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  1. Ouups, bad news. Have you asked your wife to whom she has given rides in her car lately? Maybe a passenger that does not like your wife? If "suspects" can be isolated, perhaps the cops may want to raid the "suspects" homes/cars. They may hit "pay-dirt", taking (some) pressure off your wife. Cheers.
  2. Renew health insurance or not?

    A re-occuring topic. But at some point, some simple mathematics must sooner or later find entry and consideration as far as this ever returning Topic is concerned. Let's face the facts. - A legitimate European/US based health insurance (in business for 100 years or more, often-times), is very much desirable. With relatively little "Fine-Print" and embedded in a legal framework. But it comes at a price, it's not cheap. Especially, if a Farang (living in a low-cost environment in Thailand) realises that the annual premiums can easily amount to 1/3 of the disposable income. On the oher hand: - A Thai-Based health insurance may be far less expensive. But a "coverage of a "few hundred-thousand Bht", will not go far, if a serious health problem arises. On top: I have presented my (former) Thai-Health-Insurance Policy including fine print to my brother, him selling Life/Health Policies for most of his adult life in Europe. His comment (having read the fine print) and in a nutshell: "With this specific fine print, no insurance company wold be licensed to sell their product anywhere in Europe." So, unless a Farang is calling a couple of millions his own (in hard currency, please), or can afford the premiums of a EU/US Insurer, the majority of Farangs are sitting between a rock and a hard place, as far as this is concerned. Hoping for a sudden and inexpensive death. A harsh comment some will find, but unless Farang Residents can not subscribe to some "Expat-Health-Scheme", backed by "Home-Country Health Services", at a 10th of the cost that it would cost in their home-country, a good number of resident Farangs will stay lodged between a rock and a hard place. Cheers.
  3. Au Pair

    In countries where "au-pair" is practised and legally regulated, there are plenty of "Au-Pair-Agencies". This is where you should be searching. Search by country and , google " Au Pair". Easy. Cheers.
  4. Missing member

    Not the only one "missing". Some members may be getting "up in their years", with eventual inevitable consequences. In such a case, usually Thai Families can not (or don't find it necessary) to inform TVF, if something adverse has happened to the member. Others just may have left Thailand, not wanting to make a big noise about it. Others may have found another Forum, or last but not least: They are like Politicians, they come and go. Cheers.
  5. In my former life I bought an expensive crystal-ball from an old Romanian Gypsie-Woman, supposed to predict the future price-swings of Chopped-Liver with 100% accuracy. It diden't work! In this life I bought an expensive computer-program from a young computer nerd, supposed to predict the future price-swings of Stock-Markets with 100% accuracy. It diden't work! Recently, I was tempted to buy an expensive little booklet from an old Thai-Lady (a Mama-San), supposed to give infallible clues as to: "How to spot/separate Thai Gold-Diggers versus fine Thai-Housemakers". 100% accuracy assured. Now I am torn, I don't know what to do. I think I will grab a case of Beer-Chang and head on over to the Monks, asking for advice. I was told, that their advice is always 100% accurate. Must be, because ALL the lottery-winners in Thailand have been visiting the Monks before -------------------------------------------------. On a more serious note: There were times when I asked myself, what would I be doing (buying) if I had Millions or Billions. I always came to the same conclusion: I would be buying frivolous things that I don't need nor really want. I always found, that the amount of money I need to lead a life in relative comfort will suffice. But then, I have not yet joined the most numerous and powerful religious congregation called "The Accumulators". Accumulating money for the sake of accumulation. Cheers.
  6. Once they stop calling you "sexy-men" or "hansum-man" and start rubbing your belly instead, you know you are fat. Don't be shy, this calls for an immediate and fierce "Counter-Attack": "Ten years ago, I see no fat Thai-Lady", now even you are fat". Since this is probably true, by stating this, it will give you "Negotiating-Power". Perhaps helpful to read a book titled "The Art of a Deal" by a certain Donald J. Trump. Cheers.
  7. I too have my favorite theories. But at the end of the day, it's all about reading Tea-Leaves or gazing into Crystal-Balls. There are only 2 things that are indisputable: - Nobody knows the future. - The 4th world war will be faught with wooden clubs and bows and arrows by the few warriors left. Cheers.
  8. Steve Keen and Peter Schiff and a handful of others have predicted the crisis. The rest of the 10'000 "financial-advisors" have not. Cheers. See post below.
  9. Have been suffering from a mild form of RLS for the last 40 years (not keeping me from eventually falling asleep). Still, I would like to know what causes it. A mild form of RLS can not possibly be life-threathening, I am living proof of it I am hopeful that Sheryl soon will step in, lifting the fog as far as this is concerned. Over the last 40 years, I have always found a "Quantum of Solace" in the fact, that it could be much worse, if I would be suffering from RPS (Restless Penis Syndrome). Cheers.
  10. Acrimonious Divorce

    .....As a starting point: Assets aquired during marriage are split equally 50/50. This applies to Thai-couples as well as Farang/Thai couples. Not really rocket-science. If your Thai-Lawyer(s) are not familiar with this, you have definitely ended up with the "wrong"-lawyer(s). - Be prepaired to lose 50% of your "investments", but no need to walk away with a 100% loss. "I know I am stupid but I could not believe she would turn out how she has." You were not "stupid" just "trusting", like many others before you. It is not unheard of, that ladies marry Farangs with long term financial goals in mind. Once those financial goals are reached, they may decide that this is a good time to "cash-in" and "bail-out" (mission accomplished!) Depending on the "financial-goals", the "bail-out-point" may be reached after 2 years, 5 years or 15 years of marriage. OP's wife may have decided, that the time to bail-out has arrived. Again, "mission accomplished". Good luck & cheers.
  11. Thai Women & Intimacy!

    The OP's comments has merit. Like it or not! Mostly, Rural-Thai Females are not familiar with the concept of "cuddeling" and "foreplay". "Why? What good is this for? Them, asking in astonishement. No wonder, Thai males prefer a macho "wham-bang-thank-you mam" approach. So, a Thai-Female, born and raised in the sticks, familiar with "cuddeling" may have been introduced to this custom before. The chances, of having been introduced to this custom by a Thai-Male before are slim. Cheers.
  12. Hilarious! Far better than flyers. Cheers.
  13. When I first came to Thailand I was perfectly "normal". But after hearing for the 10'000'st time "hello sexy man" and "you very hansome man", I believe that I am starting to develop certain narcisstic tendecies. Example: In the meantime, I believe that I am better looking than Tom Cruise and smarter than Donald Trump. Is this something to worry about? Cheers.
  14. In case someone is interested as far as an attractive Price/Reward Ratio is concerned: Soi 13/2 (soi Post Office) and Soi 13/1 (Soi Yamato). Cheers.