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  1. moontang

    The New Thai Landlord-Tenant Code

    They usually give you a nice old AC to go with those rates, too...and never a nice hatari wall fan.
  2. moontang

    Schengen Visa

    Tokio Marine sells the required accident insurance, and you can print the official letter out online. You nationality will determine where and if you can buy it..
  3. the only crime there is what white people are willing to work for.
  4. moontang

    Large shoe sizes, where?

    Maybe some sandals at a night market...that's the only thing I have seen in my size 47. I use Amazon in the US, and get good pairs for 1000 THB ..so even if it was double or triple by Customs, it would still be a lot less than the new balance store, here.
  5. and you all live in Thailand, because they aren't "nationalists,"like the Americans? Or is it the free speech?
  6. Unemployment is over 9% in France....mirror anyone?
  7. Macron should have consulted a dictionary, before making a fool of himself on a solemn occasion.
  8. moontang

    Need some assistance on getting around Pattaya..

    I recall Sofitel Hus Hin charging 1500...outrageous.
  9. moontang

    Need some assistance on getting around Pattaya..

    Are guest friendly hotels fairly common in Jomtien or more of an exception?
  10. teachers with no experience or solid background come to mind.
  11. I heard something about them having to live in the US for ten years..otherwise you would have old guys taking a girl back for a quick wedding, and permanently moving back to Thailand....
  12. Why would Thailand want to become a magnet for foreigners with medical conditions?
  13. Phayao by the lake is just right....enough hotels and businesses to provide ample competition and affordable prices, without the Chinese or trashpackers. Some outstanding and cheap Thai food..especially, if you like Northern Thai cuisine...and even a couple of nightclubs open very late..you can BYOB and pay 50 baht at the door...somewhat nicer than Chiang Rai...you couldn't pay me to go to Pai.
  14. agreed, the truck driver is a victim, who now has a fatal accident on his driving record, even though he was zero percent responsible.