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  1. I'm heading home tomorrow. But I was stupid enough to fill in my departure card as my flight number entering Thailan. Would this be a problem going through immigration? Also I purchased a few counterfeit items such as clothes and a bag. Would that also cause problems
  2. Mattybyrne88

    My experience so far in pattaya

    It has yeah. Worst thing I prob said was it’s my first time in Thailand
  3. Mattybyrne88

    My experience so far in pattaya

    I don’t blame ya mate. I didn’t know where to eat and mc Donald’s is a easy way out. Got an alibaba Indian delivery tonight and would rather a mc Donald’s now. Pure muck. Any recommendations on a Thai restaurant
  4. Mattybyrne88

    My experience so far in pattaya

    I said I would update when I came to pattaya. I asked a lot of questions and every recomendation and advice has gone down the shitter. This place is so overwhelming. Day 1. Went out for a quite drink in corner bar soi 6 then end up getting dragged into another bar when on my way to McDonald's. Nearly 2000baht later on lady drinks and 3 changs and some shitty roses I was made buy for girl. She said she would get me back to hotel because I drunk. Stupid enough to pay bar fine and back at hotel I said I'm tired and politely asked her to leave. She said ok but there was thunder and rain outside and she waited and showed me pictures of her family . I jumped in the shower came out and she was asleep in the bed. So my first night out i spent nearly 6000baht and got nothing in return lol. I guess you learn from your mistakes and i never got my McDonald's. Still have to explore walking street. But pattaya is an amazing place. Visited sanctuary of truth which was nice. Nearly considering extending my trip and stay long in pattaya and shorten bangkok but I don't know if that would be a problem with my departure card.
  5. Mattybyrne88

    What to do in Pattaya

    Overpriced crap and scams ??? Doubt it mate.
  6. Mattybyrne88

    Last minute tips before pattaya

    For what reason ?
  7. Mattybyrne88

    Last minute tips before pattaya

    Cheers Kurt. How am I truly pathetic? It's my first time travelling so far alone. Feeling very anxious tbh.
  8. Mattybyrne88

    Last minute tips before pattaya

    3000 in the bank and €600 cash for 11 nights
  9. Mattybyrne88

    Last minute tips before pattaya

    Ok so this will be my last post until I touchdown in Thailand. Plane booked hotels booked 3 bank cards topped up €600 cash taxi and fast track sorted tinder connections sorted insurance sorted hepA-B and thyphoid sorted and all the obvious passport, condoms, and painkillers inhalers anything else anyone can recommend. Stressed out travelling alone. Don't wanna be forgetting something How restrictive is certain medicines ? Have a prescription for ciallis but paranoid about bringing them along same for anxiety tablets.
  10. Mattybyrne88

    Are travel vaccinations important

    Finally I can get my size
  11. First time in Thailand in 3 weeks but will most likely not be getting a vaccine before I go. Should I worry about getting some disease or infection. Staying in Pattaya and Bangkok.
  12. Mattybyrne88

    Best Fishing Park ?

    Staying in Pattaya and Bangkok. I was thinking of going to castaway in Pattaya but not sure yet. Also when in Bangkok I was thinking Bungsamran as I've heard great reviews and huge fish but it's pretty expensive also another spot I was looking at was Jurassic mountain park in petchaturi, can anyone recommend this place ? It's nearly same distance as it is to bungsamran. Please any recommendations would be great. It's my first visit to Thailand
  13. Mattybyrne88

    What to do in Pattaya

    Wouldn't be a bad idea having a companion for a few days. Guide and someone who will take photos when going fishing
  14. Mattybyrne88

    Areca lodge or Dvaree jomtiem

    It's somewhere different and not to far from central pattaya and it will be perfect to relax and cure my alcohol poisoning before my onwards journey to Bangkok
  15. Mattybyrne88

    Areca lodge or Dvaree jomtiem

    Breakfast is never a problem as I'm usually awake by 1pm with my head in a mess