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  1. Lady advice?!

    Yep! Experienced a "long-con" myself. I said to myself: Never again! Remedy: These days, I only date a lady 2 to 3 weeks max. (long-con's not possible). I consider a 3 week relationship "long-time". Works for me. Brings variety to my life. I missed a lot, while the 13 year "long-con" was played on me. Won't happen again. Cheers.
  2. High season in full swing in Pattaya

    Frankly, I don't care if it's high-season or not. Have been freezing my butt off for the last 2 months. This morning stept out of the house and fell flat on my snout (black ice). THAT DOES IT ! Will be in Pattaya the day after tomorrow, not going back before it warms up in Europe. Enjoing the balmy weather and hopping from temple to temple (what else?) Cheers.
  3. Businesses opening and closing all the time is not limited to Ubon. A successful business will soon attract "copy-cats". No business plan. Bookkeeping? What is that? Overhead calculations? Part of the profit has to be retained to re-stock? That sucks! For years, I have conveyed to small enterpreneurs in the sticks such basic things. With little success. - I had to find out, that the opinion and the advice of the local monks (as far as the success of a business is concerned) is more valued than the opinion of some "stupid Farang". They were "advise-resistant" in 1996 and they still are today. Nothing has changed. And nothing will change as long as the "education-gap" between a thin intellectual elite in BKK and the rural-dwellers in the Isaan can not be bridged-over in some sort of way. Some observers claim, that the closure of the "education-gap" is not on the agenda of "the powers that be". Cheers.
  4. But still, as far as I can see, "autanic" has left Thailand sometime in March. Doing fine in Cambodia. Him leaving Thailand "financially intact". A man with a plan, backed-up with financial means. Quite opposite to Farangs/Barangs heading for Cambodia with no plan and no money. It is of importance if one can leave Thailand "financially intact" or not. Cheers.
  5. What to do ?

    Yes Nancy, you said it again. Appearantly, OP is spending his first holiday in a 3rd world country. Him being disrupted while consuming his 1000 Bht meal.(2000 Bht with wife). Him unaware of the fact, that outside of "western-countries", daily survival is the only thing on the agenda. Him also unaware of the fact that (worldwide) 800'000 people have to live on less than $ 2.- per day. OP asks what to do? Easy: Immediately call police and have the undesirables removed while eating your 1000 Bht meal. Indicating to Police that such uncalled for disturbances are not to your liking and will cause you irregular bowel-movements, thus ruining your holidays. - In western countries, something like a "curfew" for youngsters is not much enforced anymore (allowed to do all kinds of mischief). In Thailand, the income of the underage family-member, pleasing tourists, may generate more income by dancing for tourists than her father, working on some construction site. The income of the dancing underage performer may well decide what and how often the Thai-family eats the next day. Of course, quality tourists can not be bothered with such irritating issues. Heaven forbid. Cheers.
  6. OP (autanic) moved from Thailand to Cambodia and gave an overall positive report in a follow-up post. Poanoi's report represents an overall negative assessement of Cambodia. I have read a lot of comments comparing Thailand vs. Cambodia. My conclusion: One is eighter strongly pro Cambodia or strongly con Cambodia. Not much in between. How can assessements differ so much. (Like 2 people reporting from 2 different planets). I can only guess: It may be a matter of geography (where to live in Cambo), or it boils down to "expectations". Expectations: Finding a place that resembles Thailand 25 years ago, and enjoying it as such, (the pro-camp) or expecting Cambodia to be like Thailand some 25 years ago, but with all the amenities and advanced infrastructure that Thailand has to offer. Not surprising, them ending up in the "con"-camp, I could imagine and I coulden't blame them. So far, the only 2 things I can isolate as "fact" are: Cambodia Visa-Regulations are more "relaxed" than in Thailand. The general cost of living is lower in Cambodia, only to be nullified by higher rental costs for accommodation. I am afraid, travelling in Cambodia as a tourist for a couple of weeks will not enlighten me much. Cheers.
  7. 8-year German expat with no passport deported

