allow me take the child to abroad.. but this paper is old and not legalized by the Amphur
  14. I readed all stories.. it's seems "scary" ! It's like lottery. I twice or three exited with my Thai/foreign kid from BKK airports never had issued but I was aware that there's maybe a problem.. So I guess, I will use foreign passport and use a Extension of Stay as Thai Citizen to her passport, but it will betray that she's Thai and they will ask also a proof from her mother! if I use the Extension of Stay as Thai Citizen ?