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  2. i did lent a guy who lives in thailand some money, i do have a paper where he confirm that he got the money, he refuse to repay me, can i sue him will the police even care?
  3. kralledr

    Non O visa Border run?!

    thanks ubonjoe
  4. Hello, My embassy is a real pain in the ass to get letter of income, for example i waited 4 months to get my freedom of marriage certificate so i will try to avoid them this time... I wonder how safe is it to make border runs using my non o visa i would like to make it via border and comeback the same day, i do live in hua hin area,what is the best option for me and how safe it it to be approved?
  5. kralledr

    Internet cafe setup

    Hello, I have a question can someone please tell me what is the most played games in thai internet cafes? We plan to open one soon but i can not find any infos on this... Secondly can someone recommend me a setup to run the most played games in such places?