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  1. Dead or alive it is a terrible way to treat a 'family' member. What on earth was she thinking!!!!
  2. There is a strong suggestion that the son who was driving was not only driving without a license but was also drunk (been at a 'party'). Surely.... surely he must go to prison. Surely 50k baht does not buy his way out of this!???
  3. and in a blink of an eye a life is lost... absolutely tragic and wholely caused by one idiot's impatience. I hope they throw the book at him but most likely he will pay his way out of it. Just today I witnessed a car do the same thing and overtake on a very small soi even though it was only 200 metres until it opened up. There was car infront of me that was nearly in a head on crash with him but luckily slammed on his brakes in time. This sh#t makes me so angry as it is so easily avoidable. Poor lady and her family.
  4. Agreed. So many times my missus will say to me " why is that person driving like this or parking there or... etc..." and at first I always tried to find an answer. Now I have given up trying to answer and use the same standard reply to all.... "because he/she wants to" And this is what it comes down to. People here do whatever is the most suitable for them. If it breaks the law or impedes other drivers or risks a serious accident.... it doesn't matter - as long as it benefits them. Completey self centred and selfish attitude that needs to change. Trust me - if the police start doing their jobs properly their attitudes will change quickly!
  5. Yeah this pi##es me off and also doesn't ring true at all especially when she is quoting what the Thai guy supposedly said to her in perfect English. It seems people are jumping on the bandwagon of knocking Thailand at the moment. I wonder what would have happened had she acted in the same way in her native country i.e. got s#itfaced drunk and accepted a ride from a stranger.... oh hang on she wouldn't have behaved like that in her native country... but its okay to do it here!!!! Fool.
  6. I have always believed that much in the same way that Europeans strive for tans (because tans are a deeprooted and indirect symbol of money and wealth) that Thais do not want dark skin at any cost (as they are a symbol of low status / working outdoors/in the fields). It could be a load of sloblocks though I guess!?
  7. This is most definitely not the norm. Get rid now and save yourself a whole load of pain! Sorry to be so blunt.
  8. MY GOD.... THAILAND.... NO.... WAKE UP!!!! Talk about insensitive.
  9. greenmonkey

    Chinese Mob at CM Immigration

    Having visited China many times I can tell you this is completely normal behaviour. I expereinced it within minutes of landing at Guangzhou airport on my very first visit. The queue for the taxi's was pretty large so we joined the end. Luckily it had barriers on both sides to stop people jumping in, however, my partner and I were amazed that the queuing Chinese behind us constsantly kept trying to quielty shuffle past us in the queue. And not just on one occassion but many occassions. Obviously we weren't having it and so blocked the lane to stop them doing this. There is no shame or embarassment on their behalf - it is completely normal to them. I often wondered why they behave like this and I concluded that living in a country with SO many people you simply do not have time to respect other people's time.
  10. Do you know that point never occured to me! I always thought it was the police's way of giving themselves a pat on the back and a little bit of self-promotion. Cheers
  11. I recently took a Grab from Denpesar airport in Bali. The driver gave us directions to where he was waiting which I thought was odd as he could just collect us from the door. Then I realised why as there were laods of taxi drivers waiting and they were quite aggressive towards me when I refused their offers of a taxi and one or two were 'accusing' me of booking a Grab taxi. I got to admit I felt a little intimidated and lied saying that I was being collected by a friend. This is not only happening in Thailand!
  12. This country really does amaze me. All these police, staff, photographers etc involved for a small theft crime. I mean the number of man hours wasted is quite staggering. Can someone explain to me why they feel the need to make these videos and reanactments... what purpose do they serve?
  13. greenmonkey

    Asian Roads 014 Idiot on red light

    btw, i just watched the video again and you keep stating that the bike goes thru a red. But it only changes to red at the very second he is level with it (and we are talking milliseconds here). And whether it was red or wasn't red it doesn't matter - he had right of way and you should have let him through.
  14. greenmonkey

    Asian Roads 014 Idiot on red light

    Holy [email protected]#p OP you still don't get it yet!!! You keep focusing on the technicalities of the incident. It doesn't matter that he ran the red, it doesn't matter that he accepted fault. The point is you clearly saw him do all these things and clearly saw him coming but still decided to make your manouver when infact you should have stopped and let him go!!!! The point is this - If you see something unfolding (whether it is right or wrong) and you have the opportunity to take evasive action then it is your responsibility to do it!!!!!! You chose not to, and that is why people are putting the blame on you.