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  1. I'm hoping that sharing my story could help me find a solution. - Background I worked & lived in Thailand for about nine years without any problems, paid my taxes, had a working permit and visa. Last years I decided to move back to my home country Canada, visit Thailand now and then. - The Event I sold 30,000 THB wort of Bitcoins online and accepted the payment by Bank Transfer in Thailand. I kept a complete record of the transaction, and the buyer sent me is id card with a small written contract. - The Claim A Thai man claims his account was used for 19 illegal transactions, 2 of which were with me. - The Police Asked my bank to froze all the money in my account. (More than 30,000THB) Do not speak English and refused to communicate with two different Thai freelancers that I hired to facilitate the communication and translate my evidence. Request me to request an appointment with them to a specific Bangkok police station to give my evidence and version of the story. - The Tourist Police During three weeks of communications by "line messaging app." I was able to get some updates on the case, but their legal power is limited and can't help me because this has to be resolved with "the local police." - Last Update I offered to refund the 30,000 THB, but the police officials insist that I come to their police station in Bangkok to give my deposition and evidence in person. I work and live in Canada, traveling to Thailand to meet a police officer that does not speak English to give them evidence that he already has but refused the review because they were not given to him "in person.". The police decided to issue an arrest warrant for me. - Going to Thailand? I'm afraid that it will cost me thousands of dollars in lawyers, attorneys and translator to prove my innocence. I could be forced to stay in Jail or "flight ban" during the complete police investigation. Any pieces of advice?