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  1. Isn't it nice when people love the monarchs without the lese majeste, internet act and article 44 protection? I guess that's how it goes if you are not the wealthiest family in the world while your nation is barely scraping by.
  2. WonderfulDay

    Really? Snowy?

    Hire a very talented designer - the can looks beautiful Collect soi dogs pee Drop burned sausage in it = you have this "beer" Obviously owned by the oligopoly since it got so much space nationwide in an instant.
  3. WonderfulDay

    Really? Snowy?

    I haven't been to Thailand in some time, and read on this forum about this new beer Snowy White - supposed to be pretty nice.... OMG It taste like cheap burned sausage from a cart outside your condo Are you really so desperate?
  4. She could take care of those very sick submarines... maybe even form a committee to find out why those poor animals never move
  5. WonderfulDay

    Vatican to exhibit Buddhist manuscript from Thailand

    Are they planing some real life readings too?
  6. Option 1. he is qualified for Trainbulance and doesn't know what the circle thingy in front of him is for 2. he desires his 10 minutes of internet hero admiration
  7. They will get slap on wrists for forgetting to give piece of the pie to the greater ones
  8. WonderfulDay

    Box Wine

    I used to buy Malpica Smooth Red for 800 THB / 4l box Chilled + bit of water made it easy to drink. They don't sell it anywhere now.
  9. Hmm, average salary in Thailand approx 14 000THB per month. Dinner for two 5000 THB ... % wise equivalent of $1700 dinner in Australia For the extra special feeling you can also order $200 bottle of wine which would cost you $40 in OZ
  10. WonderfulDay

    General overview of privacy rights in Thailand?

    Generally it is because their merchandise are illegal to sell - fakes, banned goods, etc. Local police gets their beer baht, but Facebook doesn't accept brown envelopes.
  11. I would like to start this thread for general discussion of Ko Samui property market. Are you trying to sell/buy? What is / was your experience? What are the dangers and pitfalls with owning a villa through the number of possible (but risky) schemes? I think it would be helpful to have bit of info together for anyone looking to settle down in KS
  12. WonderfulDay

    General overview of privacy rights in Thailand?

    Basically if you don't do what they require 1. you will get kicked, punched etc... max penalty for them is 500-1000 THB + a wai 2. you will get shamed as the "model" did recently to the farang... of course, the fact that Thais have FB groups up to 100k members where they share videos/pictures of farangs + their personal details is okay ka
  13. WonderfulDay

    Box Wine

    How does it taste? I almost bought it once, then changed mind
  14. WonderfulDay

    Box Wine

    The box says something like "flavored alcoholic beverage" so not even fruit wine.