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  1. Nah, They will be giving us the fingers as they see OUR ( UK ) money disappearing over the hills??
  2. For sure. Starting away back in January 1971
  3. vogie What are you thinking about man / woman ? All these non Brits, who are all over every Brexit thread like a dose of the skitters know the UK, know what is good for the UK better than anyone ?? It remainds me of the clownfish who once told me that he hoped the UK Green Party would be elected into Government ?? Needless to say, he was not a British clownfish ??
  4. ??? No more needs to be said ?
  5. ??? Yes, and what happened ? Let me see ?? Taken to the ECJ and currently squabbling about Article 7 notices. Threats to change the EU budget and stop payments if they do not come to heel and obey the EU. Yes indeed, it is a great club to be in ??
  6. Wrong, right from the get go Single Market, Norway style is not leaving the EU and was never an option. Except for deluded remainers that somehow think it does mean leaving the EU.
  7. Of course, the Russians are the boogie men ? Wait, it might be the Chinese ? https://www.politico.eu/article/johannes-hahn-beware-chinese-trojan-horses-in-the-balkans-eu-warns-enlargement-politico-podcast/ Of course you have a reputable source to back up these claims ?
  8. As you brought up Italy Ex MEP and current Italian Deputy Prime Minister https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/news/italys-hardman-matteo-salvini-eu-swindling-uk-l02rb38fb I think he might know what he is talking about.
  9. Really ? The US is currently flying. More than can be said for France ? Brexit hasn't happened yet, and despite the doom and gloom merchants, how it pans out remains to be seen.
  10. ??? They said the same thing about Brexit and Trump. Look how that worked out ??
  11. Clearly What story telling ? Tory 2015 GE Manifesto pledge - To hold a Referendum on EU Membership. - Tories elected into Government. June 2016 - Promised Referendum held - More voted leave than voted to remain. After various Court cases brought about by remainers Jan 2017 - A parliamentary vote on triggering Article 50 was held - By a margin of 4 - 1 the vote was in favour of triggering Article 50. March 2017 - Article 50 triggered March 2019 - The UK will leave the EU, deal or no deal, as the UK has, as yet, not applied for an extension to the withdrawal period. Perhaps there is a different story circulating on Planet Zog.
  12. Poor wee tebee is no good, Sometimes he is also rather rude. It's all because he is in a bad mood. Cos he is scared that there will be no food. Give up the fear mongering.
  13. That pretty much nails '' Remainers '' As you can see by just reading today's offerings from bristolboy from Bristol, Tennessee.
  14. Isn't it amazing that the '' poor, uneducated leavers '' ?? Can see this from a mile off. And the so called '' Highly educated remainers '' ?? Are oblivious to this. As has been said time and time again, the EU is only interested in negotiating something that keeps the UK tied to Brussels, under the thumb of the ECJ and handing over £ Billions for the pleasure.
  15. This comes back to bite you yet again ?? I will refer both you, and our daily readers, back to the demonisation of a certain David Davis, the previous incumbent, and the man that you all, and you in particular, said sat on his @rse and had no plan ?? Nothing secret about it. It was the very plan that a certain David Davis wanted in the first place. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/politics/2018/07/27/reserve-parachute-secret-brexit-plan-drawn-ministers-case-chequers/?li_source=LI&li_medium=li-recommendation-widget Anyway, the EU have already killed May's Chequers White Bog Roll. Taxi for May. Will she last long enough to attend the Tory Party Conference ??