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  1. I’ve done that in the past but flying to and from Savannakhet is so much better. No hassle or queues going through the border and was back in Phuket around 5pm even though my flight was delayed due to the Pabuk storm. Also no need for a long wait at Savannakhet airport I turned up at 8am after breakfast for 8:30am flight, no problem.
  2. I’m sorry to hear that you are so poor.
  3. Sorry I have no idea as I used the hotel wi-fi and/or a Thai SIM card. Both work fine and I had no need for anything else.
  4. I would rather stay an extra night in Savannakhet than one in Bangkok or even Mukdahan. I’ve done both and as I live in Phuket, waiting around somewhere is inevitable.
  5. Not at all mate, just pointing out a fact that flying there is so much easier.
  6. That’s fine for people who still have a “backpacker mentality” but not for me, my time is more important.
  7. The cost from BKK was around 5000 for flight on a ATR-72 with a 30 minute stop in Paske. One of the most easy visa trips that I have ever done and would never consider going by bus, it just takes too long. I stayed in Savannakhet 3 nights and flight times were just perfect. I left Phuket at 6am on Wednesday and back at 5pm on Saturday. Nothing to do in Sav but I had good food, friendly service and just had a relaxing time for 3 days. Savannakhet and the airport itself, is really quiet and none of the hassle or animosity that is present in busier places.
  8. What a ridiculous statement! I’ve just done it from Phuket and was one of the easiest and straightforward visa trips that I have done in the past 15 years. It doesn’t cost a fortune either. Bangkok to Savannakhet about 5000 Baht with 30 minute stop in Paske. Much better than risking your life on a crappy old bus and saves so much time.