    "Lost" his passport. Not getting a new one. What does that tell me? - The good man is likely in some German "Data-Bank" and the embassy in BKK is linked to the Data-Bank. No wonder he never felt like getting a new Passport. I can't think of any other reason why anyone would not get a new Passport if "lost" or getting near expiration. Thanks to "agencies", doing creative visa-extensions, a Farang can "muddle-thru" for a long time. Until the Passport expires..... - I personally know of only 1 expat aquaintance that is in this situation. = Doing odd jobs, living in a 100% Thai-Residential part of town. (Monthly Rent for his shack is Bht 1000.-). He is well integrated. Speaks excellent (Isaan)-Thai and seems to be well liked by his Thai-neighbours. But his health failing, always having to look over his shoulder, can't go home: "I made a big mistake back home". WHAT A LIFE. I will be back in town in January. Will try to catch up with him at his only "hangout". Shows up only Friday afternoons. I wonder how he is doing. Cheers.
  8. Upset people

    Glass half full or half empty? - The absence of logical thinking, the random administration of justice, the "may pen rai", the face saving syndrome, a populace believing in ghosts, can easily lead a Farang to perceive the glass as "half empty" in his chosen paradise. Farangs, criticising such things are quickly categorised as professional "Thai-Bashers" accross the board. Forgetting, that western democracies and their successful economies have evolved based on "criticism". Of course, Farang ATM kings, residing in a small corner of the Isaan are not interested in "criticism" nor "change". Them generally supporting the current political "status-quo", declaring everybody applying any sort of criticism concerning Thailand routinely as a Thai-Basher, no matter how well supported the criticism is. The "Farang-Thai-Defense-League" must learn to differentiate between constructive criticism and primitive Thai-Bashing. I myself shall uphold warranted criticism concerning LOS. Risking qualification as a Thai-Basher. Easy to do once one takes off the pink coloured glasses. The view is less blurred. Cheers.
  9. We may not be alone

    Strange. Aliens always land only in remote aereas, where only a lonely lumberjack or a lonely "tree hugger" can function as a "witness". Why they never land on Times Square or during the Superbowl in the stadium, where (finally) thousands of witnesses could testify and take thousands of iphone pics? They also travel light years to reach us, staying for 10 minutes, then back home, light years away????????? BULLS*IT ALERT ! Cheers. PS: Of couse we are not alone in this vast universe. Travel possibilities are limited by the speed of light. Measured by the vastness of the universe, the ridiculously slow maximum speed of light (only 300'000 Km/h per second) will get nobody nowhere. Want to see the next best thing to Aliens? Walk around in Pattaya after 2 AM.
  10. Happy Hour Beer Prices

    Spoil sport, party pooper. 3 month's from now they may be out of business. Not like the Soi Post Office day-time go go's, that have been around for the last 200 years. Cheers.
  11. Happy Hour Beer Prices

    Day time go-go's Soi Post-Office by any chance? "View" is far better than outdoor beer-bars nearby. Nothing new. Cheers.
  12. Issaan.

