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  1. Just some common sense. There are wealthy Africans, but they can afford to vacation in "posh" places. Those are not the ones sitting on sidewalks along Sukhumvit, selling their "wares". - Could it be, that their e-mail scams don't work anymore and the EU increasingly refusing to accommodate "economic-refugees", thus them entering countries with "Easy Tourist-Visas" regulations to continue their "career" on location? Nobody in his right mind would consider a person loitering around and selling their "wares" as a genuine Tourist along Sukhumvit. To crack down on those "artists" has nothing to do with racism whatsoever. Surely, if Farangs would be hanging around Sukhumvit, selling their "wares" on the sidewalks, the BKK cops would apply the same procedures. GOOD GUYS IN, BAD GUYS OUT, regardless of race. = Common sense, no rocket science. Of course, some bleeding-heart liberals on TVF have no use for "common-sense". They still claim that Charles Manson was "a victim of society". So the non-caucasion criminals on Sukhumvit are "victims of African society". Cheers.
  2. Is TVF exceptionally slow today?

    A daily event for over a week. Same time every day. Error 500 means that Thai Visa has to pay 500Bht every day in a brown envelope to maintain their license.
  3. Perpetual flooding in Pattaya

    An amateurs question in connection with the very frequent floodings of Pattaya. Assuming that not ALL the floodwater finds it's way to the ocean. Some of the water (with nowhere to go), will form some undergroud "soft pockets" under the foundation of houses? Some houses starting to "lean-over", partially collapsing later on? Some "construction guys" may be able to shed some light on this. The reason I am asking is that I have received an offer to purchase the "Royal Garden Plaza" by a realtor based in Lagos, Nigeria for the price of $ 16.25 Cheers.
  4. I tried livng very cheap for 1 month

    I tried living very expensive for a month. After 10 days, 10 hours and 10 minutes the month was over already. 555 Taking a radically opposite approach and wondering if that would work: - Enter any 7/11, wearing a 3 piece-suit, equipped with a fake 7/11 ID card, identifying me as a "Quality & Efficiency Inspector". Entiteling me to free lodging (storage room of the store) plus free access to the food and the booze of the store. Next to Quality and Efficiency control, I would also aim to improve Customer-Relations to the benefit of 7/11 (focusing on female customers mainly). If that's not a "low cost Holiday concept", then I don't know what is. PS: I was told, that in order to come up with such ideas, one must have walked without wearing a hat in the tropics for too long. While living in Europe, it's likely to be a lack of vitamin D. At the moment, concerning myself, it must be a lack of vitamin D.
  5. Where to find in Chiang Mai...(food)?

    Huh! Always wanting to help out a girl, me being a "gentleman of the old school". But with going by " nomanymore" is not a good idea. It resembles to much "no-man-anymore". By changing your "handle" to "moremanthanever" (more-man-than-ever), I can assure you, that every "chef", capable to differentiate a Potato from a Cucumber will gladly assist you. Potato-wise. Most will also do the dishes for you afterwards. Please tick: - I am a woman with a sense of humor. - No, I am a women with no sense of humor. Cheers.
  6. Entire body hurting.

    Have talked to 2 medical Phone "Hotlines". today. 1 says Coenzyme Q 10 is the way to go. The other claimed that Coenzime has no proven beneficial "track-record". Never-Mind. Only extensive tests at Hospital can (may) shed some light on it. Cheers.
  7. What you are advocating is the "vendetta" Legal-System. Still practiced in places like Albania. Applying "an eye for an eye" is not recommended for Farangs living in Thailand. A Farang does not get away with a Wai and paying a 50K Baht fine for committing a major crime against a Thai-National. After having administered "personal-justice" you are not likely to "feel a hell of a lot better" for long. The good feeling will evaporate quickly, once you take residence in a Thai-Prison (a 25 year commitement, easily). - Something like this, can easily screw-up a Farangs "retirement-plans". To raise kids IN THAILAND, recommending "an eye for an eye" to resolve disputes almost guarantees thet the kids will eventually end up in "trouble". Especially in Thailand. - The time when Wyatt Earp and Doc Holiday resolved their dispute with the Younger brothers at the OK Corrall are long gone. Folks, missing those "good old days" should be taking residence in a major city in the US (the bad side of town, preferrably in some Housing Project). Or Albania. In both places, where the "eye for an eye" legal system is alive and well. No, I am not a "bleeding heart" liberal, but I live in the year 2017. Cheers.
  8. Bomb-sniffing dog fired from CIA for refusing to sniff bombs

    Unlike humans, dogs are getting smarter. Once "Lulu" discovered that her ultimate Boss is Donald, she simply quit her job. Chasing rabbits and squirrels is only a temporary solution. Once she hears about the opportunities in connection with "Soi-Dogs" in Pattaya, she will apply for a Retirement-Visa in Thailand. Her Blog will still read: "I came here for the Temples" and everybody will believe it. Cheers.
  9. Entire body hurting.

    Thanks for all the replies folks, much appreciated. One thing is obvious: There can be a zillion of reasons causing those symptoms. - Have appointment at clinic per Nov. 1st. Several tests are scheduled. A final diagnosis like: "You are getting old my good man, what do you expect" will not suffice. Will keep you posted. Thx & cheers.
  10. Entire body hurting.

    I take the following medications: - Amlodipin (high blood pressure) - Omeprazol (stomach) - Spiriva (bronchospasmolytikum, for inhalation) - SimvaSTATIN (high cholesterol) = Ouups! STATIN was mentioned several times here as a possible "culprit". My age: 65. Cheers.
  11. Entire body hurting.

    Not likely. I eat a balanced diet, rather heavy on meat. Plus I take vitamin and mineral supplements in tablet form daily. Therefore, I can't see it as a nutritonal problem. - Can supply another clue: The first hour after awakening is the worst time of the day for me. As the day progresses, I gradually feel better. Come bedtime, I am almost "comfortable", but knowing that the same pattern will repeat by the next day. As suggested by posters here, I will present this problem to my "medics". If they qualify me as a hypochondriac, so be it. Secretly hoping that "Sheryl" will comment on this. As a "pre-second opinion" so to speak. Not expecting a firm "long distance diagnosis", but possibly giving a clue as to where the "root of the problem" may originate from. Thx & cheers.
  12. Thanks for "outing" yourself as a Playboy. An honest man. Most come here for the Temples. I can see your plight: A Playboy with not enough money to "play" ? That is a problem! Cheers.
  13. Entire body hurting.

    Mostly muscular. Can't be dengue, have no fever. Had it for months, but getting worse.
  14. Entire body hurting.

    This is getting scary. Most of the time my entire body is hurting, every muscle, every bone. Every kind of movement causes discomfort. Never heard of anything like that. I am afraid to mention this to the Medics, fearing they will classify me as a hypochondriac, or them sending me off to the nearest psychiatrist. This sounds like a joke, but to me, the problem is VERY REAL. Anyone? Thx & cheers.
  15. Sidegra side effects

    Thx! Was mis-informed by my GP. He is 68 years old and not really "up to date", I suspect. Cheers.