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  1. Florida has more criminals than Thailand...quite an accomplishment. A friend set up a company and built 13 houses in HH..he took a few lumps, but never had trouble with WP. 14 years...
  2. you can make arguments for renting, but the rent cheerleaders were saying the same thing in Vegas, when prices dropped 75%+....it was easy money. Kind of like those, who get a liar letter every year at the Embassy....they will always say it is the best move, even though it is illegal...besides, they didn't or won t do it at 40 or 50 TH B to the Dollar, either. And of course, talking about that day merely two years ago when the GBP dropped 20% in a day seems to be more taboo than them admitting their date turned out to be a dude.
  3. go to DDproperty or bahtsold...search condos under one million...plain as day...most will be in Patts, some are relatively new. Many condos have a bulletin board listing...as much as the front office would like to have their noses in it, they would be spending a lot of time on that, and not doing their jobs. Smaller complexes can have a tighter reign on sales listings. 16 times annual rent is average sales price for Thailand...some high value areas like Sathorn might be closer to 33. Some moobaans in less desirable locations might be as low as 8. Condos will have a narrower range. Just closed my tenth purchase...sellers have included everyone from Deutche Bank to HUD to the deceased....Renting sucks, but yes it can be the best option.
  4. moontang

    Fire Extinguisher?

    IMO, candles are a big hazard, frying with gas canisters (,mostly restricted, often ignored), and electrical fires from Thai wiring and overloads. It is wise to turn the breaker main off if leaving for more than a few days. Stuff in the freezer is at risk of power outage, anyways so best to empty fridge, when leaving town. Otherwise, few fires here considering....I got a nice first aid cabinet at Lazada for about 400. Makes a decent medicine cabinet, and the first time you slice the dicken s out of a finger , and have fifty baht worth of peroxide and bandages, it will have paid for itself.
  5. moontang

    Scaring pigeons away from the balcony

    I gotta have my netting....but those glue traps for rats will teach them a lesson.
  6. most are paid for with cash, and that is certainly a stabilizing factor. It wasn't until the banks had lots of REO , that prices really fell in the US. I have checked the bank sites here a hundred times, and it is mostly some toxic properties from 1998, and in some cases, they are trying to sell hundreds of units in a mostly abandoned building. Even those eventually get swallowed up. But, like the above example, show me one bank owned property here, that represents good value. You could do better in the condo lobby.
  7. moontang

    Thong Lo at night - what a freak show!

    Apparently, the prices at the transvestite circus have been rising.
  8. There is a group of pirates out there, who think they can do easy flips, like one they see you are American or farang, they think you will cut it loose, because you are going home....like that is much more important than the view or the newish inverter. Even if they make a ridiculously low offer, ask for POF or a bank letter of credit...most are all talk.
  9. moontang

    Thong Lo at night - what a freak show!

    yeah, "even" at that price, I have expdctations. That is about what they go for in my home town, except per capita GDP is fifteen times higher than LOS. Wouldn't have been good at any price, really.
  10. I did the same thing. Got tired of lowballers who hadn't even looked, and bold faced liars telling me there were others in the building with lower price, but couldn't show me one. And then I raised the price. Grandma, daughter, and grandson were there the next day with a cash deposit...they had been stalking me for a while. And people that call you, expecting you to drop everything and come show............make them wait at least an hour...don't accommodate people on whirlwind tours of buildings not really ready. oh, and the lowballers..ask for proof of funds, and you will quickly see they are very low on funds and possibly looking to be a middleman on a deal.
  11. moontang

    Thong Lo at night - what a freak show!

    and you gotta run the gauntlet with the very harsh BiB around there. Price rarely determines the level of fun, except a high price takes out some of it. Even a place charging 110 for a small Leo....no good music, not real clean, beer not real cold, faces in phones...would have been able to have a more intelligent conversation with a cab driver from Isaan. Yeah, I got the 110 THB, but just came from mom and pop where beers were 57 for large, and out of the cooler, and we were having a roaring good time.
  12. the big declines in the biggest transvestite circus on earth came after they took over. I have been trading stocks for 25 years, online...started with StreetSmart for DOS and a 9600 bps modem...the thought of even working for one of the legitimate brokerage firms makes me want to vomit. A boiler room? I would rather recite bible versus into a megaphone in front of NEP.
  13. might have been worth disclosing that the majority of first generation Mexican American kids do not live with both parents, and that is close to 90% in some parts of Arizona and New Mexico, but then again, that would take away from all the sensationalism of breaking up functional families. If there was half the outrage over fifteen year old Mexicans giving birth at taxpayer expense, every day in America, as there is over sixty year old men having Thai girlfriends half their age, the world would be a better place.
  14. names must be identical. Thais don't use initials,so best not to use them on home accounts.
  15. and many understate sales price to minimize pain at land office...but within some of these large complexes, it is fairly easy to get comps. And if you see what they are renting for, you can get a better idea of value. I wouldn't rent to a Thai, but they will buy. Pattaya might be the biggest buyers market in the country, with many taking losses...you can't base price on what you paid or the exchange rate. Exchange rates can make it better to sell or buy at times, but price is still relative to other recent sales.