    Isaan in or near a larger city, or truly somewhere in the sticks? After a stressful working-life, a Farang just wanting to "close the door behind him", aiming for nothing more than peace and quiet, the Isaan-sticks can be an ideal place. I know quite a few of them, they seem perfectly happy. But without this inner conviction, the "sticks" may get to the Farang over time. The author of this post is one of them. It can happen, that this initial "inner-conviction" is getting weaker and weaker. = "There must be more to life than this". What are the sighns that the infamous Farang-Isaan-Blues has set in? Farang get's more frequent invitations to birthday parties of old dear friends in Pattaya or BKK. Or having to attend funerals of dear old friends in Pattaya or BKK. Attendence basically mandatory. As Thai-Wife will come along (naturally), she will have to be sent on a 2 day shopping-spree in Patt or BKK. Otherwise the Farang will simply not be able to fully concentrate on the birthday party with dear old friends. Or attending a somber funeral of a dear old friend. As the case may be. And the moral of the story? (translated from ancient chinese mandarin with the help of Mr. Google): - "Stick can suck". Better rent before you get stuck in the stick. Can always stick for long time, when finish rent. - When you not stick today, lady mad at you today. - Better lady mad at you today, than you mad at lady later on. Confucious. Can't find any Emojis expressing mild sarcasm. Transam will rectify this shortly. For now, this will have to do
  13. A VERY BASIC COMMENT: If a pendulum swings close of is pre-determined range, the pendulum knows that this is as far as it can go. The female "pendulum-swingers", going overboard, will realise that if something like a "counter-revolution" sets in, they are likely to lose most of their achievements they have fought for, for the last 120 years. At some point, (males), mostly providing for the well being for wife and family will declare: Enough is enough. A CASE IN POINT: In the news lately: Married Swedish couples need a 2-way consent, before having sex. It doesn't specify, what "sex" includes. If different "sex-practicies" should be involved, a 3-page contract must probably be sighned and agreed upon, before the swedish husband is allowed to take off his trousers. Enough is enough? What does it take for modern day "Vikings" to say "Enough is Enough"? - The fact, that a modern-day "Viking" can still afford to vacation 3x per year in Pattaya, not having to sighn any 3-page contracts, before engaging in a "contractless" relationship with a Thai-national. = Nirvana! Under these circumstances, I would not be surprised, that more and more Vikings make Pattaya their home. (avoiding sex-paperwork beforehand.) Them probably wondering when the "enough is enough" factor sets in in their home country. Them sitting in Pattaya, where there is no "enough is enough", leaving it up to countrymen remaining in Sweden to stem the tide. Sweden has been a shining light as far as "liberalism, equality and a free-market-economy" is concerned. A fine balanced mixture of Socialism, Communism and allowing for controlled capitalism. A recipe for success, only comparable to Switzerland, applying exactly the same constellations as Sweden has. In the end, Bioloigically, a man's only purpose in life is to entice females to have sex with them. Simply applying the concept "in war and love (= reproduction)", everything is allowed. If men are not allowed to apply their proven "hunting-tactics" anymore, spending their reproductive years in prison, humanity may go extinct. Perhaps not such a bad idea, after all. Cheers.
  14. I predict that predictions are extremely hard to predict, especially if they involve the future. - But I say it again: Longer term, a currencies value is only measured by the economic-growth of a particular country (all other factors affecting a currency have been excluded from the equasions by the community of "financial-analysts", these days). In the end: Rightly so! Except for some temporary upward-spikes aginst "hard-currencies", I am afraid, folks waiting for a meaningful and lasting "depreciation of the baht" will have to wait for a very, very long time, likely to surpass the life-expectancy of most elderly Farangs residing in Thailand. -Adverse currency exchange-rates have made it no more possible for some "Northern-Europeans" to spend the Autumn of their live in southern Spain. Let's hope that "currency-history" dosn't repeat itself, brutally not accommodating the plans of "men and mice". Cheers.
  15. Never mind "Poster of the year". - This here is the "Comment of the year". Give the man a cigar! One thing missing on the list: THE CONVERTS: Bitching about "ladies of the night" with conviction. Eventually marrying one of them, after that, those same ladies immediately turn into caring, considerate, loving and compassionate partners that happened to have worked in a Bank in Pattaya before. Note: Most "converts" HAVE to turn into "protectors/apologists". Must be, after having invested a small fortune in Thailand, they are condemmned to success. Failure is not allowed, especially not, if there are some sons and daughters from a previous marriage awaiting his return. Contemplating of giving "daddy" a good thrashing right at the airport before even saying "hello". Cheers.