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  1. But more on topic, I find it interesting that Sanook doesn't mention the age of this "child"? He says the "child" is his student. Is she a teenager? Are there age of consent issues here?
  2. This is not an arbitrarily applied death sentence. China routinely executes convicted drug dealers and smugglers. China leads the world in capital punishment with approximately 2500 executions per year. People must avoid even the appearance of guilt in China. Trudeau should not try to interfere. People should know that when they travel to China, they are entering a country with zero human rights, especially for foreigners. Not sure how the benefits of going there, even to sell drugs, could ever balance the risk anyone takes who sets foot in that country.
  3. Given Big Joke's recent efforts, the tracking certainly has interesting implications for foreigners. However, this seems more of an effort to ensure that Thai people will actually have a license on their person. I'm sure the most common excuse the police hear is, "I left my license at home". This way they will always have with them, as most are constantly talking/texting while driving anyway, even on a motorbike.
  4. dpspike

    Video: Huge snake on the expressway in Bangkok!

    Kill it? It was probably eaten, and the inedible parts were sold for Chinese traditional medicine.
  5. Wow, I have never seen Thai riders pull blindly into an intersection. How shocking.
  6. Not surprising, since the emphasis now is on Chinese. Of course, I doubt many of them speak it well either.
  7. More likely it escaped from a small private zoo as a result of the storm. I have seen such private zoos all over Thailand.
  8. I have lived in California, and I tend to agree with Trump on this point. Fires happen in these areas in California almost every year. Yet the people there continue to build houses that are in no way fire resistant (e.g., made from wood instead of concrete and metal). Nor are adequate fire breaks maintained around houses or housing developments in these areas, as this would require the home owner or developer to purchase more land required for the firebreak area (State Forestry Service won't do it) and removing the trees for the firebreak would diminish the natural beauty of the land around the houses and make them more visible from the road. Granted, people build their houses on the southern/eastern coast of the US, which make them prone to damage from hurricanes/tropical storms, but you can't do anything to prevent such storms which can cause flooding hundreds of miles inland.
  9. The Thai airlines weigh my carry-on bag routinely in both Don Muaeng and Chiang Mai airports, but I have noticed they often do not weigh those of Thais and Chinese. Glad to see that baggage restrictions are applied fairly at least some of the time. At 14 kg she was way over the limit. She was probably pissed because she knew that it is really expensive to pay for your check baggage at the airport on the day of departure.
  10. dpspike

    Thailand ready to play role in Kim-Trump summit

    That's the ticket! Maybe the junta guys could bring some tasty Thai food and have chics in bikinis serving beer same as the Big C beergarten.
  11. Did they check to see if any of the cops who arrived at the scene were missing their hats??? Just saying. RIP ladyboy person. May Buddha smile upon you.
  12. Australia is turning back tens of thousands of muslim Indonesians every year. Maybe they didn't want to give preferential treatment to a Saudi muslim? Just a thought.
  13. dpspike

    Don't ride your bicycle in Chiang Mai

    I concur. My conclusion from watching the video is that 90% of these accidents could have been avoided if Thais obeyed traffic signals. Not sure about why "bicycle" is used in the title for this thread because no bicycles in the videos, but obviously such accidents would go worse for a bicyclist. However, I must say I have seen people riding bicycles seemingly without consideration for the threat motor vehicles pose in practically every country in which I have been, including the USA. That is not something limited to tourists in Thailand. Of course, I do hate seeing Westerners do this in Thailand because I feel their lack of common sense reflects poorly on the rest of we farangs.