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  1. As I gather, pre-existing kids/family can become a major problem. To eliminate the kids/family risk factor and therefore increasing the "success-rate" of a Farang/Thai marriage DRAMATICALLY, I suggest the following: - Sneaking around Female Buddhist Temples as part of a clandestine operation, trying to pick a "monkess" that was raised in an orphanage before. Having isolated one: Kidnap her! I could imagine, that this could even be considered as an illegal act in Thailand. (not sure). If yes, would the punishment/fine be more or less severe than a Farang dropping a cigarette butt on a Thai beach? Cheers. PS: In a country where a 22 year old Female without child is being considered as "strange" in rural Thailand (what's wrong with her?), obviously it's hard to find a Lady without "baggage". Unless we can come up with creative alternatives as mentioned above, we will have to take what's around. Take it or leave it, I guess.
  2. Absolutely correct. No Thai would pay Sin-Sod for a "used article" unless she is truly Hi-So. Farangs having payed Sin Sod (unreturned after marriage), have been taken for a ride right at the beginning. Ignorance is bliss, but not for Farangs in Thailand. Cheers.
  3. Hardly. But living together under the same roof for 5 years (without interruption), is legally being considered as a "married couple". Goes for Farangs as well as Thai's. May have changed in the Big City but not likely in rural Thailand. May also differ from Amphoe to Amphoe. Hard to live in a country, where there is no "legal-certainty". Isn't it? Cheers.
  4. As the OP, I think a little "follow-up" is in order. After I managed to eliminate her "sulking", we had some good years together. Then came menopause. It started with sceaming tantrums at me and culminated with her attacking me physically. I coulden't follow the advice: "Do as Thai men do, hit her across the face, that will straighten her out". I could never bring myself to hit her back. Psychiatric examinations came up with "bi-polar personality syndrome". There came the day, when I had a hard time to explain to my friends my black eye. It was then, when I decided "enough is enough". 6 months later we were divorced after 13 years of marriage. Nightmare over and never again. One might say "why not pull the plug earlier"? Not that easy to do as there were always lenghty "fairweather" periods in between. Her being a polite, friendly and nice Thai lady. Until her demons came to visit her once more.... Nevermind. Contrary to my initial fears, life as a 66 year old single is not that bad. It does have it's advantages. I am not planning to re-marry. Actually I can't. Because every time I think of marriage, my hand starts to shake uncontrollably, making it impossible to sighn any official papers that are in connection with marriage. I guess somebody is watching over me, having my best interests at heart. Cheers.
  5. As I keep close contact with my Farang friends in Thailand, there seems to be a re-occuring theme and appearantly more common than I ever thought. Here it is: Oftentimes, when Thai wife gets mad at Farang hubby, instead of discussing a problem with hubby, some Thai wifes tend to go silent for days at a time. (Avoiding confrontation, I suppose). The affected Farangs usually don't take this well. There was a time when I too was confronted with lenghty periods of silence. The day came, when I decided to counteract the "silence-terror" by checking into the nearest hotel (in the sticks), leaving message that I would not return home unless she would regain speach quickly. Otherwise, she would have to visit me in the future at "Lulu's Bar and Grill and Dancers" in Pattaya. Extremely effective. Had to apply this strategy only 2 times. Miraculously, she regained speach in less than 24 hours on both occasions. After that, no more "silence" episodes. Just curious, how other TVF members handle (handled) this or similar situations. Cheers. PS: Clearly only addressing Farangs that have found themeselves in such a situation. Posts like "My Thai Wife of 69 years has never done anything like that to me" are unnecessary, as they would be "off topic" right from the beginning.
  6. Soi Dogs are being considered "Thai-Nationals". Therefore they will not be fined if they poop, smoke or have sex on the beach. Farangs are not allowed to do all those things. So, compared to Soi Dogs, Farangs are the true "underdogs" of the Thai- Beaches. Feeling unwelcome at the beach, and who can blame them, Farangs are practically forced onto bar-stools and into the arms and charms of Hostesses. At least as long as Pattaya has not fully established itself as an Family/Sports Resort. Cheers.
  7. Missing home

    For decades we have been misled by stereotypes like: "Once a Farang hits the shores of Thailand, all he thinks about is p***y! FAKE NEWS! As this thread clearly shows, the only thing they think about is FOOD. I was told, that some Farangs start to miss their home-country, when the Hospital-Administrator tells them that their medical treatement in Thailand is going to cost them 7 mill Bht. But that's another story. Cheers.
  8. Good heavens! With such a price structure, most expats living on Soi Buakao in Pattaya will end up as refugees in Cambodia.
