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  1. The intellectuals among you can now get your daily sustenance.
  2. "The makes of cars was not reported" Being the car nerd that I am, I would say that the Ferrari shaped ones with Ferrari badges, are Ferrari's.
  3. UnkleGoooose

    Cat finds bag of 'cocaine and heroin' and brings it home

    Must belong to one of those fantastic Somali boys from down that way. Well trained.
  4. UnkleGoooose

    Unidentified man floating in Chao Phraya

    It's Bob.
  5. Bit harsh on the monkeys.
  6. UnkleGoooose

    Rapper Mac Miller dies in Los Angeles at age 26

    Describing rap as a credible art form is like describing McDonald's as a credible source of nutrition.
  7. UnkleGoooose

    Bagpiper Required

    Trying to keep attendance low at his wedding.
  8. Some much needed good news for the Germans. Let's hope they are smart enough to understand.
  9. Yes, but how is the ATV?
  10. UnkleGoooose

    Man found electrocuted at Pathum Thani fish pond

    Karma baby. Comedy. Gold.
  11. The base of societies pyramid is so very broad, that I constantly find myself in the minority with the things that I think and say.
  12. That's a shame. Let's hope it's permanent.
  13. I hope the ATV recovers soon.
  14. Well, she's not wrong.
  15. I was scrolling down the headlines in my ThaiVisa email; bad news, bad news, bad news....... And then I go to this story. Good news!!!