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  1. Uh! 982 Posts and JT stll not knowing where to park his ass in the US. My condolences. Papua-New Guinea as a last resort maybe? Cheers.
  2. He He! What this thread needs is a "Devils Advocate". I have decided to volunteer: - With how many "sure-fire" weight-loss" advertisings have we been bombarded in the last 50 years? A clear indication that they don't work is the fact that worldwide, people are getting more and more overweight. WHY? If people get overweight, it means that they eat more than their body needs. The body stores this "un-needed" energy source in form of fat. From an evolutionary standpoint, storing surplus energy in form of fat is an excellent idea. To bridge over "lean-times". The "command-center" of how much someone eats is not located in the stomach, but in the brain. Depending on personality (Genes), the command-center in the brain (hunger or not so much hunger) is generally not opposed to the influx of more energy than needed. Excess energy beeing stored in form of fat, doing the Host a favor, making is easier for the Host to survive "lean-times". A perfect concept of nature. Implying the following: Modern medicine will eventually find a way to "out-trick" the command-center in the brain (Hunger or not so much hunger), by injecting a biological computer-program, = not converting excess energy into fat (Bio-Engeneering). Until that happens, I suppose, we are condemned to stumble from one Yo-Yo diet to the next, because the "command-center" in the brain will interpret any "feasting" as a "lean-time", that sooner or later will have to be counteracted by a re-accumulation of storable energy (fat). All to the benefit of the host, of course. Hence, Yo-Yo-effect, eternally. Evolution was not prepared, that at some time in the future, oversupply of food on a uninterrupted basis, wold ever become the rule, instead of the exeption. At least in some parts of the world. Of course, alert readers of this post may ask: "So where does the excess-energy go, if not being converted into fat?" I can only speculate. But I would make shure that my wife and children are off the streets after sunset. Just acting as a devils advocate, I think I have done quite well. Cheers.
  3. Took a lot of effort to "save" Greece. Greece, not even being a "major player". If Italy should turn "sour", and Italy being a "major player", there would not be enough ammunition left to "save" Italy. In such a case, yes, avalanche coming! Hard to stay out of the pathway of the avalanche, as long as one's monthly Pension Money comes from Europe in form of Euros. A massive devaluation of the Euro would be inevitable. Turning S/E Asian currencies into "hard-currencies" versus the Euro. Making residency in those S/E Asian countries for Farangs unattracive, if not impossible. So, as far as the "avalanche" is concerned, let's be careful what we wish for. It might happen! But with negative effects, as far as the "Farang-Community" in S/E Asia is concerned. Cheers.
  4. The "overcapacity" problem is only part of it. Yes, woldwide we have reached production-capacity levels of goods in an unprecedented way. So, despite the world being awash in "Fiat-Money" = no inflation. A bigger problem is on the horizon: Central Banks are trying to carefully tip-toe out of the "Quantitative Easing" programs, enabeling interest rates to rise (no more "Free Money"). Will be interesting to see, how the World Economy (addicted to "Free Money" by now), will digest this. Holds tremendeous deflationary potential. That's why the central-banks are so hesitant and nervous about this. More hesitant and nervous than a country-girl before her first date. Interestig times ahead. Cheers.
  5. I thought that: "Love them, can't seem to select them" applies to Thai Ladies. Now I learn that this extends to Avocados! Good heavens, what's next? Cheers.
  6. Years ago, a school was opened in my village. Was invited to the opening. Was informed, that it is expected to appear "dresses-up", as local Government Officials and a member of the Royal-Family would be present. I threw myself into the only "suit" I had. Dark blue, well tailored and discustingly expensive. I asked the mirror on the wall: "Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the sharpest looking Farang of them all?" Mirror said: "Never-mind you fool, get going, you are late already." Indeed, I was late, procedures had already begun, but I was whisked inside anyway. Once inside, my heart missed a beat: EVERYONE dressed in shinig white suits, me in dark blue! Of course, I stook out like a sore thumb. During the lenghty procedure, the member of the Royal-Family, glanced at me, clearly amused, smiled and sent a hardly noticable nod my way. I answered in kind. - The next couple of weeks, I enjoyed "Star-Status" in the village. The friendly smile, directed at me by the member of the Royal-Family had not gone unnoticed by the villagers. All of this, by unknowingly violating "men's dress sense" or better, unknowingly "violating dress codes". Strictly a Rural-Thailand episode. Nice to know, that the same member of the Royal-Thai-Familiy, appears frequently on Thai-TV, smiling at me. Cheers.
  7. Not really, the new owners of TVF know, that the concept of 4, 3, 2, 1 will not work. Unless they want to hold their next shareholders meeting in in a Telefone-Booth. Cheers.