  9. Yep! You forgot to mention "a biggie": Low cost of living. (possibly Numero Uno.) There might be another 7 reasons, but of minor relevance, compared to the "big 3". Cheers.
  10. Nevermind tests. I fake Queens English. Especially when I am in company with Brits, wearing tatoos and wife beaters and drive big motorbikes. I am very popular, needless to say. Cheers. PS: I am making every effort to hide my nationality. Especially on this forum.
  11. Opportunities if not teaching

    OP has a few things in his favour. - Will receive rental income from home country. - Can live rent-free in Thailand. - Has well educated "Hands on wife". - He himself seems to have "marketable skills". - OP states that they want to earn money in Thailand and not have to earn money in Thailand. There is a big difference between the two. ----------------------- There is a Work-Permit issue. As HL has mentioned already, "Whatever a Thai can do, a Farang is not allowed to do". (even Thai's can be "supervisors".) But unless a Thai feels that the Farang appears as a competitor (taking bread off his table), the work permit issue may not arise as long as the Farang keeps a low profile. = Where there is no plaintiff, there will be no judge. ---------------------- It's the unforseen events that can derail "early retirement plans". (health issues, accidents etc). At the age of 50, OP should be able to get reasonably priced health insurance. Unless OP aquires 17 girlfriends and the wife starts gambling, overall, the chances to successfully relocate to Thailand (in this case) look good to me. Cheers.
  12. Natural climate changes have occurred frequently in the planets history. They were not "man-made". It's different this time. One dosn't have to rely on "scientists" (pro or con). I probably could produce a number of "scientists" that claim that God lives in Toledo and drives a Harley Davidson. Some Physics will do: What will (must) happen if too much Greenhouse-Gas reaches the upper athmosphere? (The question and the imperative answer are inseperably linked together, with no if's or but's. Leaving no leeway for ideological interpretations of climate/physics. On rare occasions, we may "win" an argument with the beloved wife, but to argue with physics is the ultimate "no-win" situation. Cheers.
  13. Yes, a long OP post, but well worth reading. Assuming that OP reports the situation accurate and thruthfully, it descibes the thinking of a 74 year old "confused" man. There can be no doubt about it whatsoever. 2 questions: - Does Uncle have some reliable monthly income from home-country? - What is his total "net-worth"? The fact, that he has been living frugally until he met the good woman and now suddenly feels the urge to invest in something that before he didn't even consider, makes me wonder who's idea this is. To "keep it simple", by unconditionnaly putting everything in the ladies name raises the ultimate "red-flag". (Who's idea might that be?) Some posters claim "It's his money, he can do with it as he pleases". That's correct. It's just that I would rather see his money eventually go to his children instead of ending up in the pockets of some "Gold-Digging-Clan", 10'000 Km's away from his home-country. (Worst case scenario). There is a reason why an increasing number of European countries limit the amount of pension money that can prematurely be taken out as a "lump-sum". Just too many pensioneers returning home broke and ending up on welfare. Can only refer to statistics concerning my home-country. Most countrymen returnig home have had their last domicile in either Brazil or Thailand. Upon closer examination, in most cases, it is the "involvement" with "native females" that forced an unplanned early return. Seems to me, above story has already all the necessary ingredients for a not "Happy Ending". Cheers.
  14. Must confess, there were times I was bored in Thailand. Even in Pattaya. I was contemplating of forming a "Turbo Tourist Police". - Chasing away the 1 minute interval fake watch sellers. - Beating up dishonest Ski Doo lessors. - Beating up motorbike lessors that rent out without liability insurance. - Causing "disturbances" in Entertainment Establishements that charge a lot but deliver little. - Fining unwelcome Soi Dogs plus issuing a firm warning "you have 3 days to leave town". - Instead of going jogging in the cool morning hours: Neighbourhood trash collecting + street sweeping, etc etc. I thought, this would give bored Farangs something meaningful to do, with the additional benefit, that the international press could report that "Thanks to a handful of some determined Farangs, a good part of law & order has been restored in Pattaya". Much to my regret, I was told, that those activities would be considered illegal. Combatting illigal acts is illegal. (Even beating up a dishonest Ski Doo lessor would require a work permit.) Not to speak of the "loss of face" for Thai authorities. There would not be enough money and plastic surgeons around to give those that have "lost face" a new face. Well, if boredom sets in, there is always "Lulu's Bar and Grill & Dancers". Just around the corner. Cheers.
  15. Quote: "a house of cards built on a giant mountain of debt!" Indeed! I wonder what is going to happen when "real interest" (2-3 % over inflation) will someday have to be paid on this mountain of debt = no more "fee money". It sends cold shivers down my spine. Maybe I should drink more beer and think less. Cheers