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  1. Which is exactly what today's chimp's tea party in the House of Commons is all about. Yesterday it was the Customs Bill Today it is the Trade Bill https://www.reuters.com/article/us-britain-eu/after-reprieve-britains-may-faces-brexit-battle-in-parliament-on-trade-idUSKBN1K70UN?il=0
  2. Not sure why people keep posting stuff about The Working Time Directive. You can opt out of the WTD and in many cases an offer of Employment will be subject to you opting out of the WTD and will be stipulated in the Contract of Employment.
  3. And NO Law has been produced Government Policy does not need to become Law either It is a proposed Government policy, and will not become Government Policy until it has been to the House of Lords and then comes back to Parliament. Try reading Faisal's tweet again Only makes it illegal for HMRC to collect tariffs on behalf of the EU if the EU are not willing to do likewise. Which is pretty sensible - Unless you are a remainer and struggle to read English, are totally loved up with the EU and think that the EU should be able to walk all over the UK.
  4. How many people had TV's in 1969 ? Where were people to go to view these '' Public Records '' in 1969 ? I will give you this to read again http://www.harvard-digital.co.uk/euro/pamphlet.htm Staying in the Common Market - Nothing, nada, zilch about morphing into the current EU. And if that information should have been available anywhere, it should have been in the leaflet sent to every household prior to the Referendum.
  5. Like most remainers - Opinion suddenly, without anything to back it up, becomes fact.
  6. tebee, let me remind you of what you said The Government never legislated anything yesterday A Bill ( Customs Bill ) was introduced to Parliament, it was debated and various amendments were introduced, which were accepted by the Government. The Bill and subsequent amendments will now be passed to the House of Lords, where it will be discussed again, more amendments may be added and then it will be passed back to the House of Commons. Only then can it be passed into LAW. Yesterday, the UK Government legislated nothing. Your lack of knowledge on how the UK Parliamentary system works is embarrassing.
  7. And up you pop Now, tell us all exactly what you mean by Your explanation should be side splitting
  8. How about not counting your chickens and wait until the deal is actually finalised before crowing from the rooftops. 5 years in and it is still not a done deal. It still has to go through legal scrutiny. Be approved by the EU Parliament, then sent out for acceptance by the EU States. The other part that sticks out like a sore thumb is the complete absence of the ECJ is dispute resolution. Why is that acceptable with Japan and Canada, but not with the UK ?
  9. Tsk Tsk Then why did the ballot paper state explicitly 2 pertinent words '' Common Market '' The '75 Referendum leaflet http://www.harvard-digital.co.uk/euro/pamphlet.htm#6 The UK electorate were certainly not made aware of the further Monetary and Political integration that was to follow.
  10. Was it really ? Here is the question from the 1975 Referendum ballot paper It had 2 possible answers. Yes or No. Do you see those 2 key words '' Common Market ? '' This is what was voted on in '75. It was not a vote on further Political and Monetary Union under the control of Brussels and the ECJ leading to today's EU.
  11. That small 3rd you refer to is more than the even smaller amount that voted remain. If you have a gripe about the referendum, it is with the some 15 million that could not be @rsed voting. Good. Get on with it. I will laugh my bricks off when we are all back in the exact same situation all over again. Deaf, dumb and blind kids, cannot see reality.
  12. That you refuse to hear, see or accept the hundreds of valid issues that have been voiced constantly then the issue becomes yours to deal with. I think we can discard the opinions of someone who apparently believes that it is right and justifiable for Scotland to break with the UK Union, but somehow finds the idea very wrong that the UK would want to break with the EU Union. Hypocrisy at its finest.
  13. Let us all into your secrets. Who is driving the UK off a cliff edge ( Which is of course, a physical impossibility ) never mind without a parachute. I knew you were taken in by Project Fear, but that really is the icing on the cake.
  14. Given some of your previous comments. That statement is hilarious
  15. Why do you struggle so much with English. '' Not switching to remain '' is hardly changing your mind. Besides, why are you posting twitter feeds from non-entities ? If you are going to post twitter feeds at least make them from someone who is semi - important.