  8. This thread has lasted longer than I ever thought. It could have been shorter by adhering to the following procedure: - Step in front of mirror with your Thai-Lady with no clothes on (also known as "naked"). = Take picture . - Next morning, while sipping your coffee, look at picture and don't be afraid to exclaim: Wow! How can this be! Lucky dog me! The only thing interrupting this state of "Nirvana" is the fact, that your wallet, filled with coins and plenty of Thai Paper Currency is preventing you from sitting comfortably. At this point, while looking at the picture of all pictures, still feeling the discomfort of an overloaded wallet while sitting down, some Farangs may venture the thouhgt, "Is the overloaded wallet and the picture in front of me, in some way interconnected?" Reluctantly, Farang takes this into consideration as a far removed possibility. Farang (generally), not willing to dwell on such things, because it could be much worse. Like sitting here with a caucasion female his age, featuring a wrinkled-up face, legs like 2 toothpicks and blue hair, still telling him what to do. So, no wonder that even "Fat, Ugly, Old Guys" come here, experiencing some sort of "comforting-environement", much opposed to their home country. All in a nutshell. Of course, if the Water-Buffalo gets sick on a monthly basis, Farang may find this somewhat "irregular", forcing him to look for a Thai-Female companion where the "Bovine-Stock" of the family is more resistant to health hazards. When it comes to that, Farang is challanged once more, by realizing that the Thai-Population consists of 50 % of Females. = 35 Million. Even if only 1 % is looking for a relationship with a Farang, it leaves 350'000. Some with, some without water buffaloes. Therefore, a Farang, harbouring "matrimonial-thoughts", is well supplied with future-prospects. Excuded are: Young English-Teachers, making less than 30'000 Bht / Month. Cheers.
  9. Very much needed. By reading the "Tabloids" in Europe, one could get the impression that tomorrow only visitors dragging along a 200 pound caucasion wife with 2 kids in toe will be allowed to enter Pattaya. Cheers.
  10. Rural-Thailand is not for everyone. OP may have realized, that the Thai-Sticks are not the most exiting place on the Globe. (Boredom setting in?) Let's face it, most Farangs, staying in the sticks are firmly anchored in a "Family-Environment" and are quite comfortable with this situation. Always assuming Family-Life is "Harmonious". It must be: How many Farangs are living in the sticks alone without Wife/Family? NOT MANY, because the "Boredom-Factor" is likely to become worse, not better as time progresses. OP may feel that a certain "Boredom-Factor" is rearing it's ugly head, hence his desire to head for the coast (more Farang Company, more choices of Farang-Food etc, etc). Before "ratteling the cage" in such a dramatic way, OP should head for the coast for 4 weeks (alone). Possibly, after this time, he will find that "the coast" is not necessarily the place where milk and honey flows and his "Home-Base" is not such a bad place after all. Always keeping a close eye on this militant male family-member, well understood. Cheers.
  11. Right on Bro. Standart coffee (cream & sugar) not better than at McDonalds, but twice as expensive. But then, if one wants to be part of the "Farang-Elite" (the "in-crowd"), it is imperative that one sucks it up at Starbucks. Cheers.
  12. Ah.... those Bar-Raids. They really mean business. If there are 1000 Bars, Go-Go's, Gentlemens-Clubs and Massage-Joints in Pattaya, "raiding" 1 per week, they would almost need 20 years to raid them all. Clearly, a "major clean-up" is taking place. Cheers.
  13. Thanks for the flowers, but: If you have seen me, you have seen a lot of slightly overweight "sexy-man", that are being adressed with "Hello Papa" these days. But with the help of 2 Testosterone shots a week and drinking 25 cans of "Red-Bull" per day , I shall soon be called "sexy-man" again. Would be easier to turn back the clock. But no can do. Cheers.
  14. Devastating. We may have to start pounding the pavement again on location. Strange things, like making Eye-Contact and physically looking at the person. (With no Photo-Shop hokus-pokus). This version of getting to know people is superior to any other. Our ancestors, (living in caves), not kowing what a computer is, have done quite well by applying this concept. Otherwise we would not be here. This may appear as strictly "irrational behaviour" to the i-phone generation. But me, as part of the non i-phone generation, will prefer "the pounding of the street" or "sitting at a bar" concept instead. This way, I can immediately feel if there is any "Chemistry" in the air between me and a female that I have looked at for 3 seconds. - Much simpler than exchanging 145 e-mails, 50 hours if intensive "line-conversations" and 45 photo-shop pictures exchanged beforehand, only to find out that the "Chemistry" is not there when the electronically-linked "lovebirds" meet for the first time. Cheers.
  15. Boiler-Room? White collar criminals, re-locating to Thailand, know what a "Boiler-Room-Operation" is. Cheers.