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  1. i did lent a guy who lives in thailand some money, i do have a paper where he confirm that he got the money, he refuse to repay me, can i sue him will the police even care?
  2. kralledr

    Non O visa Border run?!

    thanks ubonjoe
  3. Hello, My embassy is a real pain in the ass to get letter of income, for example i waited 4 months to get my freedom of marriage certificate so i will try to avoid them this time... I wonder how safe is it to make border runs using my non o visa i would like to make it via border and comeback the same day, i do live in hua hin area,what is the best option for me and how safe it it to be approved?
  4. kralledr

    Internet cafe setup

    Hello, I have a question can someone please tell me what is the most played games in thai internet cafes? We plan to open one soon but i can not find any infos on this... Secondly can someone recommend me a setup to run the most played games in such places?
  5. kralledr

    Laos visa fee?

    excellent, agian some money saved thanks @ubonjoe
  6. Hello, I wonder if some country can get a free entry like thailand since i plan to go to savanakhet very soon. I did google, but each website say different so better to ask here !
  7. kralledr

    Thai Driving License in Hua Hin

    Here is my experience in hua-hin to get both licences: I went last friday to pranburi to get my car&motorbike licences she asked me to signup in the queue but i told her that i called and was told i not need to signup (i did lie because it was a 60km drive from hua hin) i do NOT recommend to go to cha am. Anyway i have just 1, 30 days stamp visa and it was no issue at all! I recommend you to read the questions very carefully as some of them are wrong on the online tests, for example the question about the ambulance, you need to tick (pull over and immediately continue to drive) the online test however say pull to left and stop this is wrong! Anyway yesterday i did the 2 practice tests i failed on the car because this ****** did NOT told me i can only change the gear 7 times, i needed 8 times, this girl is really evil she said to me you fail in a tone like she is really happy... But resume of my story you not need a visa in pranburi