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  1. moontang

    Outragous Fee to change name at PEA.

    laughable..how much does the average Kwh cost in the UK...I'll bet it is quite a bit more than the 4 THB we pay in LOS.
  2. moontang

    Outragous Fee to change name at PEA.

    be glad it isn't only 300 THB, as that would mean you only have 15 amp service. It is a deposit, not a fee. Monthly fee at my US address is 850 THB....before using one unit..I'll take PEA or MEA any day....the English speaking lady in CM was a pleasure to deal with...(and a good looker, too).
  3. moontang

    Grab prices! No thanks !

    I noticed an orange taxi displaying a Grab logo the other night. So they reinvented the wheel. I took a meter 32 Km to Swampy the other night in a downpour/flash flood....347 THB. Zero issues with the cab...Stillkind of wished I had been on the ARL, after the road flooding issues, though.
  4. I bought a hydrometer/thermometer at banggood for about five bucks. It is more humid than I thought. I agree with Crossy on temp settings, and try to turn it off for about 8-12 hours per day. But it does start drying quite a bit more at even 25... I just checked my gauge...hasnt been below 43% humidity in the BKK studio in at least 6 weeks. Don't rule out the pollen.
  5. moontang

    Aircon Advice

    I quoted the company that brought refrigeration to Thailand almost 90 years ago. There is a lot more to reliability than it turning on. Reminds me of the Iranian guy, who put his van on cruise control and went to the back to get a beer. I am using a 15 year old Fujitsu. 18,000 BTUs, just like the other 599 condos. Double studios use 2 x 18,000. It wasn't done as a consumer ripoff. 96% is pretty good at most things....except plumbing, electrical, and HVAC. Most choose not to have to sleep at hotels during heatwaves.
  6. moontang

    Aircon Advice

    great link...but did by chance you notice they are in northern New Jersey.? And is your 65 sm all in one room? You do realize that cooling is different in Bangkok, don't you?
  7. moontang

    Parmesan Cheese? I don't think so.

    they sell that in the Dollar stores in the States for..one dollar....maybe better to just pay the 200% tax at Foodland.... That <deleted> is still better than what Pizza Slut gives you...packets of Ketchup.
  8. moontang

    Aircon Advice

    and who told you a 21000 BTU would be correct for a 65 sm condo? That is going to require two units 98% of the time. That would be the correct tonnage for a system with ducts..not a ductless. Is there any brand that works properly if the lines leak? 3M? You tried taking a shortcut, and got burned. Did you ever bother looking up at the thousands of condo buildings that have two units per condo? Did you ever consider going to Samsung in person? Welcome to the TV Hardway Club...it is most obviously based in CM. https://www.carrierthailand.com/en/services/btu-calculator/
  9. moontang

    Aircon Advice

    and the three inch rubber mounts are because it doesn't make a fairly loud noise at start-up...
  10. moontang

    Aircon Advice

    if you can't hear the loud noises at start up,,especially in AC, get your hearing checked..or don't go to bed so drunk. In my last place, a very modern LG was noisy enough to wake me up in a studio, and I could even here the upstairs unit kick on. Your comments about the inverter as are uneducated, uniformed, and plain silly. Those energy ratings and estimated energy costs are pretty accurate, unless you are using them not as intended..like running 9000 hth in an uninsulated room that is too big. Reminds me of the guy who proved a 80286 was faster than 80386...
  11. moontang

    Is it possible to be ripped off in a 711

    no tattoos on the 711 girls...definitely the kind of girl you would introduce to your mom....Those Circle K butches are hideous in the US...gross teeth, tatts, nasty..
  12. moontang

    Aircon Advice

    much more consistent temps, and no bang at start-up...same with the A-C.
  13. moontang

    Is it possible to be ripped off in a 711

    I think just on stamps, they could increase their pay quite a bit. Just a few minutes ago, the guy didn't give me my 10 stamps, even though I used them to help pay. Of course, I could have just gone to MiniBig C and paid less without stamps. Some very attractive girls working at some of the 711..a bit young, but very pretty.
  14. moontang

    Aircon Advice

    the refrigerators are mostly going inverter, too. 40% less energy, and food stays fresher. Look at SEER on the AC, too.
  15. moontang

    I noticed The Stickman's column is back

    and years ago is was a a good place to drink,even if you had no desire to find a date. 200 THB AYCD Chang for 4 hours...Cathouse...there were teacher cliques in their every day after school. Imagine what that would do to an English teacher's pay these days.