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  1. DavidJow

    ‘Big Joke’ to continue with crackdown

    Why they call him nickname "Big Joke" ? I didn't understand it
  2. I leave out of Thailand, the baby born in Thailand, showing the EU passport. They require to see Thai birth certificate at the ImmPass control of the airport in Thailand, then they stamped the passport of the baby with the date of exit and a sentence under in Thai language "Dek kiet noy Thai" ( Child born in Thai ) That all. They require the birth certificate just on the one first exit
  3. Hello, I would go to Philippines, but I'll transit through Suvarnabhumi Airport. As the e-cig vap is banned in Thailand.. does transiting without exiting customs of the airport can be risky ? ( ZURICH - BKK - MANILA ) Right, on theory we doesn't pass the customs, but if someone is caught with kilos of heroin in the transit point they will caught him surely.. and the e-cig cannot be placed into the check-in bag, so I don't know if it's possible to transit the e-cig to SVB airport without problem.. into the carry-on bag Ah, what's funny, I found before many e-cig on Sukhumvit Rd selling in outside store.. at evening
  4. No, I don't want go back to the Philippines. Thai Immigration Laws doesn't show any limit using Thai TR visa ... Show me the regulations !
  5. There's not cheating.. They doubt we're staying longer for stealing job of Thai people, which is not. They don't even have writter regulations how long we can stay maximum as "tourist" Exemple In Philippines you can be a long-tourist for many years, without being illegal. Thailand the same, is written no where tourist limit stay.. The only regulations is the land border which is limited twice by calendar day! if using VE and deny foreigners who don't have enough cash & suspect them as they're staying longer to work illegally!
  6. As the entry in Thailand is stressful and seem to be nearly a lottery to get into their quota of being refused entry.. and especially for people who came many times even without doing illegal.. and being denied & sent to the cell.. Do entry by the another international airport like Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Phuket, Krabi.. U-Tapao(Pattaya) does help or not ? and have less chance to be denied ?
  7. Putting a thai birth certificate copy as father of Thai child, can be helpful ? How much for the application fee ? Do need it to give at which IO ? when already in the cell ?
  8. What is it ? is possible to use it, to make sure before came to Thailand we don't have any troubles or cases pending in Thailand before coming to Thailand ?
  9. Paradoxal : Often the -return ticket- will be even cheaper than the -one way ticket- flight, especially with airlines like Air France, Thai Airways, & some other airlines... especially to EU countries. So is possible to tell can I get return ticket as it's cheaper than the one way flight, but I'll not use the return coupon ? I guess right they will not give this choice..
  10. Yes, is what I've did on the spot, I complained the people & also ask the supervisor who is caring the holding of the check-in, to see the mistake of their employee giving me back the passport with a fold on the bio page. They was careless and they ask the next customers to check-in I dislike that they made a fold on the bio page especially on the MZR band, it have a trace and when I copy the passport it's look like also weird. Then, I contacted the handling company who make these check-in, they told me to send a email with the copy of passport damaged .. I send email, they don't dare even to answer to me.. then I followed the email to all the supervisor & manager of the company! NO ANSWER. Since 1 month. I think I'll call them every x minutes and harass them, harass & harass as they don't respect me as they're not willing to answer me. Change this passport will cost me 86 euros + ID pic cost & wasting time. The employee recognized that the machine reading the passport is not fine. I gave them my passport in very good situation, and they give me back the passport with this ugly fold and make the corner being more fragile.. and the passport was just done this year also for 10 years validity.
  11. My passport was previously folded by a person working at the check-in desk by passing the passport she made my passport folded on the corner where is the data bio photo page.. but that was during a flight from a European country to France so nothing much to worried.. But, Now, I'm stressed, is this trace of fold, I can be denied entry into Thailand or into an Asian country
  12. Thai custody law is not relevant into this child, as the child is not Thai at all, even the child is born in Thailand The real answer is at the French side, you've shared parental custody even if you're not married to the mother. That's French law. Any father who recognized a child in less 1 year after the birth, the father enjoy shared parental & custody over the kid. About the Cambodia law, I am not really sure. It's a complex situation, because in the eyes of the French law, you've plenty right over the kid. If you're less advantaged at Cambodia law, and you bring the child in Cambodia, the mother can keep the child in the Cambodia soil and avoid you leave the kid out of the country. Thai authorities, would not like to have problems with that, as long you're providing proof you're the father, they will not make any problems.. Any custody problem will be between French & Cambodian authorities side, Thai authorities would not like to bother about theses problem, they will not care at all as the child have absolutely nothing to do with the Thai Citizenship Law.. and are not their citizen
  13. Hello, I have a big treatment, Effexor 75XR, 2 pills day Xanax, up to 4 pills days (0,50mg x 4 ) Lyrica, 2 pills a day Zolpidem, just in case pills. Laroxyl, 75 mg a day I have the prescription from my doctor, from European country Right as I am willing stay stay so many months in SEA. I have alot of stocks of this medicines... What will happened if exemple I bring for 2-3 months drugs and being caught at Suvarnabhumi ? Being jailed ? fined ? or just confiscated some of drugs Theses drugs are quite expensive to get in Thailand and is complicated..I prefer my own stock.
  14. Do the IO, can really see the visa categories, I don't mean the entry/exit data we entered previously at first sight ? and also the overstay ? even if it's a new passport ? like TR, NON-IMM, VEE.. RE-Entry Permit..
  15. from the last experience in January in Vientiane, they don't even ask to see the original BC..