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  1. The Chinese don't trust their own food supply, and will sell their souls for a piece of American culture. We Americans hold or noses and buy Chinese goods, but 99.999% couldn't care less about Chinese culture. I wouldn't go to Nimman to throw up, but am thankful that it is a magnet for digital nomads and the farang gay community. Wine, micro beer, and cigars are more expensive than most prison black markets.
  2. moontang

    Plastic Screw Plugs: Where to buy

    I would consider just getting a bag of fine powder cement (like used on toilets), and fill the holes...15 THB....hardware shop on Suthep sells the bags.
  3. Online is so much more cost effective. Kind of like using Android instead of Windows...one is an expensive fat client that leverages you into more expenses. It requires cooling and space. The other is simply free.
  4. Kalorama took my meds cert from the travel medical clinic at 17th and K St., He used his physician stamp, and guaranteed it..55 USD.
  5. Powerbuy sells online for less.
  6. I had to give a copy of Chinote and contract at my extension...I am the owner.... Nonthaburi.
  7. make an example of them....there needs to be a deterrent. DNA testing g is brilliant, and will equate to an easy conviction.